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Sleep sleep sleep
deep magnificent sleep
cradles me like
a mother holding
her newborn
for the first time.

I close my eyes and feel
the warm sensation
of precious pure sleep
immortal sleep outside
of a mixed up world.

Sweet vanilla scent
from dreams of beauty
holding me forever,
brings me everything
I need to stay a
sleep sleep sleep.

- Charles Lara -

She made it through the second half of the day relatively unscathed. Perhaps it was Shishido's threat that stopped them from their attacks. Well... most of them had stopped, but there were still the older students that continued their tripping tactics. It was like practice... You know the saying "the more you practice, the better you get at it"? That was what HIkari felt like today. She was getting quite quick on her feet at avoiding the random feet being thrust in her way. Even when she couldn't avoid it, she was able to play it off like nothing happened.

Don't let them think that they are getting to you... She thought to herself. Maybe if you don't give them the attention they are looking for... They will just go away. But a part of her dreaded that idea. Or maybe they'll turn to more drastic measures. There wasn't much that was more drastic than them confronting her like they did earlier. She thought she could hold her own against them. It may have been a long time since she trained for tennis, but maybe her body wasn't as rusty as she thought it was.

Liar! Her head yelled at her. Just the other day you stood up and fell to the ground!

She frowned. It was true. And it took a bit of time for her to get her legs back underneath her. Maybe a confrontation wasn't such a good idea. She'd have to seriously thank Ootori and Shishido one day for that. She already did... but at the time, she thought she could actually take all those girls. Now she felt like an idiot.

She sighed as she hopped over another ankle entering her walking area. This time, however, she did feel the muscles in her upper leg strain when forced to exercise. Hikari hoped she hid the shakiness that she felt from those watching on. She did not need to collapse in front of all these people. She quickly hurried to her last class where she knew Jirou would be and the others would try to avoid targeting her.

She felt her body relax when she saw him already sitting in his chair. But when she looked behind him to her seat, she couldn't help but see the dark glare of Yumi. Instead of being nervous like she should have been, Hikari felt her competitiveness spark within her. She was angry. She was angry with Yumi and her stupid group of fangirls. And once again, she could care less about what happened to her. She was not going down without a fight.

She walked toward her desk and smiled at Jirou. He smiled back and laughed a little. "I didn't realize how big my clothes would be. Sorry..." He mumbled a little embarrassed.

Hikari laughed too while she flapped her arms making the extra long sleeves sway in the air. "It's not so bad." She said while she sat down. "I'd rather my clothes be too big than too small."

Jirou nodded in understanding. "So how has the rest of your day been?" He asked out of curiosity. He hoped that her day was able to get a little better since the morning incident.

Hikari groaned a little thinking about the day. There had been enough stress and excitement to last her the rest of the year. "It's been..." She was looking for the right word to say. "Busy? No... more like hectic and annoying." She mumbled.

Jirou raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What happened?"

Hikari sighed. "Well for one, someone tried to trip me down the stairs. Then someone tried to throw eggs at me. Oh, and someone broke into my locker and stole my lunch. And to top it all off a bunch of idiotic fangirls tried to bully me!" She hadn't meant to go into a rant, but the stress level of the day had reached an ultimate high for her. The last time she felt like this was when she had played tennis and was in a losing streak.

Jirou felt his stomach drop a little. "Did that really happen?" He questioned. Maybe Hikari was just lying.

Hikari sighed. "Yeah, but don't worry. Your teammates are actually very kind. They always seemed to pop in at the exact moment that I needed a little help." She explained with a smile. She glanced at the clock and noticed that she had enough time to run through everything that had happened that day. She touched on how Oshitari kept her from falling down the stair, Hiyoshi caught the eggs, Gakuto gave her some food, and how Shishido and Oshitari kept her from getting into a fight.

"You... in a fight?" Jirou found himself laughing. He couldn't imagine a small girl like her getting into a fight.

Hikari raised an eyebrow. "What's so funny about that?" She asked. "I'll have you know that I can hold my own." She said with a laugh, but ended up coughing a bit. "Sorry..." She mumbled. Maybe the stress was taking more of a toll on her body than she thought.

"Are you feeling okay?" He asked nervously.

Hikari rubbed her forehead a bit. "Yeah," she offered a smile. "I must have just talked too fast."

"Are you sure?" He hoped she hadn't got sick anyway from earlier that day.

"Promise." She said with a smile. She was going to keep talking to him, but the teacher walked in and asked for the class to quiet down. Throughout the class, a headache slowly began to form at the back of Hikari's head. Maybe it's from not eating enough at lunch... Though she was happy that Gakuto had been nice enough to give her some of his food. Every now and then she would cough, and Jirou would turn around with a worried look. She would just give him a soft smile and motion for him to turn around.

When class was over, she slowly gathered her things. Her head felt like it was splitting and she had no pain medication with her to take. She heard Jirou's voice, but didn't catch what he said. "What?" She asked with her brow furrowing.

"I was asking if you feel okay..." He tilted his head to get a better look at her face since she didn't really look up at him.

