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Jesus Christ I haven't been on here/uploaded a chappie in DONKIES. And I feel really awful.

Basically, my life has been pretty fricking hectic. I can't remember if I told you in my previous update but some of you might know that I was made redundant from my job along with the like 300 other people a year ago. Anyway, since last September I've had a lot on my plate because of the redundancy that would inevitably come around at the end of July this year.

I decided to go to Manchester with a few other people in my team to help with the relocation of the office from London to Manchester to train my job and hand it over. So I was up there since April to the end of July. To be honest, it was such an amazing experience for me and I was enjoying myself so much I just literally didn't have the time to write a chappie. Then once the training came to an end and I was no longer employed anymore, from the end of July until a couple of weeks ago I was job hunting, which had me REALLY down. Not even joking, I was proper emo. Job hunting is a full time job in itself, and it's a real strain emotionally and physically. So writing was the last thing on my mind at that point. My head just wasn't in the right place at all.

Anyway, I've started driving lessons as well (EEK!) and started my new job, so now that's taking it's toll on me a bit 'cause I'm learning so much and my brain is like 'rawr where do i store all this shiz lawl' and my brain is just gonna explode and I'm just cream crackered most evenings. Oh yeah and I joined the gym as well, so that takes up some time a couple of evenings a week if I can manage getting my arse down there.

Sooo yeah. My life has been pretty mental lol, and this year has been mental so far. So much has happened and it's pretty much like WHOA DUDE, CALM YO TITS. So I hope you guys understand why I haven't got my arse on here!

Also, I've become addicted to Tumblr. Jesus you have no idea.. it's taking over my life. I love speaking to all you guys so if you're on there, please look me up if you want and I'd love to chat on there to you all! :D I go as Shelleythesnail. So yeah, hopefully see you there :3

Anyway, here is a new chappie for you guys, my LOVELY READERS. Seriously, if you're all still with me, thank you so much! It's not the longest chappie, but I thought it'd be better than nothing and I just wanted to give you all something. Also, thank you to all the new followers and to everyone that's left reviews. Much appreciated! :3

Oh yeah! Got one really negative review which made me LAUGH.

'Not THIS story again. Fuck, there are hundreds of these stories and every single one of them has these ADHD jokes and their ADHD character squealing in a time where there was no running water, no polio vaccines, black death, intercontinental conflict, and other GEE, POLITICS that would unravel this story. And, of course, the writing is horrible, the OC is just some ADHD fangirl who would be beheaded on her first try, and not to mention this entire shitfic is unoriginal and filled with so many plot holes - you would drop dead of the measles, black death or some other disease in five minutes flat - with terrible characters, the ADHD author bitching about her "awesome" adventures, and a few hollow point bullets that need to go into my skull.

Also, Author's notes are not allowed as chapters. So your recent chapter's going to be reported.'

So, 'The Fox Familiar', my reply to you is:

'You know what, you're absolutely right. Like, seriously, I have no idea why anyone is still reading this shitfic. Maybe ask the 165 FUCKING FOLLOWERS AND 170 PEOPLE WHO FRICKING FAVED IT if they think the same thing after they DIDN'T JUST MAKE A DECISION BASED ON THE FIRST CHAPTER WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE A PIECE OF SHIT. Peace out'.

Like, not to blow my own trumpet there but you guys don't know how happy and proud I am to have 165 followers and 170 people faving this story. I never thought it'd get this far. And yes, I consider this 'far', don't laugh at me :p

I'll shut up and let you read now!

Shell :) x

"No, no, no, NO!" I groan as I throw countless dresses on to the bed, losing my patience. "I literally have nothing to wear. At all!" I add, whilst looking at my rather large collection of dresses sprawled out on the bed, the bed covers no longer visible underneath the mountain of lavish clothing.

So here's the thing. I've not really dated before. So now that Massimo has asked me on a proper date, I'm internally freaking out. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited of course. I mean who wouldn't be? The guy is fricking hot! And did I mention totally romantic? I just have the teeny tiny issue of having no idea what to wear. No idea how to do my hair. And then there's the choice of makeup. Do I put a little bit more on than usual or go for the effortless 'I-don't-even-try-but-I'm-gorgeous' au naturel look? I can almost feel the pressure squashing me and I only have roughly twenty minutes to get ready. Yeah, I know…I should have given myself more time. But you know me, I'm hopeless and a complete fail. I look in the mirror opposite me and let out a huge sigh.

"Right…comfort. Yes, that's the key thing here" I muse aloud, my thoughts interrupted by a light, single knock on my door which is slightly ajar.

"Mmhm," I mumble as I rummage through the dresses on my bed again, desperately trying to find one that will be perfect for today's date.

"Oh, I'm sorry, mia cara…" Ezio says apologetically as I turn around to face him at hearing his smooth voice. "I didn't realise you were busy. I'll come back later" Ezio adds, starting to take a step back to leave the room.

