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This story is inspired by Oshima zakura.


Naru eyed the surroundings frantically, making sure that she was the last person standing alive. Soon she relaxed, although still on guard, as she groaned and dragged her feet away from the corpse that was once Pein. The battle between the last Jinchuuriki and the Akatsuki's leader had ended, but not without casualties and injuries. Her shoulder-length hair was a mess, randomly chopped off in different directions, while her orange jacket was in tatters, soaked with blood. A deep gash across her shoulder marked her petite yet strong body. She clutched her wounded shoulder as she kneeled before her former teammate's body. Tears spilled as she stared at her beloved's handsome yet pale face.


Naru planted a soft kiss on his lips, praying that he would open his eyes one last time. She longed for his lovely onyx gaze, filled with love and care for this vixen. But her wish remained a wish, for Sasuke is no longer among the living. Naru started to sob uncontrollably as she lied down next to him, arms and head resting on the last Uchiha's still chest.

Blood slowly pooled onto the floor as her wound was deep, and what was left of Kyuubi's chakra wasn't enough to heal that severe wound. Naru had exhausted her and the demon's chakra reserves in this final battle. After all, she had not only fought against Pein, but the wicked Uchiha Madara as well. Gradually, she stopped sobbing and smiled to herself at the thought of finally avenging her precious people; 'Sasuke, Sakura-chan, Iruka-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, Ero-sennin, Tsunade-baachan, Sandaime-jiji, Ayame-chan, Teuchi-san, Minato-otousan and Okaasan... everyone... I've avenged you... I've defeated the evil that caused your deaths... Rest in peace... everyone...'

Memories of her short life flashed through her mind; ever since she could remember, Sandaime-jiji had always been there with her. He had done many things for her, loving her as a grandfather would, and giving in to her wishes at times. True, he was busy and there were times when she had to spend occasions alone, but he had cared and loved her, and for a lonely orphan like her, that was enough.

Iruka-sensei came up next. He had been the only brother figure that had accepted her for who she was, and not as the Kyuubi, even before she had found out about the sealed demon. He had helped and guided her, not only in class but in her life as well, and for that she was thankful. No one could ever replace her beloved brother figure.

Ayame-chan and Teuchi-san, owner of Ichiraku Ramen had also been among the first people that had welcomed and doesn't hate her for what she had no control over with. True, their reason at the beginning might only be due to business. But as time passes by, they started to greet her warmly as their own, and she felt like she finally had a place to turn to beside her vandalized home and Sandaime-jiji's office. She felt welcomed, and that's all that matters.

When she graduated from the Academy, she found a new family. At first, things were bad and she truly felt like Kami was out to get her. But as time flies, they started to bond with each other as a team and everything felt right. Kakashi-sensei was like another brother figure, the irresponsible yet caring kind. He was always late and being reckless, but he was respected among the team. Sakura-chan was a sister that she never had. Naru thought she was beautiful and strong, an epitome of beauty that she wanted to become, except when the pink-haired teammate was in a fan-girl mode that is. And Sasuke...

Sasuke was the one person that had changed everything.

She hated him with passion at first; a stuck-up jerk that doesn't know what he had, always chasing after revenge. He was a bastard that always riled her up over the littlest of things, and challenged her for most things. Sometimes he looked down on her and insulted her with his supposedly cool demeanour, and she seriously hated him for that. But...

But he was there for her, when she needed comfort most. He was there when she lost her precious people, and he was there when she broke down. He gave her courage and strength when she needed it, and stayed with her till the end. He was her rival and only best friend, and... He loved and sees her for who she was, a sweet and beautiful girl that was a jailer of Kyuubi, and not the Kyuubi itself as everyone else had. And she fell head over heels in love with the last Uchiha.

Naru smiled sadly as her trembling fingers caressed Sasuke's left cheek. 'It won't be long now before I'm joining you in the afterlife...'

Her sudden movement caused the Hokage's necklace that was given to her by Tsunade to jingle. Naru looked down at the crystal pendant and was reminded of her beloved mother figure. 'Tsunade-baachan...'

Tsunade-baachan was another irreplaceable people for Naru. For the first time in her life after meeting the woman, she finally had the chance to feel what it's like to be loved and cared for by a mother. There were times when she had been scolded by the woman furiously, but in the end, she could always feel the warmth, for she knew that she was scolded because of love. She deeply loved the woman she called 'mother', and it broke her heart to pieces when she found her murdered.