She laughed, but ended up coughing a bit. She waved her hand when she saw him worry. "I'm fine! I swear." She assured him. "You can go on ahead. I'll see you at practice."

He nodded and walked away. Hikari rubbed her forehead. She was starting to feel groggy. Maybe she shouldn't go to practice... Maybe she should just go home. It would make her feel better to lie in a bed. She coughed again as she started out of the classroom.

"Hikari!" She turned around at the sound of her name. It was a boy with short brown hair and eyes. She recognized him from class. "You have cleaning duty today."

Hikari frowned. She didn't remember, but then again this day was quite hectic. She laughed a little and kept herself from coughing. "I guess I forgot. Thank you for reminding me." She gave him a small bow and then walked back toward their homeroom.

"Wait!" He called out again. Hikari turned and looked at him confused. "The teacher said you would have to go to the storage shed outside. Apparently the cleaning supplies ran out and they need to be restocked." He explained.

Hikari frowned seriously this time. She felt like he was lying, but if their teacher had told him then she would have to go out there anyway. "Okay." She said simply. She left her things in the room and checked the supply closet at the back of the room anyway. Nothing was in there. "That is very odd..." She mumbled to herself as she walked out.

As she made her way outside, she frowned at the shed in front of her. It was extremely large. Equipment for taking care of the lawn would definitely be held in there, but she didn't think cleaning supplies were. She shrugged her shoulders as she stepped through the only door it had. There was only one way to figure out if they were in there. If her classmate had made a mistake, she would just go find someone who could give her the supplies.

She waited in the doorway for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She found a light switch by the door and flipped it on. She could then see the shelves at the back. She made her way, avoiding some of the larger equipment that blocked her way. When she reached the shelves she started looking through the various bottles that were stored on the many shelves. She sighed when she realized this would take forever, but a small cough followed making her clear her throat.

"Mew." Hikari's eyebrows scrunched together as she looked around.

"That sounded like... a cat..." She mumbled, but couldn't find anything.

"Mew." It sounded so small. Hikari knelt down and began to search the ground. "Mew." The voice sounded louder this time. she looked to her right and smiled softly. She could see something moving under a cloth bag. She lifted the bag and smiled brightly. Its fur was black. Its paws and ears were white. It also had pretty, greenish yellow eyes. It turned toward Hikari when the bag moved. "Mew!" It said loudly.

Hikari couldn't hold in her excitement. The little kitten was just too cute. "You're... so... adorable!" She yelled and the kitten scurried away from her in fright. "Oh! No... I'm sorry cutie..." She said softly, but ended up coughing a little again. Hikari held her hand out slowly and the kitten cautiously came out to her. "There... see... I'm not scary." She cooed to the little creature. The kitten crawled into her hand which surprised Hikari. She knew it wasn't too old. She fit perfectly in Hikari's hand. "I wonder where your mommy is..." She whispered as the kitten purred loudly. "Awe..." Hikari smiled brightly petting the cat gently.

The kitten crawled up Hikari's arm and sat on her shoulder causing Hikari to laugh slightly as the fur tickled Hikari's neck. She sat perched on her shoulder. "Want to stay there while I look for my stuff?" She asked.

"Mew!" The kitten responded causing Hikari to gush happily. She wasn't a complete sucker for cute things, but kittens and puppies took the cake. How could anyone not think they were the cutest things in the world?

Hikari continued to look through the shelves as the kitten managed to stay on her shoulder. "I don't see anything..." She mumbled as she cleared her throat that was starting to feel a bit sore. She turned to leave, but before she could get out the door closed and locked. The lack of sunlight made it difficult for her eyes to adjust right away to the low lighting of the shed's lights.

She could feel her heart hammering against her chest. It almost felt as though she couldn't breathe. She pushed her way through the equipment until she reached the front. She searched the back of the door and breathed out in fear. The door could only be locked and unlocked from the outside.

"Mew." Hikari looked down at the kitten and placed it down by her feet.

Then she turned to the door and banged on it. She heard the kitten scurry to hide. It wasn't a fan of the loud noises she was creating. "Hello?" She called out as she continued to bang on the door. "Is anyone out there?" Again she called, and again she received no answer. "Help!" She yelled but ended up coughing. She couldn't really hear much of what was going on outside. She was so angry. She knew someone was there, but getting angry and cursing someone out was not going to help her at this point.

Hikari felt tears come to her eyes, but she took a shaky breath and forced them back. She pushed away from the door and found a place to sit beside it. She felt like she was suffocating. Maybe it was all the dust in the air in here or maybe it was the cold that was quickly giving her problems. "It's probably both..." She cleared her sore throat again. She just wanted to go home and sleep.

She looked up when she felt something rubbing against her leg. The kitten was rubbing her head on Hikari's ankle. "Oh little Kitty..." She whispered to the cat. "Now what are we supposed to do?" She asked gently picking up the kitten and holding her close. "Someone will find us..." She mumbled, but her mind doubted it greatly. "I hope..."

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