AN/Warnings: This story is AU. Set loosely in book 6. Sirius never died and he and Remus are a couple and are Harry's guardians. Slughorn never came to teach and Hogwarts so Snape is still Potions Master. This story will be rated M. The boys will eventually consummate their relationship. This means slash, aka gay sex aka two boys humping. Get my drift? If you don't like it, click the back button now before you hurt your eyes. :) Also, everything in the HP universe belongs to JK Rowling. I only play with her toys. While I am fully accepting of any relationship that two consenting teens/adults want to form, I know that the entire world is not, and this story will reflect some of that. The 10 suicides in September really hurt my heart, and so I'm making Snape help me deal with it. :)

Classes had been going well for Harry and Draco, both of them receiving top marks in Potions, Tranfiguration and Charms classes. The same couldn't be said for their free time and their friendships with their houses.

Draco had stopped going to the Slytherin common room all together, his only friends left from there were Blaise, Pansy and Greg. He ate lunch with Harry at Gryffindor and spent most of his spare time in their private rooms.

Harry faired slightly better, only losing a few friends like Dean and Seamus, along with a few of the younger students. He was once again on speaking terms with Ron after the red head had calmed down and apologized, but the friendship had never fully recovered. He still went to the Gryffindor common room on occasion, but there wasn't enough acceptance of their relationship for Harry to be able to bring Draco with him, so he mostly spent his time in their private rooms as well.

The Thursdays before everyone was to leave for Christmas Holidays found Harry and Draco stretched out on their sitting room floor quizzing each other on the potions that used certain ingredients, because Professor Snape had hinted that there would be a quiz the next day.

"Peppermint," Draco called.

"Elixir to Induce Euphoria and most breath freshening potions," Harry answered. He then called "Nettle," to Draco.

"That's easy, Boil-Cure Potion AND Herbicide Potion," Draco answered lazily.

"Ok then smarty pants, what about Doxy eggs?" Harry asked again.

Draco thought for a minute before answering, "Girding Potion."

Harry nodded. "I think we both know all this Drac."

"Yeah, you want to go for a walk around the grounds?" The platinum man asked.

"Sure," his dark haired boyfriend replied.

They got up and sent their books over to the table, then headed out their portrait and toward the front doors of the castle, but didn't make it far before they heard, "Well if it isn't Potter and his little pet."

The boys turned and saw Seamus and Dean walking their way. "Sod off," Harry told them both, and tried to continue on their walk.

"Hey everyone, there goes the Poof-Who-Lived and his Death Eater boyfriend," Dean called to the students who were in the entrance.

A few students laughed, but many of them just shook their heads. Only one person spoke up, "Mr. Thomas, Mr. Finnegan since when is harrassment allowed at Hogwarts?"

Everyone in the hall turned to see Professor Snape step out of the shadows. "Twenty points from Gryffindor and I think a nights detention with me, scrubbing cauldrons, should help you remember your manners."

Draco and Harry shared a smile and continued on their way to the grounds. They ended up walking down to the quidditch pitch and sitting in the stands.

"Seems weird to be here without our brooms," Draco commented as he pulled Harry against his chest.

Harry nodded. "Have you thought about how you're going to tell your parents? Are you going home for Christmas?" The question had been bothering the green eyed man for some time, but he'd been afraid to bring it up.

"Actually I'm going to stay at the castle this year. I'd much rather spend the hols with you, than at a bunch of stuffy ministry parties with my father. As far as telling them goes, I figured I'd owl them and ask them to come up to the castle and see my new rooms. Should give them a bit of a shock, eh?" Draco said with a laugh.

Harry grinned and snuggled against his mate. "I'm glad you're not going home. Our rooms would have been awfully lonely without you."

"How about we go send that owl to my father, just to get it overwith?" Draco suggested. "It's getting really cold out here."

Harry agreed and the two set off for the castle again. Draco penned a quick note to his father, explaining that he wouldn't be coming home for the holidays and for his parents to come visit him at the castle, because he had moved rooms and wanted them to see where he was staying.

"I can't decide if I can't wait to see the look on your father's face, or if I'm afraid to see the look on your father's face when he finds all this out. I mean, Remus and Sirius are ok with us, but even Siri was a little shocked at first."

"I'm sure father will come around," Draco said, reassuring his boyfriend. "If he doesn't mum will likely hex him into the next millennium. She's always hoped her veela blood would shine through in me. I guess she got her wish."

"Yeah but you know she never wished you'd mate with me," Harry said with a laugh.

Draco grabbed Harry in a headlock and swung him around. Both boys were laughing as they headed up to the Owlery to send the note to the Malfoys.

Once the note was sent, the boys met a few friendly Snakes and Lions for a snowball fight before supper.

Harry, Draco, Pansy and Neville teamed up against Goyle, Blaise, Hermione and Ginny and they had an epic battle on the front grounds of the school.

Before they knew it, it was time for everyone except Harry and Draco to head to the carriages to meet the train and go home for the holidays.

They said their goodbyes and headed down, Harry and Draco waving to them from the entranceway of the castle.