by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Rosario+Vampire or its characters.

Summery: When Yoko Shinji Ikari and his

Lycan friend Toji Suzuhara go to Yokai Academy, they find new friends, new enemies and new loves.


Chapter 1
Welcome To Yokai

"This Is So BORING!" Toji Suzuhara growled again for the third time that morning.

"Just relax, Toji. The bus will be here soon." Shinji Ikari said.

"Sorry, man. I'm just anxious! I've wanted to go to Yokai for years. My dad was a big man there. I'm gonna follow in his footsteps!" Toji declared.

"Don't you mean paw-steps?" Shinji grinned.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You're lucky we're friends or I'd hurt you for that."

"Yeah. I can only imagine the tongue-lashing you'd get for starting a clan war."

Toji huffed as he said that.

"I just can't believe that we're finally getting out of Tokyo-3. After all that damn war business I was beginning to wonder if we'd get exposed or not." Toji said.

"But we weren't. Our parents made sure of that. They sacrificed so much for us, the least we could do would be to survive." Shinji said. "Besides, at least your father isn't considered a traitor to his own species."

"You aren't like him, Shinji! The clans know that! Hell, if you were, they'd have done to you what they did to that bastard." Toji said, shuddering at that imagery.

"I'm not like him... but I am his son. It's foolish to think that there isn't some part of me that isn't like him." Shinji said.

"True. But personally, I hope you never let it out."

"I just wish Rei could have come with us." Shinji sighed.

"Dude! Your little sister is too young for this place." Toji grumbled, again at this conversation.

"She's smart enough to get in." Shinji countered.

"I know that, but the rules say she has to be 15 to get in. She's just a few months too young." Toji explained to his friend. Again.

Eight months between us, and she gets the short straw. Shinji thought. Still, at least I can check this place out and make sure that Rei will be alright before she gets there.

To anyone who knew them, they were Shinji Ikari, the Third Child of NERV and pilot of Evangelion Unit 01, and Toji Suzuhara, the Fourth Child of NERV and pilot of Evangelion Unit 03.

However, that was a lie. In reality, they were monsters.

Shinji Ikari was a Yoko, a spirit fox and the eldest son of Yui Ikari and the traitor Gendo Rokobungi. In the public eye they had been the head scientist and commander of NERV, a top-secret paramilitary organization charged by the UN to defend the world from the threat of The Angels, gigantic beings from outer space who wanted to wipe out all life on Earth. In secret, the pair had been leading members of the Kitsune Clan, mystical fox creatures who had secretly protected mankind for eons.

However, Gendo had his own plans.

Using the Evangelions that his wife had created (using science to create them and magic to empower them) Gendo had conspired with a secret society of half-breed Monstrels, called SEELE, to destroy all the world and remake it in their image.

But Yui had been on to Gendo's plan. She knew that Gendo wanted to be king of all the world, of all the monsters. But while she hadn't tried to openly confront him about his schemes, she did try to show him just how special this world was and that there was hope things could get better. She tried to be supportive and nurturing, but Gendo was adamant about his mad plans.

To that end, Yui put in place several little plans to halt his mad scenario. One of them being her own son, Shinji, who would pilot the pivotal Evangelion robot. Another part was to have herself absorbed into the mechanized golem and help Shinji along every bit of the way in his battles. And, of course, to make sure that his father didn't suspect anything, Yui convinced Shinji (prior to his arrival in Tokyo-3 via letters she had left him) that he had to act like a reluctant, scared, and introverted boy instead of the brave, selfless and confident hero he really was.

And fortunately, Shinji wasn't alone in this fight.

There was Rei Ayanami, a lovely blue-haired girl and pilot of Eva Unit 00. Shinji was shocked to learn that she was actually his half-sister, born of Yui Ikari's DNA and another person whom he had not learned as yet. At first loyal to Gendo, Shinji's compassion had won her over and she eventually sided with him to help prevent Third Impact, which she had originally been created to initiate.

Then there was Asuka Langley Sohryu, the Second Child and pilot of Eva Unit 02 from Germany who was a descendant of the ancient Sirens. Using her hypnotic voice she was able to make just about anyone fall in love with her and do her bidding. Shinji was an exception, however, because of his mother's influence.

And of course, there was Toji Suzuhara, of the Lycan Clan. Brought in as the Fourth Child, Toji was given the task of protecting Shinji as his clan had a pact with Shinji's clan. (However, there was another reason that Toji protected Shinji.)

There were also other monsters in NERV, aside from the pilots. There was Shinji's guardian, Misato Katsuragi, who was actually a cat woman. Her rather playful nature often put people off-guard as to her true military skill. Then there was Ritsuko Akagi, NERV's chief scientist after Yui, who was in reality a witch. She had at first been on Gendo's side, until she realized that he was going to betray her along with everyone else on the planet. She then betrayed him and had since gone into hiding.

And of course there was Ryoji Kaji, a loner werewolf from America who (as well as being one of the few people to be immune to Asuka's vocal charms) took it upon himself to expose Gendo's plot to the world. Being a loner as he was, Kaji was without support when Gendo found out about him and had him killed. But his death caused the American clans to rally in support of Shinji and his friends when SEELE ordered the JSSDF to attack and destroy NERV.

Their victory had been successful, and it was with the blessings of whatever gods they prayed to that their true natures hadn't been exposed.

Which brought Shinji and Toji to this point in their lives. With the war over, the boys were off to high school. Officially, the place they were going to was a private school which valued privacy and discretion above all. In reality, they were going to Yokai Academy, a monster school hidden in the secret borderlands outside of the human's dimensional existence.

"Too bad Kensuke couldn't come with us." Toji said, breaking Shinji out of his musings.

"Toji! Kensuke's a human! He'd be killed before the first day was out." Shinji said.

"Would have stopped him from being so annoying."

Shinji shook his head.

While Kensuke Aida, the overly obsessed military otaku, hadn't been too terrible an annoyance to Shinji and the others, the Third Child was actually glad that Kensuke wasn't any type of monster. That, and it was a good thing that he was more obsessed with giant robots and the military than anything else. He shuddered to think what would have happened if he had been a monster enthusiast. Or worse, a wannabe.

It was then that Shinji looked up and noticed that Toji seemed to be on edge.

"What's wrong?" Shinji asked.

"Someone's coming!" Toji said.

Shinji spun around and saw a young man about their age, with spiky brown hair and eyes, dressed in a school uniform, approach them at a casual pace.

"Hi. Are you going to Yokai Academy?" the boy asked.

