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Attention! Attention!

To all, especially you Level Fours and Fives - do you want to truly prove your strength!

Do you want to Evolve?

Well, I have the perfect challenge for you!

Crush Imagine Breaker before it crushes you!

To whoever can beat that guy when he gives it his all, a prize of 1 Billion Yen awaits you!

Psst, and a bonus of another 4 Billion if your ability Directly overcomes his.

The Rules?

The battle must be one-on-one.

He has to be giving it his all.

You must defeat him utterly. (I.e. if he can convince you of something, you lose!)

There must be a period of three hours between fights, unless he's in hospital – Then you must wait until he makes a full recovery.

Try not to kill him, though it is allowed, lol.

ESPer's and Level 0's only!

A word of Caution though.

Female opponents might be seduced!

Male opponents might get a Girlfriend!

Start whenever you're ready, ;).

"Huh?" a Level 0 girl named Saten made this sign of confusion as she read.

A first year middle school girl with long black hair, she made it a habit of searching the internet for interesting stories in Academy City.

This site was one of the strangest yet though.

The design wasn't the strange thing, though the over emphasis on some words was indeed weird. No, the strange thing was the challenge.

Was 'Imagine Breaker' really so powerful as to warrant a 5 Billion reward if it was beaten.

Plus, it had mentioned Level 4's and 5's specifically, almost like the challenge was targeted more so at them then anyone else.

The site and post was new, only out yesterday, and had already garnered quite a bit of attention at her school.

So, she'd decided to look for her self.

She hadn't been disappointed.

Suddenly, a thought came to her.

Imagine what she could do with that much cash?

She began to drool as she imagined herself on a private beach, then at an exclusive movie showing in an elaborate dress.

She blinked out of her fantasy when the reality hit her though.

She was a Level 0, and didn't stand a chance.

Then another thought hit her.

Maybe Misaka would be interested…

And if Misaka was thankful enough to give Saten a finders fee when all was said and done, all the better.

A blond girl wearing a dark green beret squealed as she came upon a certain internet site, before quickly covering her mouth.

She looked around frantically, her eyes wide in their search.

Finding no one, she let out a sigh of relief, before quietly grinning to herself.

The chance of winning 1 Billion yen was very tempting.

And if she didn't have to share it, all the better. The battle had to be one-on-one anyway, so it was probably best not to let her colleges know.

Quietly, in the dark room, Frenda began to research.

In another place, a pale girl with long dark hair sighed, before passing over the site with zero interest.

In another place, two teenage boys grinned as their site began to gain more and more hits. The plan was in motion, and slowly but surely, word began to spread.

However, one soul remained oblivious. Kamijou Touma continued on his daily life, unaware.

Conversion Level:

Accelerator – Redirection – 35 percent complete.

Kakine Teitoku – Dark Matter – 0 percent complete.

Misaka Mikoto AKA The Railgun – Electromaster – 95 percent complete.

Mugino Shizuri – Meltdowner – 0 percent complete.

ShihaiHimiko AKA The Queen – Mental Out – 0 percent complete.

? ? – Tidal Crush – 80 percent complete.

Sogiita Gunha – Attack Crash – 0 percent complete.

A/N: Yay, another meaningless but hopefully it will turn out okay story from me.

Sorry about this, but I really wanted to write about the Level 5's.

I was thinking of doing it in Judgement, but decided against it in the end.

So I came up with this. I intend this to be funny, but not without its serious sides.

Nothing too important to say with this chapter.

Ah, actually, Shihai Himiko. This is the name I came up with for The Queen of Tokiwadai. Himiko was the name of a Queen, and Shihai comes from Shihai suru, which roughly means – to rule over, or reign. I think. Ah, well.

There are a couple of reasons Number Six is just ? at the moment. Apart from there being no canon name of course.