Ero-sennin, or better known as the Toad Hermit was her adopted father. He was one of the great sannins, although he was mostly known for being a huge pervert as well as the infamous author of Icha Icha series. He was a funny old man, always managed to amuse her, but she deeply respected the man for his prowess and great wisdom, despite being a pervert. He was a great man, and she found out that his stories and legends did him little justice.

And finally... Minato-otousan and Kushina-okaasan; her birth parents whom she never had the chance to meet. They died the night she was born, saving the village from its impending doom. Naru understood that it was her father's responsibility as a Hokage, but she couldn't help but be peeved that she –his flesh and blood daughter- was used as a container. He did have a justified reason for using her, of course. He had explained it all in the letter she received the moment she became a jounin. It's just that she can't help the feeling of being unwanted that had been growing since she was small. She wished her mother had survived childbirth; maybe then she could have lead a better life... but it was not meant to be. Naru forgave her parents and was immensely relieved to know that she wasn't unwanted like she thought she was. Instead, she was loved, very much so as was proven in the letter.

Most of her precious people had died, and she realized that their deaths had been directly or indirectly caused by the Akatsuki organization, specifically Pein and Uchiha Madara. She was satisfied to have delivered her judgement upon them, and avenged her loved ones.

Naru started to cough violently, spitting out blood on her person as she breathe in air with difficulty. 'This is it... I'm going to die now...' she smiled sadly as she gazed at her beloved's pale face.

'I'm leaving the rest to you... Shika-kun... Hinata-chan...'

Naru slowly closed her eyes and took a deep hurtful breath as she waited for the inevitable.

However, as she breathed in her last breath, a quick, last thought flashed through her mind, and it was this single thought that had started the balls rolling; changing her life, and collectively the fate and destiny of another realm.

'I don't want to die...'


Kyuubi whimpered softly as she took in the sight of her collapsing sewers. She was in a humanoid form, too weak to stay in her original form as she was sprawled on the ground; her long, silky red hair flowed across the floor like a red halo. Her black kimono was in tatters, while her limbs were chained with blue strings of chakra. Light red wisps of her demonic chakra, almost invisible to the naked eye, were seeping out from her body.

'I can't believe I've been reduced to this; a weak entity with less than a thousandth of its original chakra.' Kyuubi chuckled as she thought of her current predicament. Centuries ago, if someone had asked her of what she would have done in this situation, she would have scoffed at the ridiculous notion and glared at anyone who dared making such suggestions.

Yet here she was, stuck in this mess.

She couldn't even lift a finger as her energy was drained from regularly healing her host. Not to mention the amount of chakra she had to supply Naru for successful launches of most powerful jutsus she had in her arsenal. The total usage of her demonic chakra had exhausted her so, and she was peeved that she; the great fox demon Kyuubi had to spend much power against two mere mortals. Yes, mortals. Despite what Uchiha Madara had believed; that he was immortal, the Bijuu knew that there is no such thing as immortality. The Bijuus could perish at anytime in spite of having extensive age, so how could a normal human being be immortal? Hell, even Kyuubi herself was currently facing the inevitable known as death.

Kyuubi laughed quietly as she thought of her life coming to an end. She didn't mind it. She was getting tired of living. What is life, without your loved ones? She had lost her beloved and kits the moment Uchiha Madara decided to attack her home and hypnotised her into attacking Konoha.

What is life, without a purpose, without someone to protect? After losing her family, she had come to care for Naru as if she was her very own. But now, even Naru was facing death. She decided then. She might be a Bijuu, but it was never mentioned that Bijuu is immune to pain. Emotional pain specifically. Having lost her loved ones, Kyuubi could no longer bear to suffer the same pain that would be invoked with Naru's death. So why not die along with her then? It's not like she had any chakra left for survival either.

She smiled as she waited for death when a sudden thought struck her.

'I have no qualms about dying... but what about Naru? She has a bright future as a Hokage, that's for sure. I... She couldn't just die like this... but I no longer have the required amount of chakra to heal her...' Kyuubi paused in her thought. She has no idea on how to heal Naru without using chakra. Most of her healing techniques and spells involve energy of sort, chi, chakra, reiatsu and so forth, which she was lacking at the moment. But not one of them draws on other source of power. She frowned when she contemplated this fact.

