Two years later, only a week after their second wedding anniversary, Harry and Draco found themselves standing in front of a Ministry official.

"Misters Malfoy, do I understand correctly that you wish to legally and formally adopt these children?"

"We do, sir." Harry and Draco said together. "We'd like nothing more than to make Ella, Amanda and Bethany permanent members of our family." Draco added, smiling at the three little girls sitting beside them.

It seemed that Harry's vision had come true. Three little girls had been orphaned when a potion that their parents were experimenting with exploded. Ella was 4, Amanda was 2 and Bethany was just 6 months old when the accident happened, and they had been living with Harry and Draco since only a little over a month after their parents had passed on.

It had been 6 months since the girls moved in with Harry and Draco and just as in Harry's vision, Papa Draco spoiled all three of them rotten. They had more toys, books and fancy clothes than any three little girls could ever play with, read or wear, and Harry saw no sign of the gifts from their Papa or from their Nana Cissy stopping anytime soon.

The Ministry official read over the reports from the child welfare office, the adoption specialists and the monitoring spells that were placed on all foster care children, and found nothing out of sorts. "I see no reason to keep these children in foster care. Misters Draco and Harry Malfoy have been providing them with a safe, loving home and meeting all of their basic needs, and then some for six months now." The official handed Harry and Draco the adoption paperwork, "Look this over and ensure that everything is correct please."

Draco handed the paperwork to his lawyer who scanned the document and handed it back to the Ministry official. "Everything is correct, sir," he said.

The Ministry official stamped the papers and passed them to the official on his right to stamp, and a copy was vanished to the filing office, and the other copy was given to Harry and Draco's attorney.

"These children are now yours physically, legally and magically. You have all the rights and responsibilities of biological parents." When the Malfoys nodded, the Ministry official continued, "I now present to this courtroom, Misters Draco and Harry Malfoy, and their daughters Ella Dawn Malfoy, Future Lady Malfoy, Amanda Nicole Malfoy, Future Lady Potter, and Bethany Rose Malfoy, Future Lady Lupin-Black."

Since Remus and Sirius had no plans to adopt children, no biological children, and Harry was their only heir, they had been honored to give their titles to little Bethany.

The entire gallery of the courtroom erupted in cheers as Sirius and Remus, Ron and Hermione along with their children, most of the Weasley family and Draco's parents clapped and cheered.

Harry reached down and took Bethany and Amanda, while Draco reached for Ella. The new family of five turned and faced the grinning crowd of family and friends. Narcissa was the first to reach them and she thoroughly hugged and kissed all five of them. The girls and Harry all laughed, while Draco scowled a bit at his over zealous mother.

The girls were passed around for hugs and snuggles to all their aunts and uncles, the red heads, blondes, and all.

The new family headed to Malfoy Manor for what should have been a quiet dinner, but ended up being a full-fledged party with all the Weasleys and their children invited as well as Harry's godfathers.

Harry groaned as he saw the pile of presents for the girls. It seemed Narcissa had went shopping crazy once again.

At the end of the night, when everyone was full and happy, and Bethany was sound asleep in her Daddy Harry's arms, everyone headed home, and Harry and Draco got to put their beautiful new daughters to bed.

The two young men stood in the doorway of Ella's room, watching the small blond girl sleep. "You know, back in Fiji, on our honeymoon, I saw three little girls with you wrapped around their little finger," Harry told his mate. "And when we were laying on the beach, I wished that my vision would come true, that we would have three beautiful little girls to love and spoil."

Draco laughed, "I guess these three are a wish come true then, because I wished for the same thing."

The End

AN: I know these names have absolutely no meaning to Harry or to the Malfoy family but that's how it is when you adopt older children, you don't really get to pick their names, so I thought some nice, normal generic names for their little girls would be perfect. I hope everyone enjoyed The Veela Curse and this sequel The Veela Blessing. Thank you for reading and for your reviews.