Snaketail-Human-male- Main Leader of Briarwood Knights – Ride- Hoverboard- Guilds- Elements of Sacred Grove (the best guild ever! Unfortunately gone, maybe never come back. It was the first Snake guild I was in) Briarwood Knights (My second guild, lead by Lucas Silverhelm and Snake, of course, it lasted a while before Snake left to go to) Ice and Forest Troll Protectors (This was the guild that me, Matt and Stella kept alive during the summer holidays and while Snake left) Snake came back and then made a guild I cannot remember the name of as it was a bandit guild and it only lasted a day before... BRIARWOOD KNIGHTS CAME BACK (I still have not seen Snake since he left)

Daisy Blazecloud- Pixie- Female-Officer of Briarwood Knights- Elements of Spirit and Water- Pet- Flash/Cody/Rusty/ Mojo a grey cat- Favourite guild- Elements of Sacred Grove and Elements of Rising Dawn (my own guild)

Matthew Stormfeather-Human- Male- Leader of Briarwood Knights- Member- no SC- pets: Otis a small red dragon, Kao a cray and Lovatis a mushroom zombie thing.- Controls- Darkness

Wesley Dazzlinglake- Human-Male- Member of Briarwood Knights/ Vampires of Briarwood/ Halloween Family- Member- Ride- Ball/Armoured Dinosaur

Stella – Female- Human- Recruit of Briarwood Knights- In a different time zone to me so I hardly ever see her.

This is not the only members of Briarwood Knights however, they are my friends in Free Realms