The Blood Prince

He threw it. As far from the shore line he could. That cursed collar. His teal eyes watched it sink into the lake. He was a puppet, cutting his stings just before he came to the soul society but only now fully ridding himself of them. He would never be able to thank the dragon enough for helping him gain his freedom. He could feel the zampactou enjoying the irony of the dark twisted device of the boy's father as it drowned it the purity of the water.

"Shiro, what're you doing here?"

He turned to see the brunette girl who. She was strange. Her granny was strange too.

"Stop calling me Shiro, bed wetter," He snapped at her.

She just laughed, like she always did, "It's getting late," She glanced up at the sky, "You shouldn't be out here alone."

"I'm fine," He said coldly.

Why did she and her granny care so much? He was different. More than most knew. Yet they took care of him. He'd put it down a few months ago as something that maybe he'd understand later, once he'd been in this world longer.

"C'mon shiro." She grabbed his hand.

"I'm Toushiro not Shiro," He protested giving a glance over his shoulder at the still lake before looking where he was going.

She brought him out the wooded area onto the clear road to their house.

"Die, demon, die!" Toushiro heard a boy yell before his back was pelted with stones.

"Hey!" Momo let go of his hand and spun round, "Scram!"

The boy watched over his shoulder as the kids ran away from the older girl. That's how he expected people to act around him.

"You alright Shiro?" She took his hand again.

"Momo!" He yelled at her.

She smiled and turned ahead.

How could they be so different, those kids and Momo? They were the same creature right?

"Calling you a demon," the girl shook her head.

What would happen if Momo knew? If everyone who gave him a chance knew how right those kids were.

"You want power?" Said a confident voice.

"I can't stand the way things are now," The man pushed back his brown hair, "Things need to change."

"And you wish to lead this change?", The man was a faded image.

More like a silhouette. He was slim with spike hair, a long pair of bat wings visible on each side of him and a pointed tail that didn't seem to stay still.

"I wish to become a god." Aizen fully stated.

The man chuckled opening his all crimson eyes with a snake like pupil that studied the one before him, "My, my what ambition. But you realise in return, for such a large job I will want more than your measly soul."

"Name you're price."

"I want you to find something precious to me. I want you to but my son back on his strings."

"The blood prince?" The man remained calm.

"Yes," He nodded, "Find the collar, find the boy, put them together and your job is done and I will help you fulfil you're desire.

Aizen Souske, you will become a god."

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