Her fox ears perked up when she heard some kind of static buzzing across the failing chamber. Their time is almost up, the bond between her and her hostess' souls are breaking up. They might die when the other faces death, but their destination after-life was not the same. Since she's a demon, she would have no chance of going to the heaven or hell. She would simply perish and be erased from existence for eternity. Naru however, will have the chance to be judged before going to her designated place; whichever that is. Kyuubi smiled bitterly as she realized that there wasn't anything that she could do to nurse Naru back to her health. She listened to Naru's last few thoughts, not wanting to interrupt her last moments.

'This is it... I'm going to die now...'

'I'm leaving the rest to you... Shika-kun... Hinata-chan...'

Kyuubi solemnly began to bid her own farewell to her beloved kit. She had barely said a word when she heard Naru's final thought that stopped her in her tracks.

'I don't want to die...'

Kyuubi's eyes widened as she let Naru's thought sink in. 'Of course... of course she doesn't want to die! She's only eighteen for God's sake! She had barely lived half of her life!' Kyuubi growled as she raked her brain, searching for any solution that could be used to salvage their current dilemma. She stopped when she remembered a forbidden incantation, one that wouldn't cure her kit, but could give her a second chance at life.

A forbidden spell that transfers a person to another realm. It was originally prohibited due to the consequences that it would cause; twisting the predestined working of said realm. But she could care less about the penalty. All she wanted was for her kit to have a second chance at life.

Slowly Kyuubi got up, fighting against the gravity and her protesting body. She closed her eyes and pressed her palms together to start the incantation. This spell does not require any sort of energy, which is perfect for her condition. It does, however, suck out the life essence of the user to power it up. Since she was facing death herself, Kyuubi had no fear on using up all of her life essence, not if it could mean giving Naru a better life.

Her eyebrows creased as she focused on pulling out the three elements from Naru's mind that is of upmost importance for this spell. Slowly, three floating orbs the size of a basketball materialized before her. The first one was orange in colour, representing the physical aspect of the person to be transferred; in this case, Naru. The second one that represents memories was of colour blue. The last and final piece; the most important part of the three, is the soul, glowing with white radiance that outshone the other orbs.

Suddenly, the orange orb had disappeared as soon as it had appeared. Kyuubi's eyes widened as she strengthen her hold on the orbs. She felt a pull fought against her hold and realized what had happened.

'I'm already reaching my limit. My time is almost up that I don't even have enough life essence to offer to this spell!' Kyuubi gritted her teeth as she felt her hold on the blue orb started to slip. She howled and roared, forcing more of her life essence to pour into the technique, and grinned when she felt her hold on the memory orb returned. However, despite her renewed vigour, the fact was her life essence was insufficient.

The memory orb started to disintegrate into dusts as it shrinks into a size no bigger than a fist. Kyuubi grunted as she lessened her hold onto the orbs, seeing as the pulling force had dissipated when the orb shrinks. She continued the incantation as she analysed the orbs. 'Looking at the state of the orbs, I would have to guess that she would have little to none memories of the people she knew. She might even barely remember her own name, but this is the best I could do.'

Kyuubi looked up to her crumbling chamber and hardened her gaze. 'I guess I have no choice. I would have to send her as it is, without her physical body and most of her memories. She would have to start all over again from the beginning. But at least... she will have a second chance at life...'

She finished the incantation and her eyes softened as she approached the two orbs. She gathered the orbs into her arms and whispered affectionately as a mother would to her child. "Kit... you may not remember me in your second life, and I have no way of knowing which memories would stay with you, but I hoped those would consist of your happy ones and motivates you in your new life. However, know this. I love you as much as I would my own kits. That's how much you mean to me. You better make sure that you're having a better life there than you did here. Use the chance that I've created for you wisely. I just know that you will become someone great, greater than you had ever dreamed of... "

Kyuubi released the orbs and spread out her arms. Her hands glowed white with a tint of red as did the orbs. A white pentagram with red seals appeared high above her head and glowed, pulsating in rhythm with her heartbeat.

She raised her hands and mouthed a word, "Go."

In a flash the white and blue orbs shot into the sky, and entered the pentagram seal. As soon as the orbs disappeared from the chamber, the pentagram shrink into nothingness, closing off the entrance into another realm that is filled with covert war between the light and dark substances, of 'Innocence' and 'Dark Matter'.

