And this should be the happiest day of my life.

But I can't help but feel guilty.

It's the day I will be joined forever in the hands of Jacob Black...the love of my life, the man I trust myself to be with, for the rest of my existence on earth.

And as the paster pronounces us husband and wife, I look forward towards the skyline of our beach wedding, and catch your eyes.

Quickly, I turn around and meet the eyes of my husband and smile deeply.

And somewhere, from your direction, I hear a snort. It takes all my will power to keep from scowling back at you...but I know you were right, all along.

And the forced smile will remain on my face for the years to come.

To this day, Leah Clearwater...I will always be doubtful of Jacob's love for me. I will always doubt our union. I will always doubt him because, he was forced to love me. I know if he had a choice, Leah...he would have chosen you.

And to this day, I will always be doubtful.