Title: Something Sweet
Fandom: Soul Eater
Rating: For violence, language, and the magical mystery tour of child abuse that is life with Medusa.
Canon: Anime-verse.
Spoilers: For episode 26 onward.
Disclaimer: Soul Eater is Atsushi Ohkubo's property. I own nothing.

A/N: It gladdens my soul to the depth of my delete key when people politely insist that Crona is a girl. Nobody knows. Please don't pretend to.

When did the tiger's young ones teach the dam?
O, do not learn her wrath; she taught it thee;
The milk thou suck'dst from her did turn to marble;
Even at thy teat thou hadst thy tyranny. ~Titus Andronicus - Act 2, scene 3.

It is said that the earliest recollections begin at the age of three, with exceptions. But Crona has seldom been the exception, and his first tangible memory is of Medusa's first kindness towards him.

He distinctly remembers the cup she brought him, the fragrant steam that curled up from the hot, creamy milk, the thin syrup mixed through to make it all the sweeter and color it the faintest shade of lavender. He remembers giggling at the way this made it match his own hair; Medusa had smiled and pulled him onto her lap, running her hard fingers through the bright strands.

"It's your color, because this treat is just for you. So drink it all up."

And he had needed no second bidding. As he sat there sipping the milk from the cup she allowed him to hold on his own, he listened to her talk about what a good boy he was, how proud he was going to make her, and how he was going to grow up so big and strong. The warmth that had formed in the pit of his abdomen was like a single spot of light, grew and grew until he had no way of knowing if it was the hot drink or the sweetness of her voice, which no colorful syrup could hope to match.

The next thing Crona knew, he was waking up alone. Screaming, screaming as his veins seared and stretched with an agony his toddler's psyche could not comprehend.

Alone, and yet not alone.

That was the day he met Ragnarok.