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Chapter One: Igloo

Giggles looked up from the book and it struck her yet again just how cold it was in the room. The desk the book had been on was quite literally a block of ice and the author of it was little better. Cro-Marmot was smiling down at her from across the room, his face locked in what looked very much like a confident grin. She smiled back and, when no response came, placed the book down on the glass-encased desk.

"It's very good Cro," Still no response, "But why does everyone have to die at the end?" She stopped and listened for a second, "I guess your right, that is what mysteries are meant to be like. But still, it's really morbid."

She looked up at the frozen caveman again, he was still smiling down at her, he didn't seem to have moved since she had last looked at him. She sighed, Cro was normally more active than this, "Is something bothering you?" Still no response, she sighed, she liked talking to the cavemen but he could be very strange sometimes.

"Giggles are you here," Cuddles wandered in, his slippered feet sliding slightly on the icy ground, "Man it's cold in here." He turned to the houses owner, "Can't you get heating." The caveman smiled back, either ignoring Cuddles totally or just somehow amused.

... ...

Giggles crossed the outside Cro-Marmot's snow dome, after the freezing temperatures of the caveman's house the warm sun of Happy Tree Town was a great relief. She passed the hospital and was not too surprised to see Toothy being hauled away with yet another horrible injury. She groaned, it wasn't too unusual to see things like that in Happy Tree Town, that sort of thing happened all the time, but it was still sort of depressing. She looked away and watched as Flaky ran nervously across the park grass, narrowly avoiding several kite strings that had already succeeded in beheading Lumpy. She looked back at the snow-globe, it was sad that so many tragic deaths had to happen every day here. But, she supposed, that was what made this place special, not in a good way, but special none the less.

She turned back to Cuddles and smiled, heading away from the houses and out towards the woods, it was calm out there and you could forget your troubles. At least until you died again.

Giggles had just reached the edge of the forest when she heard screaming.

... ...

By the time Giggles got there the place was surrounded by police, well empty cars and one real policeman. Lumpy, somehow restored from his previous death, leaned against his car trying to decide how the best way to deal with the situation, and completely ignoring the crowd that had crossed his police tape and were gathering excitedly around the scene. Giggles stopped to look around for a second, vaguely registering that nearly everyone in town, including one frozen cave man, were gathered around the scene. She wasn't quite sure how Cro-Marmot had beaten her, but maybe the fact she had had to almost drag Cuddles here had something to do with it. She looked down at her friend, who smiled up at her, despite the many cuts and bruises he had accumulated while she had been hurrying.

The two of them pushed through the crowd, stopping when they drew level with Cro, he was frowning inside his block of ice, and staring at the scene with such intensity, Giggles was surprised his ice didn't melt. She followed his gaze and immediately realised what had confused him. Death was not rare in Happy Tree Forest, but most of it was accidental. Brutal murder on the other hand was rare.

There was no mistaking it, the victim had been stabbed several times, apparently with several different knives, all of which were still lodged into his back. His head also appeared to have been smashed in and Giggles flinched slightly, looking at the red ooze that covered the pavement. Even after living in the town for years she still couldn't believe that that much blood could come out of a single creature.

But then her eyes traveled to the victim's face and she realised that it didn't have to, she saw green blood matted fur, scorched and torn with scars that remembered a war long over, sharp teeth that were pulled back in one horrific, sadistic smile. And the eye, a single intact emerald orb stared at the crowd resonating hatred even after the last sparks of life were gone. Flippy lay on his back, blood and various organs pouring from the many wounds that covered him, and still, that smile fixed on his face.

Giggles turned away, she just couldn't keep looking, and found herself almost bumping into a large block of ice, the caveman must have moved while she wasn't watching. She sighed and glanced back at the crowd, which was already dispersing; not many people cared for a weirdo like Flippy and those that did were more concerned about his nicer half. She looked up at the frozen Marmot, he was frowning again and a brown detective's hat seemed to have appeared on his head, she smiled slightly despite the situation, "Surely, you don't want to investigate this?"

His expression didn't change, "Yes I suppose you're right... And I didn't call you Shirley!" She shook her head, Cro loved cliched lines, "Where do we start then?" The caveman didn't move and she sighed again, "Sometimes I feel I've got to do all the work here."

Giggles stepped away from the caveman. Who would have thought that being an intellectual meant everyone else doing the work. She jumped down onto the road and headed for the body, looking around she noticed a selection of large military vehicles ranged around the area. Whoever had thought of bringing Flippy to the military museum must have been out of their mind. She passed a case of grenades and looked down at the gory scene.

Flippy may have gone down but he hadn't done so easily, body parts from Sniffles, Lammy, Cub and several other unidentifiable corpses lay around the car park; in the centre lay the green bear, his uniform tattered, his beret laying two meters away. She felt herself well up slightly, she knew he would be back in a few days, and that he was a monster, but she never would have wished something like this on anyone, not even Flippy. She bent down close to the body and shuddered slightly somehow Flippy's corpse was even scarier than he normally was; it may have been the unblinking eyes, the way they hung on you, burning into your mind, watching you...

She tore her thoughts away and focused instead on the area, not much remained that was not covered in blood and she saw at once that she would not find any evidence here. She turned instead to the suspects, aside from the dead she could not rule out anyone from this crime scene, she sighed, turning away.

It was then she noticed the glass, shattered pieces of clear glass lay throughout the blood, she was surprised she had managed to avoid them all the way through her brief search. The source of the glass it seemed, was a large display cabinet labeled rather helpfully 'knives and swords through the ages'... well that answered any queries about the murder weapons, but who...

"Let me guess," The voice startled Giggles causing her to jump literally a foot into the air, "Your trying to work out, 'who's tough enough to kill Flippy.'" She turned to see Cuddles standing at the edge of the blood pool, looking, somewhat nervously, at the glass spread around the area, "Just how strong was this guy?" He pointed to the case, "Shatter-proof, well almost, you'd need a weapon to get to the weapons." He tapped the ground with his foot, "And this, whoever did it must have been seriously crazy."

Giggles frowned, "What are you saying Cuddles?"

The rabbit smiled and rubbed the back of his head, "Well I just noticed you looking around and wondered, can I help?"

Giggles smiled slightly, it was nice to remember that her friends were here for her, but that still didn't give them a lead. She looked over at Cro, who was once again glaring at the crime scene, and in his hand she noticed something...

A candy wrapper... Nutty.