River slipped up in conversation, "Cause one time in this messed up universe, you love me"

The doctor looked at River Song, with a sad expression on his face, etched with utter confusion and helplessness, "Why do I love you River?" he asked simply as he sighed and leant back against the wall in the library

River smiled, "Spoilers" she said with a laugh

The doctor smiled and nodded, and was cuffed to the side, as River saved the rest of the library by sacrificing herself

Later on, by mere minutes he was set free by the amazing Donna, he ran grabbing the sonic screwdriver that she had held before her death, placing it on the machine, he begged her to come back to him, to be in his arms, he did not understand the feeling in his heart he had for her but knew he could not let her go

Flashes of flames

Bursts of brightness

Licks of Light

And there she stood, inside the system, he sighed, wanting to hold her, for some unknown reason and needing to protect her, her face on a marble stone, smiled at him softly, "I love you" she muttered softly, "I love you" she repeated with a bright smile

The doctor smiled, "I love you too River" he said softly, "Will I ever know why?"

River Song smiled, "In due time, In due time my love" she said softly with a loving smile, slowly vanishing

The doctor looked down, "Sometimes I wish I had the spoilers" he admitted to Donna, as he turned to leave