The World

Pairings: MxMxN mostly Possible: NxGiovanni, LxLight, HallexNear, HxMello, HxGiovanni, LightxMikami, more depending on how far I get.

Warnings: If you hate yaoi or any of the pairings above, (I hope) you hate this fic especially. :)

Please don't read if you don't want lemons to be the focus instead of plot.

Matt placed the delicate china saucer between Mello's widely spread legs, grinned breezily at the captive on the floor, and then draped himself across the arm of the oversized burgundy leather lounger where his master sat.

A pale young man, formerly chief of the SPK, stifled a sigh as Mello smoothed the side strands of his hair behind his ears so that they wouldn't dip into the dish. He could have done it himself if his hands were not so unnecessarily tied behind his back.

"There you are, Kitten," Mello said pleasantly, gesturing to the dish. "Don't get any on the pants," he added, his voice turning harsh.

The kneeling boy didn't want to ask what would happen if he did, he just wanted to get his 'reward' over with.

"A dish of cream, as if I really were a cat... How stupid," he thought, as repositioned the cushion he was kneeling on so that he could pull himself upward, and bring his face to the bowl.

From Mello's angle, the timidly scornful glance shot from below looked delectable; he was going to enjoy this.

Reminding himself that agreeing to be Mello's 'pet' (for now) was the only way to keep the people he cared about safe, (including the half-disfigured bedlamite) he began to lap delicately with his tongue, just like Matt had taught him. Mello watched the smooth, pink tongue harden to a little point, dip into the sweet cream and relax, curl, and dart back between the softly parted lips, bringing a droplet into his delicate mouth. Over and over, he lapped, sometimes pausing to lick away an errant drop that had splashed onto his lips.

"So cute," Mello sighed airily. Matt nodded back in silent approval.

Mello couldn't help but feel so wickedly superior, thinking about how the diminutive, fluffy-white-haired 'kitten' before him used to be his illustrious rival. In the pure bliss of the moment, Mello could feel himself hardening under the intricate leather lacing on his tight trousers, in a moment he knew that it would become obvious to his pet lapping at the cream.

To Near, it already was. He cursed silently as he tried to continue his routine of drinking from the saucer between Mello's legs. Matt had dressed him for Mello in nothing but a pair of revealing string-bikini panties, some sort of useless leg ornament, matching blue-grey ribbons to tie his hands, and a ribbon collar around his neck. None of these garments had the slightest utility in keeping him covered. The parts of his body that were most in need of concealment were only held in place by a lot of tucking and probably some miracles. If not for the panties' bluish lace trim, his scrotum would be completely exposed, but if he were to get even the slightest erection while wearing the unpleasant costume, the tiny triangle of fabric in front would do absolutely nothing to cover any part of him.

Mello relaxed back into his luxurious armchair and caught his faithful friend's green eyes glittering in the dim light. Still draped languidly next to him, the charming redhead sensed what he wanted most and procured a chocolate truffle from the silver tray lying at the ready. He smiled suggestively as he brought it to his partner's impatient lips.

Mello licked the sweet with the tip of his tongue, a sound of perfect contentment escaping from his throat. Matt leaned closer as Mello took the truffle into his mouth and savoured, still leaving it in Matt's hand as he sucked, then popped it entirely into his mouth. The blonde stared deeply into his lover's jade eyes, then slowly licked the last traces of the confection from his slim fingers as he brought his hand down to touch the kitten's fluffy curls once more.

To Mello, all was right with the world in this moment.

Well… except for the whole 'Kira-still-winning' thing…

He would have to work on that… later.

This setting is:

Matt and Mello decide not to go through with the kidnapping that gets them both killed. That leads to Near pulling out of his Yellow box meeting with Kira.

Two years later, Near and the remaining members of the SPK are hotly pursued by Kira supporters and have to take refuge and pool resources with Mello.

Is there a chance that someone they care about is still alive? Will they be able to beat Kira? Don't expect too much plot here though, it mainly holds together sex scenes. I just want to warn you about that, but this is fanfic so… you know.

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