"Yes, we are." Shinji said. "You too?"

"Yes. I'm Tsukune Aono." the boy said, holding out his hand.

Toji looked at the boy, staring hard, as Shinji shook Tsukune's hand.

"I'm Shinji Ikari. And this is Toji Suzuhara." Shinji introduced.

Tsukune cocked his head to the side. Why do those names sound familiar? He wondered as he shook Shinji's hand.

He put his hand out to Toji, who shook it, though he seemed somewhat cautious about it.

It was then that Toji pulled Shinji over to the side while smiling at Tsukune. "Could you excuse us for a minute?" Toji asked.

"Toji, what's your problem?" Shinji asked as the larger boy pulled on his arm.

"Shinji... that guy's human!" Toji hissed under his breath.

Shinji looked back to Tsukune then back to Toji.

"Are you sure?" Shinji asked.

"I can smell him. He's totally human!" Toji hissed again.

Hmm. Something strange here. Shinji thought as he patted Toji on the shoulder and walked back over to Tsukune. "Uh, Tsukune? My buddy Toji there was curious about something."

"Yes?" Tsukune asked.

"You said you were going to Yokai Academy, right?"

"That's right. I got my entrance papers here." he said, digging the folded papers out of his pocket.

"Can I see them?" Shinji asked.

"Uh... sure." Tsukune said, handing the papers to Shinji, though he was confused as he did.

Shinji looked over the papers and found them to be exactly like his and Toji's entrance papers.

Something very strange here. Shinji thought. "Tsukune... how did you get these?"

"Huh?" Tsukune looked confused. "Why do you want to know?"

"Well... Toji and I got our entrance papers for Yokai by a special envoy. They told us that enrollment was limited this year." Shinji said, lying in part.

"Oh. Well... my grades were so poor during Junior High that no other high school would accept me. That's when my dad found these entrance papers for this school that accepts anybody." Tsukune said.

"Wait! He found them?" Toji asked.

"Yeah. He said he was walking home from work one night, took a shortcut through this alley, and this mumbling priest just dropped them right in front of him." Tsukune explained.

Shinji and Toji looked at each other in shock.

"At first I thought I was going to some bizarro monk school, but after reading the papers, it turns out it was just a regular private school."

"Shinji..." Toji hissed.

"Relax, Toji." Shinji muttered back.

"Is... something wrong?" Tsukune asked.

"No. Toji's just a little suspicious when anything religious comes into his life." Shinji stated.

"Oh?" Tsukune asked.

"Long story." Shinji said as he handed the papers back to Tsukune. "Well, since we're all going to the same school, maybe we'll be friends."

"I'd like that!" Tsukune piped up.

"Alright. Toji?" Shinji said to the jock.

"Uh... sure." Toji said as he stepped away from the pair for a minute.

Tsukune immediately got the impression that Toji didn't like him. Shinji seemed to pick up on that.

"Don't mind, Toji. Once you get to know him he's really a good guy. He just... he's not trusting of new people too quickly. Just give him time." Shinji said.

Tsukune seemed to accept that. "Okay. Thanks."

However, while the trio waited for the bus to arrive, Shinji was musing to himself.

Whoever that priest was, either a monster or some mystic, why would Tsukune be the one to get those entrance papers? Only monsters get specifically addressed entrance papers to Yokai. Maybe it's a fluke, but... Tsukune's going to be the only human at Yokai. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, but... I need to have a look.

While most Kitsune didn't have the ability to read the minds of human beings or even those of other monsters, Shinji had had a unique advantage over them. His mother. Yui Ikari, while inside the Eva, had managed to subtly influence Shinji's mind so that he would be able to read the thoughts of others as easily as reading a book. If the person had a very strong mind, then it was very difficult. But a mind like Tsukune's wasn't difficult at all.

Inside Tsukune's mind Shinji saw a boy who was, for all descriptive purposes, average. Average intellect, average athleticism, average middle class upbringing. But he was a good person. Kind, understanding, forgiving, even if a little scared. He wanted to have friends, and even a girlfriend, which he never had in his old school life. So it boggled Shinji how this boy could have been the one to get those Yokai entrance papers.

At seeing this, Shinji came to a conclusion: I'm gonna have to keep an eye on him. he thought.

"And I really hope I get a girlfriend at this new school." Tsukune said.

Shinji just smiled. "Me too." he mused softly, which Tsukune caught if only just barely.

A sharp whistle from Toji caught the pair's attention as they turned around and noticed the bus was coming down the road. It stopped in front of them and the door opened up, revealing a middle-aged driver with a cigar and glowing eyes.

Shinji and Toji paid it no mind, but Tsukune was a little freaked out at that.

"Entrance papers to Yokai Academy?" the driver asked.

The trio showed their papers and the driver nodded.

"Take any seat you like." he said.

Once the trio were onboard, the driver closed the door and sped down the road towards their destination.

But as Tsukune walked past the driver, he heard the man say, "Hope you're strong, kid. Yokai isn't for the weak."

Tsukune wasn't sure what he meant by that, even as he took a seat on the right side of the bus across from Shinji. Toji sat in front of Shinji.

The bus ride was fairly uneventful. Toji didn't talk, so Tsukune was left to talk only to Shinji.

"I don't mean to be rude, Shinji, but... how did you and Toji get to be friends?" Tsukune asked.

"Oh, that's easy. He punched me in the face." Shinji said with a smile.

"Huh?" Tsukune gasped in shock.

Shinji smiled as he explained. "I met Toji in Junior High after I moved to Tokyo-3. Before starting school I was involved in this battle with a giant monster, and Toji's sister was injured. He blamed me for what happened and punched me after my first day of school."

Tsukune looked shocked. "You... you're one of those robot pilots?" he gasped. "Both of you?"

"Yup." Shinji nodded. "Problem is, when I first got into my robot, I had no training. I didn't even know that giant robots existed, or that I was going to pilot it against a bunch of giant monsters."

"You... no training? Isn't that kinda... dangerous?" Tsukune gasped.

"Yeah. I had my jerk of a father to thank for that. It was a miracle I survived at all." Shinji said. "Anyway, after my second battle, when Toji saw what I had actually gone through, we made up and became friends. Been friends ever since."

Tsukune seemed to nod at that. "So... to get him to like me... I have to let him punch me?" he asked nervously.

Shinji chuckled at that. "I don't think it'll come to that." he assured him.

