Zidane Tribal


It was a rare summer's morn when Zidane wasn't fleeing from the scene of some previous misadventure.

"Hey, Rusty! What the hell're ya doin'?"

Although, that said, it was also a rare morning when Lard-Ass Adelbert could catch him.

Admittedly, Sir Clanky had snuck up on him (unlikely, but true), and collared him for nothing. One moment he was talking, the next he was being marched to the castle, a pair of rust covered gauntlets wrapped around his neck.

"How could you, Tribal? How dare you indulge your lecherous nature, now that you have such importance to the Queen?" Steiner bellowed somewhere above his right ear.

The gears started clicking in the thief's head, just like the clockwork that ran the bell in the Theatre District. He had been talking to a lady at the time...

"Pah. I have to practice up, y'know? How am I supposed to seduce Dagger when I can't even get a date with a waitress?" he smiled. Of course, he hadn't. But getting Rusty riled was a national pass-time.


Steiner defaulted to throwing his hands in the air in outrage, giving Zidane an opportunity to slip out of his grip.

"What can I say?" he shrugged. "I'm a professional. Y'know- Zidane Tribal, breaking homes, bones and hearts, not necessarily in that order."

"Oh, is that so?"

The gulp was involuntary. Whipping around (his tail hit something, but his mind was elsewhere), he came face to face with Dagger herself.

"Well, Zidane," she smiled, grabbing his ear, "I, too, am a professional."

"My Queen, are you sure you wish to deal with this reprobate? I would be honoured to..." Steiner started, but his attentions were dismissed by a wave of the royal hand.

"Please, Steiner. I am Queen Garnet Til Alexandros- breaking habits, and little else." She accompanied the sentence with a twist of Zidane's ear.

"Aw, Dagger. Y'know I wasn't doing anything like that," the 'professional' grumbled.

"And when I'm done with you, you'll have no desire to," she replied.

She walked away with the thief in tow, leaving Steiner to realise that where she was leading him definitely was not the dungeon.