HIYA BASTITCHS! I ask you this: In the story of Brutal Legend, What were Sucoria and Riggnarok like? Why did the black tear rebellion come to pass? I tell you the story now!


Prologue: CHAOS

It is was time of brutality for the land of metal. Every nation at war one another. The Fire Barons of Death's Clutch. The Zaulia of Doom's Mire. Even the Thunderhogs near the forest of Bladewood. It was madness! But there was an alliance trying to end the chaos. The Brigade of Metal was lead by, Emperor Sucoria, General Riggnarok, Steve and Angela McGroth, and the demon sorcerer, Doviculus. They had discovered this was all a process of a bloody era, caused by what they did long ago: Spitting on the power the titans had given humanity. They made ceremonies in honor of the guardian of metal, and offered him gifts in exchange for the secrets. But no matter what the guardian refused, for it was his sacred trust and eternal responsibility. So they searched the continent, looking for a way humans and demons to craft their own power. Until they found it: The Sea Of Black Tears!

TRIVIA: Steve & Angela are my vision of Ophelia's parents. Their last name, "McGroth" comes from McGoth, and that comes from the Drowned Ophelia.

FYI: This was just a prologue, and it will have up to 4 chapters.