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3 Weeks Later

Rachel stood in front of the bar with Garfield waiting on the rest of the girls to get here. It's been three weeks since they made the cheerleading squad. Three weeks and the only lead on the shooter were two girls, Shelly and Heather. Shelly, being the bitch that she is, Rachel could understand why she would be a likely shooter, but Heather? It just wasn't possible. It had been three weeks since Rachel started to gain affection for Garfield…..she just wasn't sure if she was truly in love with him. Three weeks since the most horrifying bathroom incident.


After School 4 p.m.

"Hey girl," Bliss said, prancing up to Rachel as she walked through the double doors into the locker room. Bliss was already dressed in her dark jeans and white tube top. Her brunette hair a wet mess atop her pretty little head. "I just wanted to congratulate you on making the team, you were very good out there."

"Thanks," Rachel said warily as she looked around the locker room. Guys and girls alike were all wearing robes, towels, or regular clothes. Bliss happily walked out of the locker room after pointing out the direction of the shower room. Rachel walked over to the door, trying to avoid gazes of guys as she grabbed the last towel off the rack next the shower rooms door. She opened the door and was met by a petite blonde.

"Hey, Rachel." She smiled as Rachel held open the door, her hair in a towel and a white robe covering her body.

"Hey it's Heather, right?" Rachel said looking at the stalls lined up in the shower room.

"Yeah, Heather Preppman," She said smiling. "Everyone just calls me the prep."

"In or out," Shelly said showering from one of the stalls. "You're causing a draft."

"Hey, be nice to the new girl," Heather said as Rachel closed the door. "I like her."

Rachel smiled at this.

"I'll catch you around girl." Heather said as she walked out of the door, Shelly got out of the shower just as she left, a towel wrapped around her body. Rachel took a couple of steps toward Shelly.

"Look, Shelly," She said as she hung her robe and clothes onto the rack across from the shower stall. "I know that you didn't want me but, now that I'm part of the squad I think we should just be friends."

"You won't be around long." Shelly said gathering her things.


"The Firebirds have been running low on cheerleaders with this whole shooting in the alleyway thing. That was the only reason a dangerously, inexperienced outsider got her foot in the door. Like I said, you won't be around long." She grabbed her stuff and walked past her, flinging her little tote bag over her shoulder. Rachel turned around.

"Unless I, oh what's the word?" She said thoughtfully as Shelly turned around, looking at her like she wasn't worth her time. "Prove myself?"

"In my experience," Shelly said a bitchy smirk on her face. "When you're done with the band-aid you rip it off, throw it away."

Rachel looked to the side thoughtful before pointing out at Shelly with a face of realization. "Oh, oh, I'm the band-aid. Got it. Do you invent your own kind of metaphors or is there like a book?"

Shelly looked at Rachel displeased as she got into the shower. Once in the shower, Rachel took off her robe and hung it on the rack across from the stall she was using. Shelly grabbed Rachel's towel and robe off the rack and left the shower room with a devious grin on her face.

"Crap. Crap. Crap." Rachel said as she got out of the shower a couple of minutes later, noticing her towel and robe was gone. She went to the door and opened it, looking on the towel rack next to the door. There were no more towels. She looked around the room; there was no one in the locker room. She looked across the locker room and saw a rack full of towels next to the boys shower room. Rachel made a snap decision and started towards the rack, looking straight at the towels as she ran across the room. She stopped a couple of feet away from the rack at the sound of the guy's voice behind the closed shower room door. She ran as quick as a flash to the stalls with the toilets. Four teens, Garfield among them, walked through the door as Rachel lifted her feet up on the toilet, hiding her from view. Garfield walked to the stall Rachel was occupying and opened it. When he opened it, he was met with the site of Rachel in her birthday suit sitting on top of the toilet seat, knees against her chest.

"Whoa, hey." He said, shutting the stall door. He was blushing madly, and he was pretty sure Rachel was too.

"Gar," Rachel's voice sounded quietly from behind the stall door. "Can you help me, please?"

Normally he'd do anything to help the girl of his dreams, but ever since she'd started going out with Jim he'd stayed clear, leaving the helping to him. Well, Jim wasn't there and he wasn't about to ditch Rachel no matter if she loved him or not. He had to get these other guys out of here fast.

"Ah," Garfield sighed, this girl had such a hold on him and she didn't even know it. He grabbed the edge of the towel wrapped around his waist and dropped it in front of the stall Rachel was occupying. "On it."

"Hey, does this look crooked to you?" He said looking down at his dick, walking up to the closest guy in the locker room. "I think I might've slept on it wrong."

The guy looked over at Garfield and quickly put his hand in front of his face, moving away in disgust.

"No, man, get that away." He said running out of the locker room with the other guys in tow.

"Dudes," Garfield threw his arms up in the air. "Really, look at this. Yo! I need help. Dude's, you're really just gonna leave me like this? Really?"

Rachel looked down at the towel on the ground in front of the stall. She quickly grabbed it and wrapped it tightly around her body. As Garfield talked he walked over to the towel rack and grabbed a towel.

"All clear, Rae." He said as he wrapped the towel around the lower part of his body.

Rachel stepped out of the stall only to be met with a half-naked Garfield. She blushed as she stared at his body. He had biceps, a six-pack, and pecs. Not bad for someone that had been so scrawny a few years ago. She couldn't help but wonder if this was the rings doing or if he really looked like this in his true form.

"See something you like, Rae?" He asked with that breathtaking smile of his as he caught her noticeably checking him out. Not that he was complaining, he was checking her out too. Her towel hugged every curve in her body; it was hard not to notice.

Rachel looked away, her cheeks burning. She could've come up with a good retort to that comment but, she decided to leave the question unanswered. Truth be told, she did like what she saw. She liked it a lot more than she should have. She walked up to him with a small smile on her face.

"Gar," She said, gratitude gracing her voice. "I owe you one. Thanks for the save."

He chuckled. "Well, like it or not, we're on this mission together. We gotta look out for each other. Plus, I uh I like getting naked."

Rachel shook her head, a slight smile on her face. Typical Garfield. "Yeah, me, not so much."

"That's too bad." He said, stepping a little closer to her than necessary. He brushed a wet strand of black hair behind her ear before stepping back, looking her up and down before meeting her eyes. "You got the body for it."

Rachel stared after him as he picked up his clothes and walked out the door. A satisfied smile spread across her lips.

(End of Flashback)

Now, Rachel and Garfield were standing outside a bar with half the squad. Tonight was going to be great. If you didn't count the fact that there was going to be a fight and Shelly was hanging all over Garfield, trying to get his attention.Yeah, tonight was going to be really intresting.