"Oh no, wait!" I reply, reaching out to him. "I need your opinion on something…"

And yes, I really am about to ask Ezio Auditore for fashion advice. I hastily grab a pretty and elegant deep plum dress and quickly scan the mountain of fabric for a second option. Retreating to familiarity, I pick my favourite dress which gets worn the most. My pleasantly plain, teal dress. I know it's not 'special' for a date or anything, but I feel most comfortable in it. I feel good in it. And isn't that more important? I hold up both items of clothing.

"Which one should I wear today?" I ask Ezio, whose eyebrows raise slightly as if questioning my choice of person to ask about my fashion dilemma.

"Look, I know you're a guy and you have no interest in this whatsoever and most likely have no idea in this field either, but I just want your opinion" I waffle, and give the dresses a slight shake to prod him into making a choice for me.

"I'll have you know I take pride in how I look, grazie!" he smirks, giving a slight swish of his tailored cape. I grin in return and then widen my eyes slightly as if urging him to give me a quick answer. Time is of the essence after all. Ezio studies each dress carefully, his eyes moving from one to the other as if watching a tennis match, as he strokes his chin thoughtfully.

"The teal one. Si... definitely" Ezio delivers the verdict.

I let out a grateful sigh, "I was hoping you were going to say that!" I smile as I throw the other dress onto the bed and look over my shoulder at Ezio and smile softly.

"Would you mind unbuttoning me? I'm kinda in a hurry"

"You're not the first to ask me to do that" Ezio responds playfully.

"Hey, don't go getting any ideas, mister!" I laugh looking over my shoulder in his direction.

"Wouldn't dream of it" he replies quietly, the last button having now been undone, and his warm hands resting gently at the bottom of my back.

My eyes find their way up to Ezio's and both lock. I clear my throat quietly.

"Well, I should um..get out of this dress and get changed. I don't want to keep Massimo waiting…" I reply, my voice soft and quiet. The warmth on my skin from Ezio's soft hands leaves as his hands do briskly.

"Oh si, of course. I'm sorry…I'll leave you to get ready" Ezio blathers, as he makes his way to the door.

"Ezio?" I call after him. He turns and his eyebrows lift slightly, begging me to continue.

"Thank you. You know, for helping me choose the dress"

"It wouldn't matter what you wore, mia cara. You look beautiful in anything" he replies, utterly sincerely. No joking at all. A 100% serious and sincere compliment. With that he smiles softly and leaves the room, leaving me left standing there looking bewildered for a few seconds and before long a smile is spreading across my face, unable to hide any longer.

"Well, I'm off now guys, wish me luck!" I shout out cheerily, briskly walking down the stairs and towards the front door not wanting to be seen.

"Hang on, hang on!" my mum shouts back, forbidding me to leave at this present moment. "Let us have a good look at you before you go on your date!" she beams.

My face is deadpan as I mutter, "Mum, I'm not fifteen…"

"I know, I know…but still!" she laughs, still beaming and faffing with my dress. This always irritates me, but I bite my tongue and I let it go, because she's just doing it because she cares, and seeing her this happy is worth a moment of agitation. I glance up and notice Leonardo and Ezio slowly walking over towards us.

"My dear, you are a vision!" exclaims Leonardo as he takes hold of both of my hands and shows off a wide, bright smile. I can only giggle in response, and I then catch Ezio's eye. I can't help but notice how quiet he is at the moment. Scratch that. How quiet he's been ever since I read Massimo's letter aloud.

He manages to give off a small smile, but it honestly seems like it took everything in him to show it.

"You look lovely" he tells me, his voice slightly breaking, causing it to be just above a whisper. I smile softly, causing my dimples to just about show and I give my thanks for all the nice comments.

"Right, I really need to go now or I'll be keeping my date waiting!" I laugh and make my way to the door.

"Megan…" Ezio calls out, and I turn around to see him taking steps towards me. He rests his hand on my shoulder.

"Is something wrong?" I enquire, curious at the tone of concern in his voice.

"Be careful, I wouldn't want you to get hurt" Ezio responds, and he's not joking around either. His face is completely straight.

I grin and reply, "Oh, you know me. I'm a tough cookie! If he touches my arse he'll be saying hello to my fist here!" I comically wiggle my eyebrows as I hold up my clenched fists and playfully pretend to box Ezio. He cups his hands over them and looks me in the eyes.

"That's not what I meant…" he whispers, sensing Leonardo and my mum will be able to hear our conversation. The smile vanishes from my face, and a look of genuine surprise appears in it's place. I clear my throat and force a smile.

"I should get going…" I reply quietly, and free my hands from Ezio's. I smile warmly as I give them a quick squeeze, and then make my way towards the door, say my goodbyes, and venture outside.