The boys continued talking about this and that. Their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, such as video games and what musical instruments they played. Tsukune had taken some piano lessons when he was younger, but he was kinda shocked to learn that Shinji played the cello. When the topic of girls came up, Shinji wasn't sure how to answer that. The first girl he had been interested in actually turned out to be his half-sister, Rei, and the only other girls his age were Asuka, who turned out to be a manipulative siren, and Hikari Hokari, who was a complete and total human. Shinji knew that he liked blue haired girls, and that actually caused a stab of shame to pass through him as the image of him and Rei doing something illicit entered his mind.

Not that it was surprising. For the first seven months of the war he didn't know that they were in any way related. It was only in the last two months that they both found out they had the same mother.

But Shinji's and Tsukune's conversation was cut short when they noticed the strange flashing lights around the school bus as they passed through the tunnel that apparently led to Yokai Academy.

They exited the tunnel and within a few seconds the bus stopped in front of a scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head and a sign that read 'Yokai' on it.

"Take the path there and keep walking until you reach the Academy." the bus driver said.

Toji was first out, followed by Shinji, and then Tsukune.

"Hope you said your good-bye's, kid." the bus driver said before closing the doors and turning the bus around to head back through the tunnel.

Tsukune had a slightly panicked look on his face after the bus driver had said that.

Shinji and Toji didn't seem to mind the oddity of their surroundings, but Tsukune was more than a little shocked. He figured a private school would be a little eccentric, but this place was straight out of a horror novel. Like Count Dracula had designed this place. The sky was like a pale reddish color, there were numerous dead trees, crows, and barren landscapes around. The only building in sight was off in the distance, and situated on the inner side of a large cliff that over looked a large red lake. Or was it an ocean? Tsukune wasn't sure because he couldn't see anything on the other side of it.

"Wha... what is this place? It's like that tunnel led us into another world." Tsukune said nervously.

"Maybe this place is just really, really old." Shinji said. "Anyway, the path starts here and leads to those buildings in the distance. We'd better get going." he said and started walking.

Toji followed him and Tsukune followed them both. Though as he did, he wondered why his new friends were so calm about this place. Had they been here before? He knew from Shinji that both he and Toji were Eva pilots, so... did that mean that having fought in a war, having experienced life-threatening horrors, were they somehow jaded from everything around them?

Within a few minutes of walking, and Tsukune mentally stating that he'd rather go home, the trio were alerted to the sound of a bicycle bell speeding towards them.

Toji spun around first, followed by Shinji and then Tsukune. However, it was Tsukune who would bear the brunt of this unintentional attack.

"OUT OF THE WAY!" a girl's voice screamed as Tsukune suddenly cried out... right before he was struck and barreled over by a speeding bicycle.

Shinji and Toji raced over to the pair and gasped when they realized that while they were not seriously hurt, Tsukune had landed atop a very cute girl with long pink hair, and his hand was on her inner thigh.

"Oh... what happened?" Tsukune asked, then got a good look at where he was, and who he had his hand on. GULP! He swallowed hard as he stared at the girl, realizing how incredibly cute she was.

"I... I'm so sorry." the girl said. "I get a little dizzy cause I'm anemic." the girl said.

While the pair were introducing themselves to each other, Toji was grousing.

"I don't believe this! First girl we meet at this school, a really cute girl, and the human gets to get up close and personal with her!" Toji whispered to Shinji.

"Calm down, Toji." Shinji assured his friend. "I'm sure there will be other girls at this school for you to meet."

"Are... are you okay?" Tsukune asked the girl.

"Yes. I... I think so." the girl said.

"I'm Tsukune. Tsukune Aono." he introduced.

"Oh, how rude of me. I'm Moka Akashiya." the girl said.

Tsukune then saw Shinji and Toji standing a few feet behind Moka. Shinji was waving lightly.

"Oh, let me introduce you to.." he started to say.

"You're bleeding." she interrupted, pulling a small handkerchief out of her pocket.

"Huh?" he gasped as she got close to him.

"Here let me..." she interrupted, suddenly pausing as she sniffed the air. "Your blood."

"My blood?" Tsukune asked.

"I can smell it." she said. "I... oh no. It's happening again." she said as her body started to quiver before she fell against him. "I'm sorry, but you see..." she said as she pulled even closer to Tsukune, their noses almost touching, "I'm a vampire." she said right before she lunged in and bit into his neck.

It took everything Shinji had to keep Toji from freaking out and breaking the pair apart. Mostly from the fact that the 'human' was now apparently being necked by a very cute girl. But apparently a vampire girl as well.

Within a few seconds, it was over. Moka pulled back and breathed a sigh of relief, but Tsukune was freaking out.

"AH! She bit me! She bit me!" Tsukune cried, running around in circles, rather comically. "She sucked my blood, she sucked my blood!"

Toji picked up a small rock and tossed it at Tsukune, hitting him in the head and stopping him from running around.

"Dummy." Toji huffed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. But I haven't had any blood for a while, and when I smelled your blood... and it tasted so good..." Moka said, her cheeks flush pink from embarrassment.

"Uh.. .what... did you say you were a vampire?" Tsukune asked the girl.

"Yes. I'm a vampire. Do you hate vampires?" she asked.

Tsukune felt himself freeze in place as she asked him that.

"I... well, you're the first one I've met. And you apologized. So no, I don't hate vampires." He said, still shocked at what had happened to him just now.

The girl squealed and pulled Tsukune into a warm hug. "I'm so glad! I'm new here and I wasn't sure I'd make any new friends. You are a student here at Yokai, right?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah. I just started today." he said

"I'm a freshman too. So we can be friends!" she said with a smile.

Definitely cute! Tsukune thought with a blush.

While this was going on, Toji and Shinji were having their own conversation.

"What about us? Can't we get in on this too?" Toji asked.

"Well... I feel kinda bad about breaking up such a tender moment, but..." Shinji said as he made a coughing sound.

Tsukune and Moka turned around and gasped when they realized they weren't alone.

"Oh! Sorry. Uh... Moka? These are my friends. They're also starting here at the Academy too." he said as the two boys approached. "This is Shinji Ikari. And Toji Suzuhara."

Shinji bowed to the female vampire, who bowed back. Toji, however, shot forward, grabbed Moka's hand and kissed it.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Ms Akashiya. My name is Toji. If you ever need anything, just let me know." he said with a suave attitude.

Shinji just looked at Toji and sweat dropped at his friend's antics.

"Uh... could I have my hand back, please?" Moka asked sweetly and nervously.

"Oh! Sorry!" he said as he released her.