Kyuubi could feel her energy and life being drained as she felt her world going black. However, she remained standing as she stubbornly held onto the last sliver of her consciousness. She would not die without facing her own demise head on.

Abruptly, blue flames ignited at her feet and her surroundings. Kyuubi glanced drowsily at her feet,and slowly a grin managed to creep up to her face, 'Ah...I see that Death has come to embrace me.'She stretched her hands out as if to welcome Death itself, and started laughing her heart out. The flames sped up and covered most of her torso.

'A death by flames... A befitting end for a great demon of my stature.'


In the outskirts of Italy, there was a little village named 'Speranza' which means 'hope', with a small population of 200. The residents of this village were very close-knitted since there were only about thirty families that live there. Most of the villagers work for and within the village; livestock and vegetable farmers, shopkeepers and the likes. There were also a few of them that had set up businesses which targets travellers and tourists; inns and weaponry, for this village, although minute, was the gateway for foreign voyagers.

In an average-sized house not far from the centre of the village lived a family that descends from generations of doctors and health consultant. The current generation was a man of great respect, with startling cerulean eyes. Normally he was calm and collected, with considerable amount of wisdom considering his age. However, at this moment, he was having difficulty of maintaining his composure; he fidgeted on the couch, sometimes pacing back and forth in the living room. The reason for his behaviour was simple; his wife was presently at labour.

Being a village doctor meant having medical knowledge and curing his fellow villagers from diseases to the best of his ability. He always helped and took care of people around him, especially the elderly. So it was no surprise that he panicked when his wife went into labour; for him, it was the first time he felt so useless, not knowing how to handle women when they're giving births to newborn babies. In the end, he had to call for a midwife to take over the whole process.

Presently, the man was staring out the window of his house, his cerulean eyes fixed on the movement of children that were playing on the streets. He turned around and combed his short black hair with his fingers restlessly.

'It has already been two hours, why aren't they done yet? Are there any complications with the birth?' He eyed the door where his wife lied beyond as he returned to his seat on the couch. He drummed his fingers on his knees for a few minutes, and was about to stand up to pace around the area again when the door of his bedroom opened.

An old woman of late sixties entered the living room, accompanied by three young women who were midwife-in-training. She scrutinized the nervous man before announcing the news with a cheerful tone, "Congratulations Mr. Vortice, you are blessed with a daughter," she smiled at him as he rushed into the room, letting out a relief when his gaze fell upon the blonde woman on the bed.

"Narcisa... oh Narcisa my love." He rushed forward and hugged her dearly, all the time whispering her name in his husky voice.

"Nataniele... I love you too, love." She smiled weakly, though her emerald eyes shone with joy. She patted on his back, and then pointed to the small makeshift bed beside her, "There she is... Isn't she beautiful?"

The man, now known as Nataniele, gaped at the sight of the most beautiful babe he had ever seen. Slowly he moved over to the other side and picked up the newborn delicately as if she was a piece of glass. He held onto the infant's frail body and smiled softly as he examined her, "She's gorgeous..." his eyes softened when he studied the little one, "She's got your hair..." he whispered to his wife.

"And she's got your beautiful eyes..." she whispered back.

"The perfect combination of us both." He grinned cheekily. Narcisa giggled and nodded, agreeing with her husband. She started to close her eyes, trying to get some needed rest when he spoke up, "So... what do you think we should name her?"

Narcisa turned and faced her significant other, pondering on her thought before her eyes sparkled and she answered, "Narunnia..."


"Loose combination of our names..." she smiled serenely.

"Narunnia... Narunnia..." He tested saying it a few times and grinned when the name sounds just right and smooth to his tongue. He smiled back to his wife and nodded, "I like that."

He beamed and returned his gaze on his recently-named child. He caressed her soft cheek with his fingers and murmured, "Daddy's got you... Narunnia Vortice..."



Vortice – Maelstrom (Italian)

Nataniele – A gift from God

Narcisa – Feminine from of narcissus

So more or less, Nataniele Vortice means "Maelstrom is a gift from God"

I guess. I really don't know much about Italian, but I was just looking for a language that has a nice word for Maelstrom. And Vortice turns out to be Italian.

Narunnia doesn't really have a meaning, but I wanted a name where its nickname can be "Naru".

'Nar' from Narcisa, and "Nie/a" from Nataniele. So it comes down to Narunnia.

See you guys around.