It wasn't jealousy. No, it wasn't that. I knew when I was jealous and not and I was most definitely not jealous of Leah Clearwater.

So what if she was tall, lean and toned? So what if her tan skin made my pale seem so unhealthy...sickly, even. I didn't care if she was beautiful. I was beautifuler. Everyone told me so. No, it wasn't that her beauty was natural, and mine was only inherited for predator purposes. No...I was still prettier.

No, it wasn't that she was better suited with Jacob than I was. It wasn't that they had a bond closer than I wasn't that he knew her before me.

It wasn't that she had an infectious smile. It wasn't that she was one of the most hardest people to impress that a general cloud of coolness clashed around her all the time, and it definitely wasn't that she had a sarcastic, no-bullshit personality that left others basking in her presence.

It had nothing to do with the fact that she even looked better with Jacob than I did; black silky hair, gorgeous tan skin, the perfect size to fit under his tall physic, the perfect height to curl in his arms...

It wasn't that she was his beta.

It was because I knew he loved her.