"You'll have to forgive my friend here. He just hasn't seen a pretty girl in a long time." Shinji said with a bow. "I'm Shinji Ikari, and I hope we can all be friends."

Moka blushed as he said that. "I would like that, Shinji-kun."

She then took Tsukune's arm and led the group down the path towards the school.

"But we'd better hurry or we'll miss homeroom!" she cried. "Oh! Can someone get my bike?"

"Yes, Ms Akashiya!" Toji shouted as he grabbed the bicycle and ambled after them.

Shinji could only laugh as he ran after them.


Within five minutes the group arrived at the academy gates. To Tsukune the whole place looked like some kind of huge laid out and eccentric mansion, belonging to a millionaire who had died years and years ago. He also noticed several gravestones that seemed to line the path to the school. This had him naturally confused. And a little spooked.

Moka thought it was beautiful. Shinji thought it had character. Toji thought it was huge.

Inside the building the hallways and walls look completely normal. White and black checkered linoleum floors, white walls, several pictures hung up on the walls, stone and steel staircases that lead up to the next levels of the school itself.

Moka left her bike in the rack near the entrance and followed the boys inside. They noticed a table immediately in the entrance way with a person handing out papers to other students who were coming and going.

"Hello. We're new students here to enroll in Yokai Academy." Moka said.

"Oh, good. I'm Hitomi Ishigami, the art teacher." the woman said.

Shinji and Toji looked at the woman. She was an attractive 20-something with long blond hair done up in braids with a dew rag over her head. She wore a white coat that was stained with various paint colors, a simple crop top and pants. Naturally, Toji, being a Lycan, smelled that this woman was not human, but he couldn't place exactly what she was.

Which wasn't surprising since there were a wide variety of monsters here that he had never smelled before.

"Entrance papers?" the art teacher asked.

The quartet handed over their entrance papers. Hitomi looked them over, then took a small stamp pad and stamped each of them with the Yokai insignia.

Is that a pumpkin head? Tsukune thought as he looked at the insignia. Like the jack-o-lantern we first saw when we got off the bus.

"I'll take these papers and deliver them to the headmaster. And I give you these in return." she said, handing them all class schedules. "Let me see." she said, looking at another piece of paper on a clipboard. "Hmm. Well, well, well. Aono Tsukune, Akashiya Moka, Ikari Shinji, and Suzuhara Toji. You're all in the same class. Year 1, Class 3. Homeroom teacher is Shizuka Nekonome."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Moka gasped. "I'm so glad we're all going to be in the same class." she said as she glomped Tsukune's arm tightly.

Shinji just snickered as Toji whimpered enviously.

"And which direction is Class 3?" Shinji asked.

Hitomi looked at Shinji and smiled back. "Down the hall, turn left, first door on the right. You can't miss it." she said.

Shinji bowed and then led the group towards their homeroom.

While they walked to their homeroom, Shinji looked back and noticed that Moka was latched tightly onto Tsukune, while Toji had a look of jealousy in his eyes. He felt a little sorry for Toji, seeing as how Moka had already 'picked' Tsukune over both of them, though he wondered if all monster girls were like that. (Extremely possessive and even starved for attention/affection, judging from the way Moka was clinging to Tsukune) From the happy look on Tsukune's face, he could tell that the human boy was in heaven right now.

Once they arrived at their destination, they found that the class was empty, except for the teacher.

"Excuse me? Ms Nekonome?" Shinji asked.

"Yes! Please, please, come in! You're the first to arrive!" the blond haired woman with glasses, a yellow jacket, tiger-striped shirt, short skirt and open-toed sandals said in a very chipper and upbeat tone. "That means you get your choice of seats!"

Relieved to hear that, the quartet found a group of seats over by the window. Shinji took the seat third from the front on the far left of the classroom. Toji was on his immediate right. Moka was behind Shinji right next to the window, and Tsukune was right next to Moka behind Toji.

Eventually the class started to fill up. By the time the school bell rang, all but two seats were taken up. Shinji scanned the room and took notice of several students.

The three most prominent was a tall boy who looked more like a juvenile delinquent. He had a tough edge to him, a cocky, arrogant sneer, and seemed to be eyeing Moka with what could only be titled as 'Lust'.

The other two were girls. The first girl he noticed had short lilac hair and crystal blue almost pupil-less eyes. She wore a white sweatshirt with black sleeves that hung off her pale shoulders, purple-stripped leggings, a short blue skirt and a black belt around her left thigh. She was a very cute girl, who seemed to exude a kind of shyness that Shinji remembered having to mimic when he was back in Tokyo-3. He noticed that she had a lollipop hanging from her mouth. And was it his imagination, or did he feel a cool air around her?

However, the second girl that caught his attention had short wavy blue hair tied in a bun with red ribbons, a yellow sleeveless sweater over a white shirt that hugged her E-Cup breasts rather tightly. The size would have made Asuka insanely jealous. She had soft, creamy skin and dazzling blue eyes. Her hair was a shade lighter than Rei's, which only made Shinji sigh at how he wished his little sister was here now.

Once the class was full, Ms Nekonome started everything off.

"Good morning and welcome to your first day at Yokai Academy. My name is Shizuka Nekonome and I'm your homeroom teacher. Now, before we get started, let's go over your names!"

Taking a notebook, she went down the list and one by one checked off each student as they raised their hands and said their names. Shinji made note of the three he had observed earlier. The brute was named Saizo Komiya. The girl with the lilac hair and lollipop was named Mizore Shirayuki. And the busty blunette was named Kurumu Kurono.

Once everyone had been addressed and introduced, Ms Nekonome started things off.

"Now, as I'm sure you all know, Yokai Academy is a school for monsters!" she said.

At hearing this, Tsukune instantly felt the foreboding sense of DOOM surround him.

"Now, like it or not, human beings run the world! For us monsters to survive... we must learn to co-exist peacefully with them! And that's the mission of this Academy! Living Peacefully In A Human World!" Ms Nekonome stated. "Which brings us to Rule Number 1: You will retain your human appearance! Does everyone understand? The first key to survival among humans is to be able to disguise yourself as one of them! To practice the art of disguise, please don't reveal your true nature - even to your fellow students!"

"But ma'am, can't we just eat all the humans? I could start with the cute girls." the one called Saizo said.

At hearing that, Tsukune was freaking out even more than before.

"Silly! You don't have to worry about running into humans here. All the faculty and staff are monsters just like you! And since the Academy is located inside the secret 'borderlands', no human has ever seen it. At least... not seen it and lived!" Ms Nekonome clarified.

