The Wizard of Zo

Rating: Ah, PG

Category: Well, parody of course

Written: February - September 2002

Summary: What happens when you take Wizard of Oz and mix it with Pokémon, and add a dash of my twisted humor? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: I don't own the whole Wizard of Oz or Pokémon thing. Oh, and some parts are made up
courtesy of Detective Superman.

Author's Note: Now, I know this isn't exactly like the movie or the book. It's like the play! Yes, I'm in the school musical of Oz and this is insanely almost like the play! In fact the first couple lines of dialogue and some other lines are exact word for word!

Feedback: Think of yourself as the generous, wonderful Oz and I as Dorothy asking you to send me feedback.

The Wizard of Zo
by: Mykonos

::camera zooms in on a farm. there is a house surrounded by wheat fields::

"Dorothy? Dorothy sweetie? Where are you?" A young, usually cheerful mother leaned out of a weatherworn, petite house. Her face had traces of worry. "Dorothy?" She came outside and looked around the fields for 'Dorothy.'

"Looking for Dorothy, ma'am?" An elderly professor in the classic white lab coat appeared from absolutely no where.

"Where's she at?"

"I don't know, I was just wondering if you're looking for here."

"Oh you, Oak." The mother laughed, then called out again "Dorothy!"

"Yes mother?" A fake sounding high-pitched voice answered. A young 'girl' with short black hair walked in the wheat fields. ::camera zooms in on Dorothy revealing that it's really Ash in a checkered dress::

"Where've you been?"

"I came right home."

"'Which way did you come? Way of Saffron?"

"I came right home from training, honest I did!"

"All right, now I want you to stay close by. No running off again. Understand?"

"Yes, mom." Dorothy rolled her eyes as her mom went back indoors. 'She' bent over a puddle of water and -behold!- saw a rainbow in it. With a sigh she said "Oh, I just *love* rainbows. Don't you Toto?" She rubbed the electric mouse's head. "I wonder what could possibly be on the other side of one . . ."

Dorothy finished singing her song and had a dreamy, far away looks upon her face. And because this is *Ash* we're talking about, her reverie was quickly shaken away when she saw something shiny.

This 'something shiny' turned out to be the glint in a pidgey's eye. "Oh! A pidgey! I'm going to capture it!" She exclaimed in that mock high toned voice. So being that Pikachu is really a dog, and won't fight, Dorothy threw a rock at the pidgey's head. Which was not very smart because this pidgey was not alone. Suddenly a swarm (yes, a *swarm*) of pidgeys flew around, causing a 'tornado.'

Dorothy's mother happened to be walking by the window at the time and saw this 'tornado.' She frantically gathered up a few precious possessions and ran outside. "Dorothy! Dorothy! Professor Oak!"

::poof!:: There was Oak! "It's a tornado! Quick, everyone inside the storm shelter!" Dorothy was running to the storm shelter and then stopped in her tracks.

"Wait! I forgot something inside!" She turned and ran. Evidently Toto was gone.

"But Dorothy! - "

"It's too late now, Ms. Ketchum." Oak said as he closed the storm shelter doors.

The tornado moved over to the little house and picked it up, and *threw* it violently far, far away.