I was having the best summer of my short seventeen years of life. You made it the best summer I had ever lived. It went from texting each other until midnight, to talking to the phone with each other for hours.

I am sure Alice feels terrible now for introducing me to you, if only she had seen what the future had in store for us.

I remember that day perfectly, the day at the park. It was the day we first started dating, the day we had our first kiss. The day I thought I met a real guy who wasn't out to get into my pants.

Oh, how I was wrong. You were exactly what you said you were not. Thanks for lying to me.

I was once a shy, sweet, innocent girl. Now, I am a cold-hearted bitch, you changed me.

You promised me that nothing was wrong; you told me I was the only girl for you. You told me you wanted me for forever time's infinity. And the sad truth is I believed everything that came out of your mouth. I shouldn't have.

Your sorry excuse: I am not really into dating and I just do not want a girlfriend. Hmm, then why did you ask me out? You said because you really liked me at the time.

I really wish that I would have not done the things we did; maybe I should have waited a little longer. Because all the things we did, it meant a lot to me. I just thought it meant something to you, as well.

Seeing you at school with all those girls, it makes me sick to my stomach and my blood boils with jealousy. And to see you with Tanya, the girl who cheated on you, it makes me feel even worse about myself because you had said you hated her. And there you go talking to her again, I was the girl who truly cared about your feelings, I would have never cheated on you.

You dumped me weeks before my birthday, and a week after my grandfather had just past away. I was going through a rough time, and that was just the cherry to the ice cream sundae. Did you not feel any remorse for me? I have so many questions to ask you, but I know I will never get the answers to those questions.

I just wanted to let you know I am moving on, it is time to move on. I now know that there is no way that we will get back together or be friends. You have let me down time and time again. I have tried talking to you at school for the past two weeks and each time you have ignored me.

You were my other half, my best friend. I love you, Edward.

AN: This is just a one shot, you can imagine an ending for this, but I do not plan on continuing. I usually do not write about Edward and Bella ending like this, however I am just ranting on about something in my life...

I will be updating a chapter from one of my stories.