Tsukune was now visually shaking. Shinji and Toji spared him a glance and then looked at each other, sharing a look that seemed to speak volumes.

Tsukune was now shaking in fear, but did his best to hide it. Shinji noticed this though.

"Really." Saizo said. "So... if some human actually did sneak in here... we could eat them? And not get in trouble?" he asked looking behind him.

Shinji looked at where Saizo was sitting, one desk over and one up from where Tsukune sat. Fortunately for him, Toji was right between them.

"Who you eye-balling, punk?" Toji growled at the bully.

"I could have sworn I smelled human somewhere in here." Saizo said.

"But enough of this. Let's get back to the matter at hand." Ms Nekonome said as she continued telling them about the school, the rules, the classes that they would attend, and also the optional classes you could take if you were interested.

She also pointed out that housing assignments were on their class schedule sheets.

After class was over, Shinji, Toji, Moka and Tsukune went to explore the school. Tsukune had little to say about this since Moka glomped and dragged him around with her. Shinji and Toji decided to accompany their new friend.

Toji, for the most part felt like some kind of bodyguard walking behind Tsukune and Moka, and Shinji actually felt a little bad for the Lycan jock. He noticed that Tsukune was happy though, as if his dream of finding a girlfriend had actually come true on his first day at this new school.

Though that might have been somewhat presumptuous, but considering how Moka was hanging off of Tsukune, it did give that impression. Shinji was actually so busy watching them that he didn't notice some of the girls looking at them with various looks in their eyes. Some were glaring daggers at Moka, who looked more beautiful than them, and some were looking at him with hearts in their eyes.

The quartet walked around exploring the school for nearly an hour, and finally came out to a small rest area behind the school that connected to forest that was behind the school.

Moka and Tsukune were sitting on a bench just talking while Shinji nudged Toji in the ribs.

"I'm gonna go find something to eat. Can you stay with Moka and Tsukune? Keep an eye on them?" Shinji asked.

"Me? Why do I have to..."

"Because!" Shinji said in a low whisper. "Tsukune's a good guy and I'd rather not see him hurt until he can protect himself, alright? Sides, I don't think Moka's really the fighter type."

Toji sighed as he said that. "Fine. But hurry back."

That said, Shinji walked off to find some snack machines.

While Tsukune and Moka talked, Toji used his wolf senses to scan the area. He faintly detected two presences. One smelled like that Saizo guy... the other smelled like... vanilla and mint? Since he didn't see Saizo, Toji wandered off for a bit.

"Do you really like the school, Tsukune-kun?" Moka asked.

"Well... it's different than I was expecting, but... I kinda like it." Tsukune said. "I just hope I don't get into any trouble with..."

"With who, freak?" Saizo asked, stepping up to them. "With me?" he asked, his long tongue snaking out and almost hitting Tsukune in the face. "Now... here's what I don't get. A hot young thing like you," he said to Moka, "Hanging out with a piece of trash like this." he said as he grabbed Tsukune by the jacket and tossed him into the wall of the school.

"Hey! Leave Tsukune alone!" Moka cried out and raced over to her friend.

"Maybe I will... if you do what I want." Saizo said with a grin, even as he grabbed Moka by the arm.

"No! Let Me Go!" Moka cried and struggled, but Saizo wasn't listening.

"And you know what I want?" he hissed as his facial features began to change.

"A good ass-kicking?" a voice behind them said.

Quicker than Saizo expected, his hand was wrenched free from Moka's arm and a physical body now stood between him and the cute pink-haired girl.

"I'm only gonna say this once, punk. You touch Moka or Tsukune again, and I'm gonna rip your tongue out and shove it up your..." Toji Suzuhara hissed right before Saizo threw a punch to Toji's gut, knocking him backwards against the nearest wall.

However, Toji quickly braced himself against the wall and sprang back towards Saizo, nailing him in the chest with both feet and knocking him backwards through several trees in the forest. A good distance if anything else that knocked him out.

Tsukune and Moka gasped as Toji easily landed on his feet and rushed over to them.

"You guys okay?" Toji asked.

"Yes. I... thank you." Tsukune said to the boy.

"Yes, thank you, Toji-san." Moka said.

"No problem. I enjoyed kicking that guy's ass." Toji said as he helped the human student up.

Just then, Shinji arrived, snacks in hand.

"Hey, guys. Did I miss anything?" the blue-eyed boy asked.


While the quartet munched on their snacks, Moka explained what happened. Naturally, Shinji was a bit perturbed that Toji had left his post, but said nothing, just glad that the Lycan jock had returned before things got too out of hand.

It was then that Tsukune noticed Shinji's school jacket had a smooth cut along his upper arm.

"Something wrong, Tsukune?" Shinji asked.

"Your jacket is cut." Tsukune said, causing the other two to look at the jacket.

"Oh, yeah. I, uh... ran into a couple guys who felt like testing the new guy in school." Shinji said.


Shinji stared at the large assortment of snacks in both the snack shop and vending machines. Both cost about the same, but the snack shop had more what Shinji was looking for.

"Hmm. I'll take that, and that, and that!" Shinji said as the clerk grabbed his choices and bagged them. "Thanks." he said as he handed the clerk the money and accepted the bag.

But as he was walking back to the others, he found himself staring back at two new people. One was a guy in black with a stocking cap over his head. The other was a freaky looking guy with a strange cat-like slit in his eyes and a mop of messy dark hair.

"You're the new kid, right? Shinji Ikari? The robot pilot?" the kid with the stocking cap asked.

"Yes." Shinji replied.

"The one who fought those giant monsters?" the kid with the messy hair and slitted eyes asked.

"Yes." Shinji said, wondering where this was going.

"Well... you see... my buddy and I, we don't really like the idea of some punk fighting other monsters without knowing just who they are."

"But you know my name." Shinji said.

"Names mean nothing. We wanna know... what you are." the guy with the stocking cap said.

"Sorry. It's against the rules." Shinji said as he tried to walk past them, only to have the crazy-haired boy flick his hand and suddenly jerked it towards Shinji.

Shinji saw this and quickly jumped back, his jacket taking the initial attack. Looking down he saw that his jacket arm now had a slit in it running from his elbow to his shoulder. He looked back and saw that the crazy haired boy's hand had somehow morphed into a strange bladed weapon.

"Hmm. Weapons in schools. And here I thought we were beyond that." Shinji said as he looked at the boy with the 'hand weapon'. "Which means... you ought to be expelled."

