Chapter I: Finding Paradise

Bella was sure that she had a stranger following her. Odd as it was, she was not afraid. Occasionally, she would turn behind to find a pair of green eyes looking into her brown ones. When she lifted her hand to stretch, he would follow suit. She found him so charming and playful, that she finally stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him.

He seemed a little startled at first, then broke into an easy smile, his face lighting up like the sun.

"Why're you following me?" Her accusation seemed entirely weightless when she giggled.

His head dropped slightly, as if embarrassed. "I'm just wondering...where you are headed to. You don't seem to have a place you particularly want to visit."

She laughed in amusement. He was right. Very correct. "So you stalk people who don't have places to go?"

Her comment made him smile wider. "That's because I've never found a person who wanders about aimlessly like you do. People have stopped seeing the world. It seems as if money and clothes are more beautiful than anything else."

"Mhmm," Bella agreed.

They walked in silence for awhile, before she stopped before an oak tree. He stopped too. She dug through her jean pocket and pulled out a little white slip. Turning, she waved it at him. He flashed a smile, before slipping his hand into his jacket.

She laughed when he retrieved another white slip.

"Took the train here too?" She asked.

He nodded, grinning. "The best form of transport."

"Why's that?"

"Trains are quiet. You can think about so many things, just as you look out of the window to see the view."

Bella wrinkled her nose and beamed. "True. Here, pass me your ticket."

He looked at her questioningly, but compromised. She took it from his hand, her finger tips touching his palm ever so slightly. A tingling sensation crept up on the both of them, and they smiled. She knelt before the oak tree and started to dig through the soil. He followed suit.

They dug through the earth together, smiles of bashfulness creeping onto their lips. Their eyes met once and Bella looked down, shy.

"There," She said when the concave was a respectable size. He watched her as she placed the train tickets in a cross, his atop hers. It was a second later that he realised - he was not watching her slim fingers cover the tickets back with soil. He was marvelling at her tranquil beauty, the way a strand of brown lock would fall just above her mesmerizing chocolate eyes the minute she bent over to work.

When a smile spread across her lips, he knew he had fallen in love. Although, he found it odd - He never believed in love at first sight.

She looked up at him, still smiling. "What's your name?"

He blinked. He had forgotten to introduce himself. Esme would have flipped. "Edward. Edward Cullen."

She held out a delicate hand. "Isabella Swan."

He shook it gently. "It's very good to know you, Isabella."

"Bella," She let out a little laugh. "Just Bella."

Her hand slipped from his, and she took two twigs from beneath the tree, drilling them into the soil where she had buried the tickets. He chuckled and crouched down at the base of the tree, just next to her. He fished out a little pocket knife and began to carve on the surface of the smooth bark.

She tilted her head, reading what he had crafted. It took a long while, and by the time he was done, his knife was blunt.

Bella read it to herself: B&E, 8 September, Autumn.

She laughed and looked at him. "What should we call this place?"

Edward looked about his surroundings. The trees had grown into a spectacular colour of red and orange. Piled upon the dew covered grass, the crusty brown leaves whirled around in a circle like a small tornado sweeping the beautiful lane. The mystifying colours of the sun shone onto the pile of leaves, which in turn, glistened brightly as the breeze blew over his shoulders and neck.

"Paradise," He whispered.

She nodded, agreement silent in the crisp air. He looked back at her, and they smiled.

If Edward was sure that he had fallen in love, then Bella had no doubts at all that she had already loved him.

Love is a strange thing.

This is a tale of two different people, whom met in what they both agreed on as Paradise, and this is just the very beginning of what is to come.