The Blood Prince

Chapter 28: End Game


He hopped through another portal.


And again a seal with no demon to be seen. Hitsugaya sighed in frustration glad that he must have been hopping around too fast to be attacked again. He could handle it if he was but it made life a lot easier if he wasn't.

He stopped a few minutes took note of where he had been and hopped through another portal.

Squad 12 was the destination of this portal and as he stepped out and looked at the seal on the ground of the warehouse he knew he had finally found where he was supposed to be. The glowing circle, lines much more complex than the other seals sat on the ground completely clear of fog.

Daygon looked down from the elevated walkway he was on and met the bight blue eyes of the demon he was looking for.

"Gin." He greeted simply.

"You took your time, Blood Prince." Was my response ever smiling back at him.

There was a thick, tense air. Toushiro almost expected him, he expected Shinzo to be shooting at him but after a few moments he realised nothing was going to happen unless he started it.

So he did. He let his demon form show through knowing he'd need all the power he could get, drew Hyorinmaru in one hand, summoned one of his demon swords in the other and jumped up kicking off the wall behind him and rocketing at the elder demon.

The second zanpctou to listen to a demon clashed with the first and sparks flew from the blades.

"I see we are getting this over quickly." Gin spoke having to duck as the second blade came his way.

"That we are," a foot swung at Gin next which he stepped back from, "I have a deal to keep."

"A deal?" Gin tilted his head curiously, "With who?"

"You'll find out." The smaller demon darted forward and went to swing but one of his red portals appeared and he came out behind the older demon who was sadly very knew the younger demon and he abilities well and dodged grabbing his wrist and pulling him out the portal.

As Gin was holding the arm with Hyorinmaru Daygon stabled at him with his demon sword and Gin just grabbed his other wrist. Without another though Daygon jumped from the ground and shoved his boots into the elder demons face causing him to stagger back.

Hitsugaya struggled to get his balance as he heard the words,

"Shoot 'em dead,"


The extending blade skimmed him as he threw himself to the side to get away and as fast as possible get his footing back. Once he did he dived through a portal and Gin out of habit looked behind expecting the boy there but he came up from beneath him managing to get Gin's chin before he pulled back.

When the elder demon took a step back his body disappeared, exploding into fog. Red eyes narrowed. He had thought that his tricks and illusions didn't work on him, I mean if they did why hadn't he used them while he was wandering round.

But he realised this wasn't a trick of the light of illusion when his lungs started to burn and he collapsed to his knees coughing.


I wasn't sure this would work on you little, Daygon. He heard Gin's voice but he couldn't really tell where from until he rematerialized in front of him, "You know being a demon and all. Most of my abilities don't work on demons."

"W-What are-are –" He couldn't form a sentence coughing like something was being shoved down his throat.

"You see I can manipulate fog and turn myself into fog," Gin knelt down to his height, "So what do you think I can do if someone breaths in my fog."

The coughing died down and Daygon glared at the floor. He had a few guesses but he had to figure out a way round them fast.

"Now," the elder demon patted him, "On your feet."

He guess was right. His teeth gritted as his body moved for him, slowly as he tried to stop and shakily he did as told and got to his feet.

Gin sniggered, "Guess it's because you were made to be manipulated. I don't even know why he made you with free will in the first place if you are this easy to manipulate."

"S-Shut up." Hitsugaya growled glaring hell as chains came up from the ground the grab him.

Gin moved but the chains didn't stop going after him.

"You might be controlling my body but you can't control my power." Another chain came up from the ground and pulled his body round so he could keep track of Gin.

"Fine." Gin gave a sigh and without warning and without enough time to stop him Daygon was forced to plunge his jagged demon sword through himself.

Chains dropped to the ground as he was forced to spit black blood. He would have fallen but Gin's power held him up.

"Nice try." He was patted in the head.