"And now that you've seen that... I guess you're gonna have to die!" the bladed boy said as he and his friend attacked Shinji. "Oh, the name's Moroha by the way!"

Shinji said nothing as he stood his ground. His snacks in his left hand as his right hand came up, a blue flame forming in his palm. He ducked low to avoid Moroha's blade, then stood up and shoved his hand into his chest.

Moroha suddenly exploded backwards, which in his case of trying to jump on top of Shinji, was to be launched straight up into the air and through the roof. His friend in the stocking cap was shocked by what had happened, which gave Shinji enough time to spin around and blast him back through a side window and out into the forest.

With his two assailants dealt with, Shinji dusted himself off and headed back to rejoin his friends. But as he left, he didn't see a young woman with blue hair watching him from the upper floor of the school hall.

He... he defeated them so easily. The girl thought. Could he be the one I have been looking for in this school? My... Destined One?

Walking out of the hallway, Shinji failed to notice a certain lilac haired girl hiding behind one of the stone columns.

He's strong. The girl thought. I sense a strange power from him. Different from my own. But he's cute. Very cute. Mother will approve of him.


"Wow. You used your foxfire on those losers?" Toji asked.

"Foxfire?" Tsukune asked. It suddenly dawned on him that while Moka had admitted that she was a vampire, and his teacher had declared that this was a school for monsters, and after what Toji just did to Saizo... Could Shinji and Toji be monsters too? He thought.

Shinji looked around and noticed that there were a couple other people around, and some others were coming to sit down at some of the other tables.

"I think we need to take this some place else." Shinji suggested.

"Right." Toji agreed, noticing the other people as well.

"Of course." Moka said as she grabbed Tsukune's arm and pulled him along with them.

As they headed to the roof, Toji caught a whiff of that same scent of vanilla and mint. This time he ignored it.

Once the quartet were up on the roof, Tsukune once again felt a sense of dread well up inside him.

"So... who do you think those guys were that attacked you?" Toji asked.

"Best guess: Monstrels." Shinji said.

"Seriously?" Toji gasped.

"Who?" Tsukune asked.

"Half-breed monsters who think they can get away with anything. They kinda hate purebreds like us and have been trying to prove themselves superior for years." Toji explained.

"The members of SEELE were Monstrels as well." Shinji explained.

Tsukune gasped as he said that. When the Angel Wars had ended, all of NERV's secrets had been revealed, including the existence of the secret society that had tried to genocide the world. Of course, it wasn't common knowledge that SEELE had actually been monsters.

"You think those guys that attacked you were sent by SEELE?" Toji asked.

"No. SEELE's been underground since their exposure. They wouldn't risk drawing that kind of attention to themselves just for a little bit of revenge." Shinji stated.

"'Little bit of revenge'." Toji scoffed. "The guy who put the kibosh on their plans? Why wouldn't they take a shot at you?"

"Because these guys seemed more like a pack of thugs. Not professional assassins. Trust me, Toj. SEELE didn't send these guys." Shinji said, calling Toji by his nickname.

"Wait! So those guys just attacked you in the middle of the school... I mean, can they do that?" Tsukune asked.

"Actually, violence is more accepted in monster society than in human society." Moka explained.

"Really?" Tsukune gasped as he heard that.

"Yes. And speaking of which..." Moka said, turning to Shinji and Toji. "You are a werewolf, aren't you? You smell like one." she said to Toji.

"Yeah. I am." Toji replied, actually feeling good that at least he was recognized. "Clan Black Claw."

"I've heard of them! They're said to be fierce warriors!" Moka stated.

"Well... we do like a good fight every now and then." Toji grinned, trying to play humble.

"And you're a Kitsune. Aren't you, Shinji-kun?" Moka asked, pointing to Shinji.

Shinji sighed. "It is against the rules, but... I'm a yoko, actually." he said.

"You're a yoko? A spirit fox, like... from the old legends about magic creatures?" Tsukune asked.

"Well, that's a crude way of putting it, but, yes." Shinji said.

Tsukune gasped at what he was hearing. The two heroes who saved the world from a race of giant monsters, were monsters themselves.

"What clan are you from?" Moka asked Shinji.

"Kyuubi No Kitsune." Shinji replied.

Moka gasped as he said that. "One of the most prestigious clans in Japan!" she said.

"Not so much anymore, thanks to my father." Shinji groaned. "He conspired with SEELE to try and destroy the world. My clan's been doing damage control ever since."

"Well, that doesn't matter. I can tell you're nothing like him." Moka said sweetly.

However, while Moka was smiling at her friends, Tsukune was sweating bullets. Standing before him was a vampire, a werewolf, and a yoko. And here he was... a human. Possibly the only human here in a school filled with monsters.

"That's nice of you to say, Moka-chan. I am his son, but I really hope I'm nothing like him." Shinji said.

Moka then turned to Tsukune. "Tsukune-kun, I know it's against the rules, but since we all revealed what we are, what monster do you become?"

The trio looked at Tsukune, waiting for him to admit what he was. While Shinji and Toji knew what he was, Moka was naively unaware, despite having tasted his blood.

I'm human. Tsukune thought. How... how do I... I mean Ms Nekonome said that any human here would be killed and... I couldn't fight that Saizo guy, whatever he is. I'm gonna get killed here... if these three don't kill me before I get the chance to get out of here.

The trio just looked at Tsukune, waiting for his answer, only to have him turn and walk away.

Moka reacted immediately. "TSUKUNE!" she shouted, running over to him and grabbing his arm. "Where... where are you going, Tsukune?" she asked.

"Uh... Moka? I think... I'd be better off in a human school." He said, causing her to gasp.

"What? NO! You can't go! You and Shinji-kun and Toji-kun are my only friends and I don't want to lose any of you." she said half-heartedly. "I went to a human school during junior high, and I felt like such an outcast because no one believed in monsters. They all thought that monsters only existed in movies and story books. I was so alone because of that, even when I tried to convince them that monsters were real, they didn't believe me, they even teased me for believing in monsters. Which is why I hate humans! But when I met you and Shinji and Toji... I... I'm just not alone anymore." she said to him.

Tsukune just looked at her for a few seconds, taking in what she had just said. She hates humans. Then... this is probably for the best. He thought. I don't want her to hate me, but... I can't lie to her.

"Tsukune..." Shinji started to say.

"I'm human." Tsukune said.

Moka looked at him with a shocked expression. Toji didn't say anything and Shinji actually looked disheartened at him saying that. A sort of 'Damn-He-Said-It' kind of look.

