"Coach? Ro? Nick?" No response came.

"Where the hell are ya'll?" Ellis could hear the fear in his voice.

The group had become separated when they stopped to find some gas to refill Jimmy Gibbs' stockcar. Somehow Rochelle had managed to alert a witch and a tank at the same time. Coach tried to help Rochelle, but was knocked away from her by the tank. Nick went to help Coach, as the witch clawed Rochelle to death. Ellis couldn't do anything. They had long since run out of ammo, and even Ellis knew he couldn't take on a witch AND a tank with a baseball bat. So he ran.

When he was sure the tank wasn't chasing him anymore, Ellis started looking for Nick and Coach, but had no luck.

"Well, if I was Nick, I'd have gotten pissed at Coach. If I was Coach, I'd probably suggest going back the way we'd came." And so Ellis found an abandoned car and headed back the way they had came, keeping an eye out for Nick and Coach as he drove.

The car he snatched had an impressive sound system, and if that wasn't enough, all 4 of the Midnight Rider's albums were conveniently found on the dashboard.

"Well alright! This is almost as cool as Jimmy Gibbs' ride!" Ellis said as he played "Midnight Ride."

An hour passed before he made it back to the bridge. Ellis was sure Louis, Francis, and Zoey would help him. He hadn't really wanted to leave Zoey in the first place.

"Louis? Francis? Zoey!" Again, no response came from any of Ellis' friends. Ellis looked over the bridge's railing, just in time to see a boat set sail.

"LOUIS! FRANCIS! ZOEY!" Ellis screamed as he jumped up and down waving his arms. "GUYS! I NEED YOUR HELP!"

"Louis, did you hear that?" Zoey snapped out of her daze. She thought she had heard Ellis calling her name... but no, that wasn't not possible. Ellis left with his friends hours ago. He was long gone- she'd probably never see him again.

"Yeah, I did, Zoey. Someone's on the bridge!" He said, pointing. Zoey squinted, it was hard to see, the sun was setting. Sure enough, when she looked closer, she saw him, jumping up and down in his blue hat and Bull Shifters shirt.

"FRANCIS! Turn the boat around, the others came back!" Louis said.

"No." Came the reply. Louis and Zoey looked at each other, before walking towards the wheel.

"What do you mean, 'no'?" Zoey asked, slightly angered by his single word response.

"I mean, 'No, I'm not turning the boat around'." Francis replied.

"C'mon Francis, you aren't THAT lazy." Louis said.

"I ain't lazy. And I ain't turnin' the boat around. I'm going to my island, and you're both coming with me." He paused. "We look after our own. That's what the old man used to say. We ain't going back for the others. We offered them the chance to come with us, and they said no. They're on their own now."

"Francis..." Zoey began, but she stopped herself. She heard it again. She strained her ears. "Guys! I need your help!" Came from the distance.

"You hear that Francis? If that were you, I'd turn the damn boat around." Zoey was getting angry again.

"I know you would. We look after our own." Francis pointed to the bridge. "HE isn't our own."

"You're talking the same shit Bill was, and look what happened to him. He's dead." She paused. "Francis, turn the boat around." She looked back at the bridge, and a tear fell from her face.


They were getting far from shore, and Ellis was getting tired of jumping. He sat down, and leaned against the railing.

"I remember the time Keith and me tried to sail one of those things. I was below deck, checkin' out all the cool shit that was down there, when all of a sudden I heard this commotion comin' from above me. So I went up the stairs to see what the matter was. Turns out, Keith had found the flare gun. Somehow or another, he shot the flare down his pantleg. Had third degree burns over 90% of the body. You'd think it's have only gotten him waist down, but when his pants caught fire, it spread to his shirt before he jumped overboard. I was trying to help him, but I was laughing to hard to walk, much less push him over the side of the boat."

Ellis missed Keith. All the wacky adventures they had, he missed them. The good ol' days, before the zombies came and ruined everything.

"I can't remember the last time I got to finish a story about me an' Keith. Somebody usually cuts me off before I can finish it..."


"I can almost hear him sayin' my name again."


"Wait a minute... Keith wasn't a girl." Ellis stood up, and looked over the railing he had been sitting against. Zoey, Louis and Francis were back. Ellis smiled. Zoey looked excited.