Daygon could do nothing but glare. He couldn't focus enough to use his chains or powers. He couldn't, even if he wanted to moved to pull the sword out or attack.

"Shit…" He growled at the floor unable to look up, despite all his upgrades and powers, completely powerless.

I failed…He closed his eyes hoping to find some way, he couldn't let the other be hurt, he couldn't let Gin win but there was no way out. No way-

"Somehow I knew you would not be able to succeed, Daygon."

That voice…

"Well, this is a surprise." Gin turned away from the demon prince and Daygon felt all control and interest in him slip.

He fell to his knees and looked up to confirm with his eyes what his ears had heard. It was. How or when he didn't know but he had to say that this was only the second time in his left he was actually happy to see him.


"When did you get out?" Gin asked what Daygon had been thinking, "I didn't feel it."

"Cause I was in an awesome ninja disguise." He smirked

"What?" Daygon cringed as he attempted to pull him own sword out of him. Sadly he knew his own sword, it was designed for pain to pull pieces out as it lest a person's body, it was no going to be easy.

"I was pretending to be that old bag Yamamoto," He explained with a sigh, "See I knew you couldn't make good on the deal I struck up, Daygon, so I made an extra one for reassurance. If Yama let me go to this world in his place I would save it."

"And after." The prince hissed.

"We swap back," He sighed, "Can't get anything passed that old man. Though if I was serious about staying here I would have made the offer to the Kurosaki kid," He smirked, "He wouldn't have thought about the whole going back thing. Just like before I guess."

A blade extended from behind the devil and he side stepped it.

"That it, Gin?" He looked round and smirked.

For once Gin did not have the usual smile on his face. The usual cocky air was gone, the was the person he had always wanted to kill. The person he took up a zanpactou to try kill since none of his demon abilities worked against him.

"Die." Gin hissed and swung the extended blade ripping through walls making the ceiling fall in on them as Luficer ducked under and summoned his own weapon.

The jagged long sword was brought back its owner with a long grin as he darted to the other demon. Gin just about pulled back enough to get out the way not expecting the hand that grabbed his face right after and slammed him into the ground.

Before Gin could recover or even attempted to struggle he was pulled up from the ground again and ploughed right back until black blood splattered and he skull was near enough crushed.

"When will you lean Ginny-poo." He picked up the long unconscious and half dead demon and looked round, "Oh, we made a mess."

The part of squad 12 they were in was no longer standing, glass rubble and generally destroyed building scattered around them. The light of the seal Gin was using was starting to disappear was its power source was defeated and slowly the fog was disappearing.

The devil walked over the rubble and lifted up a particularly heavy rock.

"Wakey wakey." He looked down to the small demon who had nearly been crushed beneath it.

Daygon coughed out dust from his lungs forcing himself to move despite the hole in his stomach (again). He didn't manage to get to his feet but crawled out the way of the rock so Lucifer could put it down again.

"One way and a return?"

The boy looked up to his father, the uncaring insane look of the psychopath he was and sighed,

"You're really not going to try force me back?" He asked disbelieving.

"I did," He pointed out, "In that meeting. I tried to convince them all against you but most stayed on your side."

Hitsugaya nodded, none of them will ever know how grateful he was of that.

"It'll hurt watching them die,"

The boy stiffened at the words,

"It'lll hurt worse than any of those wounds, worse than killing her."

"Shut up." He snapped, "I'll endure it. Cause…I'll just find more people to live for, to protect."

The devil sighed, "I suppose I suppose. But know your always welcome back home."

"Yeah, yeah." He boy hissed his marks glowing and a portal appearing, "Not give the head captain back."

"See you soon," He patted his son before walking through to hell with Gin and as soon as he did Daygon suddenly felt all his power leave, his injuries had drained him a lot and suddenly teleporting the devil back to hell took what was left.

He tried was much as he could to keep it open, holding out as long as he could and as soon as he felt someone exit the portal into this world he just let go and black took over his world.

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