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Rachel's POV

All of Glee club was silent as the bottle pointed towards Quinn. We had been playing '7 Minutes In Heaven' for awhile now and half the group was already more than a little tipsy.

My eyes flicked up to hers and we stared at each other. Silently, I tried to gauge what she was thinking but her slightly wide eyes and mouth in the shape of a small 'o' didn't give much away.

After a moment, Puck broke the silence. "That's so hot! Closet, guys!"

"No, it doesn't count—"

"Finn, why wouldn't it count?"

"It counted for Brittany and Santana—"

"That's because Santana threatened to shank anyone who tried to argue."

"They should do it, Artie's right, fair is fair and—"

"—Santana, you're just like Puck! Thinking with your—"

I kept starring at Quinn, shuffling over I muttered, "you don't have to do this..."

"Rachel, no way! Of course she has to!"

"Will you be quiet? Puck, she doesn't have to do anything! I swear, I'll—"

"It's fine."

Everyone fell silent again.

Tina and Artie stared at Quinn with their mouths agape, Puck and Santana smirked, Brittany smiled blissfully out the window and Finn looked equal parts angry and uneasy.

My temper calmed slightly as I looked back at Quinn.

"It's fine guys, they're the rules right?"

She stood and walked toward the closet. Opening the door, she looked behind her shoulder and airily tossed, "Berry, are you coming?" before disappearing into the closet.

I immediately fumbled to stand, smoothening my skirt out with my hands and ignoring the yells and wolf whistles from Puck.

I walked into the closet after her and shut the door behind me.

My senses immediately prickled and I tried to blame the sudden plunge into darkness and not Quinn's proximity as the cause.

"Hey", she whispered.


We fell silent, not even a foot between us in the relatively small space.


I jumped and reflexively my hand flew to my chest.

"I can't hear kissing in there!"

"Puck, sit down!" I yelled.

I turned back to Quinn after hearing Puck laugh and walk away.

"We still don't have to do anything, we can just walk out after seven minutes...I know your religion is very important to you, Quinn and I would never want you to compromise your beliefs or morals. And even without that, I know you find me highly irritating and—"

"Rachel! It's alright! I mean, uh, yeah I've obviously never kissed a girl before but it's just a game...honestly, I thought you had more guts than to just wait for the clock to run out," she taunted.

Feeling irritation and indignation swell in my chest, I glared into the darkness where I assumed her head was.

"Alright. Fine. Close your eyes..."

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