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Arthur sighed as he walked into the conference room for yet another meeting of the Allied forces. Being involved in World War 1 certainly had its disadvantages, take attending meeting for example. There was supposed to be some important news going around during this meeting. Arthur pondered what it could possibly be as he entered the room.

The news was pretty obvious when Arthur walked in. It was sitting next to Francis and speaking to him. Apparently, America had decided to join the war. Arthur heard bits of the conversation between Francis and Alfred.

"So why have you finally decided to join us?" Francis asked, flipping his blond hair back.

"I have many reasons to be here," Alfred responded. "mostly I figured that you guys needed a hero and I'm the hero."

"I see," Francis said thoughtfuly. "So what's up with you and England? I heard the two of you haven't been in contact for a long time. Do you plan on talking to him?" When Francis said that, Arthur leaned a bit closer, listening for the response.

"That's a weighted question." Alfred sighed before he began. "Well, you know a lot of the story. Obviously you know about my breaking free and all of that correct?"

Francis sighed at the insult to his intelligence, "Of course, everyone knows about that Alfred."

Alfred sighed once more, "Well, I'm not planing on talking to him because... I Arthur hates me." He said it without any emotional affliction. "A long time ago, I believe Arthur did care about me. He used to help me, talk to me all the time, and we used to be really close. That was a very long time ago though. I don't know why that time ended but, it became obvious that it did when he began calling me 'propriety of the crown.'"

Francis looked at Alfred with pity. "I'm so very sorry to here that. It must have been awful for you to endure that knowledge. Was that why you broke away?"

Alfred almost chuckled at the thought. "Well I realized that there was nothing that could change what had happened. i decided that it was time for me to move on with my life. I knew that doing so would only make Arthur hate me even more but, I needed the change."

"Are you alright with all of that?" Francis asked.

"I honestly don't even think about it all that often anymore. I just know it to be true." Alfred said with an emotionless tone.

Arthur stopped listening at that point. Alfred thought; no he was sure that; Arthur hated him. The thought filled Arthur with an intense sadness. The truth couldn't be further from the American's claims.

The truth was that Arthur had always loved Alfred. In the beginning, that was his prime reason for watching over the colonies. His love was the reason he tightened his control over Alfred. He hadn't wanted to lose him. That was the honest truth of the matter. It had backfired of course and caused Alfred to break away from him completely. Arthur had never been able to forgive himself for driving his love away.

The sadest part of Alfred's telling of what had happened was the fact that Alfred obviously believed what he had said. He actually didn't think about it or care any longer. That knowledge was like a knife going strait through Arthur's heart.

Arthur knew that with the both of them fighting in this wat he could talk to Alfred once more. He also knew it would be difficult but, he was determined to let Alfred know how he felt. He wanted the blue eyed American to know that he wasn't hated, not by a long shot.

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