Sex, Lies and Photoshoots.

Right, please PLEASE remember that this is a co-written story. I couldn't of done it without dragonflylady77. The idea of this fic originated from sxymami0909. Enjoy!

On a personal note, I would like to say that my extended absence was due to RL issues. I want to thank my muse, co-writer and best friend Lauriel for helping me though this hard time and helping me back to something I thought I had lost forever - writing. Luv u baby! *mwah*

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The Magazine Photo Shoot

Spike stalked into Angel's office, slamming a magazine onto the large polished desk.

"Have you seen this?"

Angel jumped up, wide eyed.

"No, I hadn't seen this. Exactly how did you come across it?" Angel stared back down at the open page again, hardly believing his eyes. Spike was pacing back and forth; the only sound was a soft swishing noise.

"Bloody hell, how do you think Peaches?" Spike jabbed his finger at the naked female figure sprawled seductively over the page. "When I went out to get some porn this was not something I thought I would come across. Not something I would ever come across."

"You sure it's her?"

Spike snarled.

"Alright, I was hoping it wasn't that's all. Call it denial."

"Call it what ever you want Peaches, the fact is, what the hell has she let herself get into? If there are pictures of her in this magazine, what else has she done?"

"You sure it's…"

"YES I'M BLOODY SURE!" Spike's face tightened, baring his teeth at his grandsire.

Angel simply sunk back into his high backed leather chair with the magazine in hand, paying no attention to Spike's reaction. Instead, he sighed, running his fingers down the page, memorising every detail of the woman's body once again. How he wanted her again… He could almost smell the soft scent of her skin right off the page. All he wanted was just one more chance…

"Angelus! Stop smirking at yourself and get your mind out of the gutter. Do you realise who your ogling over?"

Angel cleared his throat and snapped the magazine closed only to be confronted with the same woman on the cover, wearing nothing but a black lace teddy.

"When did she start wearing stuff like this? She never…" He broke off in mid-sentence, expecting Spike to lose it at him. Instead, Spike was intently staring out the window at the darkened skyline, cellphone to his ear.

"Yeah, it's me." A pause. "No, I'm not calling to check up on her, I just want to know why…oh really? So the photos in the magazine… She what? She wanted to do it?" Another pause. "For the experience… bullshit. I'm not buying it. I'm sure that Immortal git talked her into it, how, I don't know. She does realise that the magazine is international?" Spike stared intently out the window now, his expression fixed in anger. "Mmmhmm, right. So she changed her name. Well that I could clearly see, as well as everything else she owned." Pause. "No, Andrew, don't tell her anything. I never called." Spike flipped the phone closed and clenched his jaw. "She knew."

Spike then spun sharply on his heels and walked out of the office. Angel waited for Spike to step into the elevator before he kicked his legs up on his desk.


"Yes Boss?" Harmony asked appearing just inside his office.

"Close my door… Tell everyone I won't be available till tomorrow morning."

"Sure thing, Boss." Harmony let herself out and closed the door behind her. Angel smiled and, reaching forward, grasped the magazine. He would have to remember to send Buffy an anonymous bunch of flowers for this wonderful treasure. Why she had decided to do it, he had no idea, but he liked it all the same. Showed she hadn't lost her guts, that was for sure.

Just as Angel opened up the magazine to take a good look, the door burst open and Spike walked back in.

"She bloody knew alright and she didn't seem to care!" Spike walked over to Angel and snatched the magazine out of his hands. "But there is no way in my right mind that I'm going to leave this with you."

"I could always go out and get another copy you know," Angel mused.

"Do that and I will make sure she finds out," Spike threatened as he walked out, the magazine now securely tucked in his duster. He would have to send her a thank you gift, something that would help her remember him. Because Buffy would always be his Slayer and it was time he claimed her back.