"I got into this school by mistake." Tsukune said. "I shouldn't even be here. I'm a human. And... you said that you hate humans... so, I guess it's better if I leave." he said as he ran off.

"T-Tsukune..." Moka whispered, her eyes becoming teary.

Shinji and Toji just stood there like statues for a few seconds, before Shinji moved up and placed a hand on Moka's shoulder. The pink-haired vampire girl looked back to the blue-eyed boy.

"I'll go talk to him." Shinji said as he rushed off, leaving Moka and Toji alone on the roof.


Tsukune ran through the school and back out along the path he had first walked down, where he had first met Moka, finally reaching the scarecrow with the pumpkin head. He paused as he collapsed right next to the scarecrow. I don't believe this! Moka-chan's a vampire, Shinji-san's a magic fox, and Toji-san's a werewolf? I... I am so out of my element here, how can I... what the Heck am I doing here? I... I'm going to get killed if I stay here!

"No you won't." a voice behind him said.

Tsukune nearly freaked out when he realized he wasn't alone. He looked over and gasped when he saw Shinji leaning against the tree that was next to the scarecrow.

"And just so you know, I prefer being called a Yoko, not a magic fox." Shinji said with a smile.

"You... how did you know that?" Tsukune gasped.

"I can read your thoughts. But don't worry. Just the ones you're having at the moment." Shinji said.

"Really? Wait! How did you get here so quick?" Tsukune gasped.

"Magic." Shinji said with a smile. "A simple teleportation spell my grandma taught me."

"I... I... I can't stay here." Tsukune gasped.

"Why?" Shinji asked.

"Because I'm... I'm..."



"Tsukune... I liked you before you admitted to us that you were human. I actually knew you were human before you admitted it." Shinji stated.

"You... you did?" Tsukune gasped.

"Toji knew right when he met you. He could smell that you were human." he said.

"Oh." he said with an embarrassed smile.

Shinji walked over to Tsukune and knelt down next to him.

"Why are you running away, Tsukune?" Shinji asked.

"Because... if I stay here... I'll be killed." Tsukune answered.

"No, you won't!" Shinji declared.


"Tsukune... when Toji and I first met you, I kinda figured you were different. I thought that maybe you weren't as 'monstrous' as the rest of us. And it doesn't matter if you are. I can tell that you're a good person. That's why I wanted to be your friend." Shinji said.

"But... I'm a human. I..." he tried to protest.

"That doesn't matter." Shinji said, gently interrupting him. "You're running away because you're a human. I understand that. Back in the human world I had to run away, pretend I was a coward. It was part of an act that I put on so much that I started to believe that I was actually that way. But let me tell you something: Running away, doesn't solve anything. In fact, it just makes things worse whether or not you're human. The only thing you can do is stand up and face it. But you don't have to do it alone. You have friends, Tsukune." Shinji said.

"" he asked, slightly confused.

"Yes, you do." Shinji said. "If I didn't like you... I'd probably have killed you before letting you get on that bus."

"Uh... thanks?" Tsukune said with a weak groan.

Yes, it was blunt, but Tsukune could tell that it was also honest.

"But... Ms Nekonome said that humans who enter here are killed! And Moka-san said that she hates humans! And... now she knows I am one... and..." Tsukune said with sputtering words.

"Do you hate Moka?" Shinji asked. "Are you afraid of her?"

"Well.. no. I-I want to be her friend but.." Tsukune said, and would have said more, when suddenly a piercing scream echoed through the trees, catching their ears.


Shinji and Tsukune turned towards the sound of the scream and without thinking, Shinji dashed off to where it had come from.

"Tsukune! Come On!" Shinji shouted at his friend.


"YOU DAMN FREAKAZOID!" Toji shouted as he punched the large centipede monster called Hyakushiki, who looked like the lower half of his body was a centipede and his upper half was human, except that his hands were elongated and he had centipede arms coming out of his back.

"Wow! Such a feisty meal! And once I'm done with you... I'm gonna eat the girl!" the long-haired centipede creature cackled as he lunged at the Lycan once again.

"TOJI-SAN!" Moka shouted, only to have her arms restrained.

"Hey, there, cutie." Saizo said. "Miss me?"

"You!" Moka gasped and struggled in his grip.

"That's right. After my little run in with your bodyguard, I went to an old buddy of mine who likes to... no, needs to... eat. He's got a really big appetite, so when I offered him someone young and strong he practically jumped at the chance." Saizo said as he threw Moka against a nearby tree. "And with him out of the way... I'm gonna have my way with you... and you're gonna enjoy it!"

No! This can't he happening! I... my powers... I can't... Moka mentally whined, fearing the rape that was to come.


Saizo went tumbling to the side as Moka opened her eyes and gasped when she saw that Tsukune and Shinji had arrived.

Shinji had been about to help Toji deal with the centipede monster, only to have Toji warn him off, saying that he could deal with it, and told him to go help Moka. Tsukune had beat him to the punch, though, and grabbed a metal pipe that had been conveniently lying on the ground, and used it to whack Saizo in the head, knocking him away from Moka.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Shinji asked simply as Toji punched the centipede monster in the stomach, again.

"YES, DAMN IT! NOW GO HELP MOKA!" Toji screamed as he kicked at his opponent again.

"T-Tsukune?" Moka gasped when she saw the human boy.

"Are you alright, Moka-chan?" Tsukune asked as he ran up to the pink-haired girl.

Moka just looked at Tsukune in shock. "You... you came back. For me." she said. "But.. why?"

"Because... I realized... I want to be your friend." Tsukune said with conviction.

Moka had tears in her eyes now. "You do? Even after I said that I hate humans, you came back to help me."

"Of course. You're one of the kindest people I've ever met, Moka-chan. Even if I'm human, I... I like you." Tsukune said.

Moka smiled as he said that. "Oh, Tsukune! It doesn't matter to me if you're human or not. You're different from other humans. You're so kind and honest and..."

"Oh, that's just so disgustingly sweet!" Saizo growled, interrupting them as he got back up and started walking back towards them. "You little wimps think you can hurt me?" Saizo growled as he stood up and advanced on them. "Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to get rid of the competition... and then have my way with sweet little Moka. But let's do this right. In My True Form!" Saizo grinned as he suddenly transformed his body right before their eyes. Shinji was a little surprised when he saw what Saizo was.

So... he's an Orc. Shinji thought.

