My girl's ex-boyfriend

A/n Bella is Rikki's friend. They knew each before they both moved to the Gold Coast. On with the story.

Rikki's pov

I was sitting in class next to Zane when Bella hurried into the class room. She sat down in the sat on my other side.

"Guess what," she sang. She was alittle too happy for the morning.

"What," I asked.

"Guess who's moving here," she sang.

"Can you please not sing and who's moving here," I said. I wasn't in the mood for the guessing game.

"Jake Johnson," she said, grinning.

My mouth dropped. Jake Johnson was one of my ex-boyfriends. We dated for like a year and a half. I knew Zane heard what Bella had said and he was going to find out that Jake and I dated, but should I tell him what Bella doesnt even know?

Zane's pov

I looked over to Rikki. She loooked shocked. Who was Jake Johnson? How did Rikki know him? One way to figure it out.

"Rikki, who is he," I asked.

She turned to face me and said, "Jake and I used to date."

"Oh," I said. God, anything but that. I never had to deal with one of Rikki's ex-boyfriend because I was the only one she dated since she moved here. I do not aprove of this.

"Zane, there's something I knew to tell you..."

A/n sorry that its so short next one will be longer tell me if I should kept writting on it or leave it