Quest for the Mask of Life


For two universes, both of them very different from each other, a day that would have seemed like any other turned into one that neither would ever forget. After a very mysterious event, a group of beings from one universe, the Matoran, were suddenly sent to another universe and to the home of a group of creatures called the dinosaurs.

At first, these two groups, both of them very strange in the eyes of the other, struggled to coexist. That quickly changed when an adventurous Matoran, Takua, befriended seven young dinosaurs: Littlefoot the Longneck, Cera the Threehorn, Ducky the Swimmer, Petrie the Flyer, Spike the Spiketail, Chomper the Sharptooth, and Ruby the Fast-Runner. They showed that the two groups could peacefully coexist, and for some time it seemed it would always be true.

Their peace was short-lived, however. Soon after the Matoran had arrived, it was discovered that the greatest threat to the Matoran, Makuta, had followed them and now threatened to take control of the dinosaur universe. Takua and his dinosaur friends were determined to stop Makuta, so they set out in hopes of finding anything that could help them. They eventually found the solution to their problem: the Stones of Elemental Energy. By collecting these stones, they would be able to stop Makuta and send him back to his universe.

Takua and his dinosaur friends, along with some assistance from a few other Matoran, traveled to some of the harshest places in the dinosaur universe to find each of the seven Energy Stones. From atop the coldest peaks to deep within the hottest volcanoes, from the rough sea to the bleak desert, from atop the tallest trees to deep underground, whatever the challenges, the group of friends succeeded, despite Makuta's attempts to stop them.

Once the seven Energy Stones were found, the gang of seven young dinosaurs descended into Makuta's lair and, using those stones, successfully defeated Makuta and sent him back to the universe he came from. The celebration would not last long, as the Matoran discovered that they would soon return to their universe. Takua and his new friends were saddened that they would be separated. Ultimately, they knew it was for the best. Takua went home with the rest of the Matoran while the gang stayed in their home in the dinosaur universe. As a parting gift, Takua left behind the Energy Stones for his friends to keep.

One year after these events had passed, a day that would seem like any other would once again become one that neither universe would ever forget. Once again the Energy Stones would be used, and once again the two universes would meet each other. Only this time, a group of dinosaurs would be sent to the Matoran universe.