I started this drabble collection as part of my monthly challenge. I like to use that challenge to work in fandoms which I adore, but don't write in myself for whatever reason. Final Fantasy IX, my favourite Final Fantasy, was a clear candidate for it.

I have to say, though, I kinda messed this one up. My first mistake was to insist on doing all the major(ish) characters. Of course, because some of these characters don't actually appear that often (Fratley, for instance, is Freya's driving force throughout the game, but appears only once outside of the epilogue, and has precious few lines), I had trouble getting their character down.

My second mistake was to let time get ahead of me. Because I had a month in which to do it, I got lazy and left it all to the last second...Which meant that I did the last ten chapters within two days.

My third mistake was having a cold on the last two days of the month- because when I'm sick, my writing is full of suck.

Nevertheless, I hope you've enjoyed this drabble collection. It did have some good points- even I was surprised at how well Quina's piece came out. If you want to see more Final Fantasy IX drabbles, you can either vote for it on my poll, trawl through the archives for others, or, better yet, why not write your own? This series honestly deserves more love, and I'd like to see what everyone else comes up with. Thanks for reading, and especial thanks to everyone who reviewed!