OKAY! I have not been writing because a MIRACLE HAPPENED!


Obzezzed logged back on to free realms normally not expecting much. As soon as she came into the land, a shout was on guild chat.


"OMG SNAKE!" I went. And ran up to him and hugged before stepping back shyly. "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE HERE, WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?" I was shivering in real life and not because of the cold; I would have never believed it. Ventus was online as well and they ported to the Sanctuary playground.

Snake has not been on since a month now after that was written.


Daisy's time after that changed completely. The daily routine had stopped and now, every day was something completely different.

The days after Snake came back were uneventful. When he was back he showed us his lot and everyone came on time by time. By the end of the night, Snake had created a new guild, Caesar's Legion. There were many ranks and jobs for people and we started guarding the queen. I asked Snaketail if there could be a new rank, elementals. But he said we have to ask Jeff because he did the elemental stuff. The day after, me and Matt were asking again and if we could roleplay ect. Then we had a vote but I had to go a SECOND before. Snake did not really go on after that. Well, there was the time I met Lucas Eaglesummet. Around a week before snake came back, Lucas Silverhelm supposedly demoted Matthew and Chad and made himself leader. I was not on at that time but that was what Matt told me. But then they managed to get back etcetera. After that, everyone hated Lucas. But then Lucas (Eaglesummet) asked me about Snaketail and whether he was back (as people had left Briarwood Knights) I said yes and he reviled himself as Lucas Silverhelm. I was hesitant but still treated him as a friend. Then he said his story, where Chad had removed him, I was not sure which to believe. Later, when I was exploring, I whispered to him. I was confused about who to trust, 'Snake was different, Chad did not seem to be trusted either, Snake did not trust Lucas and...' Lucas went through the process calmly. He asked who I knew the most which was Matt. I knew I could always trust him but what about the others. Lucas knew Snake did not trust him and he did not trust Snake but he asked me what I thought, it was not his opinion. So I eventually thought it through. 'Thanks Lucas' I said, I could trust him.

I had been seeing many Warrior Clans in my time at free realms. Lava-clan, Sky-clan, Archer-clan, Snow-clan, Lighting-clan, Thunder-clan and many more and every single one I saw, I wanted to join. Warrior Cats was the one that I was truly obsessed with, there was no fiction that I loved more. So, I decided to make a new character. Honeypelt was my warrior name after Icestar/head/cloud, and I really liked that name. So I made her, got the clothes and face paint that Daisy Blazecloud gave me and joined the first clan I saw. Streamclan.

This is now where I leave you; Daisy did come back on all the time, unlike my Belle Emeraldsword, I did some more ropleplaying with Matt, he had left Caesar's Legion to join Henry Flamebreath and Friends (I wanted to join that!) so I went with him. We still had good times, but never really trained and Raven and Zippy Starspotter always tell us off for roleplaying in guild chat. Lol, I like annoying him.

Until the next time;

Daisy Blazecloud


The End