Standing 2½-meters tall with a heavily muscular body that looked almost like spiked armor, his long lashing tongue and wide-jagged jaws snarled at the trio as he advanced towards them.

Toji was now on the centipede monster's back, biting in to his neck.

"I'm glad I got all you little punks here!" Saizo growled. "But don't worry, I'm only gonna hurt you boys enough so that you can watch me ravage this little cutie." Saizo growled as he pointed at Moka, then lunged at Shinji, who was closest.

However, right as Saizo was on top of Shinji, a blue aura surrounded the young man and was hurled towards the large Orc. Saizo screeched in pain as he was suddenly blasted backwards, being hurled through trees and rocks.

Tsukune and Moka gasped at that as Shinji's aura flared up like a fire. Actually more like an inferno as his body was suddenly engulfed by a huge bonfire-like blaze that was more blue and white in color than the normal orange and red.

Moka and Tsukune gasped as they saw a figure move through the fire, less human-like and more creature-like, with pointed ears, clawed paws, and nine-tails that waved around wildly, despite being on fire.

"It's true!" Moka gasped. "He's A Yoko! A spirit fox! One of the most powerful monsters in all of Japan! Some even worshiped them as gods!"

Then, the creature spoke.

"You wanted to hurt me and my friend, and then force us to watch as you ravaged my other friend." The Yoko said in a voice that was much deeper than Shinji's. "That... is something I take very, very personally!"

"Oh... you think this scares me? You think I'm gonna get scared because of a little fire? I don't care what you are... I'm Gonna Kill You!" Saizo roared as he lunged at Shinji.

However, right as Saizo was upon him, the entire area around them was engulfed with an intense burst of fire that swallowed both of them whole.

The intense heat from the fire was too much for either Tsukune or Moka, causing them to get up and run away in fear.

"He's powerful! So powerful!" Moka gasped as she drug Tsukune behind her.

He wants to be my friend. That's what he said! He... Boy am I glad I didn't piss him off right from the start! Tsukune thought as he and Moka ran for cover.

They barely noticed that Toji had appeared behind them, grabbed up both of them around the waist and rushed ahead of the blue inferno.

When they were a safe distance, Toji paused and placed both of them on the ground.

"What... what happened? Are you alright? Is Shinji alright?" Moka gasped.

"He's fine. That dumb Orc could never take my pal!" Toji declared. Then he looked at his clothes. "But I'm gonna need a new uniform." he said, both Moka and Tsukune taking note of the numerous slices and scratches in his jacket and pants.

"Oh my!' Moka gasped at seeing the state of his clothes.

"Freaking Centipedia! All claws and stomach those guys! No brains, just hunger! Makes me sick!" Toji groaned.

"Look Over There!" Tsukune gasped, pointing back to the forest that was mostly singed as a single individual walked out of the now charred woods.

Shinji Ikari walked out and dusted off his jacket. Walked out like nothing had happened.

"You... you're alright!" Tsukune gasped.

"I am. However, that punk Saizo will never be okay." Shinji said.

The trio looked at him.

"You... you didn't kill him, did you?" Tsukune asked.

Shinji shook his head. "I could have. He deserved it. But all I did was give him the human equivalent of Fourth Degree Burns. He'll be fine. In a few years." Shinji stated calmly.

"Fourth Degree?" Toji laughed. "Went kinda easy on him, didn't you?"

"It's called restraint, Toji. You should try it some time." Shinji said as he turned towards Tsukune, and placed a hand on his shoulder, staring him deeply in the eyes. "And as for you, Tsukune Aono. You're a good person. Don't change. Human or not, you're the kind of person I want as my friend."

"Th-thank you, Shinji-san." Tsukune said at the sentimental words.

"Right, Toji?" Shinji asked his other friend.

"Well... if he's gonna go to school here... he's need to work on his swing." the Lycan boy said.

"My what?" Tsukune asked, confused.

"Your swing! When you clocked Saizo with the metal pipe, your stance was off."

" stance?" Tsukune mildly chuckled.

"It's a sports thing, dude. Don't worry. I'll get you started in a training program and you'll be right as rain." Toji declared.

Tsukune was sweat dropping at this, wondering just how much suffering he was going to endure because of this boy.

Well... at least he doesn't not like me. Tsukune thought as Moka quickly latched onto his arm. "Moka-chan?" he gasped.

"Please don't go, Tsukune-kun. I... I would miss you." she said, tears in her eyes now.

"Don't worry, Moka-chan. I'm not leaving." he said to her.

"Really?" she gasped, instantly perking up.

"Yes. Shinji convinced me to stay. But, even though I'm risking my life here... I like you. All of you. Especially you, Moka-chan. You're the nicest, sweetest, kindest person I've ever met." he said as both he and Moka were blushing now.

Oh, jeez, get a room, you two! Shinji thought with a smile.

"That's wonderful, Tsukune-kun. Because... I have to tell you that... I love..." Moka started to say as she got really close to Tsukune.

"Moka...?" Tsukune whispered softly.

"...your blood." she said, diving into his neck.


Shinji and Toji just laughed as Tsukune was turned into Moka's official juice box.

This is definitely going to be an interesting year. Shinji thought with a smile.

While the Yoko and Lycan boys were watching the vampire suck the blood out of the human, two other less-than-monstrous creatures were watching them.

That boy is a Yoko! The blue haired Kurumu Kurono mentally gasped. He's so powerful! He has to be mine!

A spirit fox... with fire powers. The lilac haired Mizore Shirayuki mentally said. This could be trouble... but he's so kind to his friends. I'll have to be careful if I wish to claim him.


Authors Notes:

Yes, I admit that I'm putting a lot into this one chapter. Which is why there are no omakes. I also introduced other monsters like the Centipedia, The Monstrels, Hitomi Ishigami the medusa art teacher, before their time, and I did not reveal Moka's true nature as yet. I'm saving that for someone special.

(No, it won't be Kurumu or Mizore, but I will have them make a play for Shinji in the next chapter. Though I am debating turning it into a lemon by the second chapter. Review Me If You Want That!)

Toji is a Lycan (from Underworld) so he can transform into a werewolf creature if he wants. I've also put him up kind of as Shinji's bodyguard, mostly because it helps Shinji regulate his powers. I've also decided to give Toji someone who can handle his rather feral nature, so don't worry, I'm not gonna make him the odd monster out in this.

And don't worry about Tsukune. While he'll still be human, I am planning on giving him special powers so that he will at least be worthy of Moka in the end. Also, I did borrow the 'Kyubi No Kitsune' from Naruto. This will be explained later.

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