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Lightning's stared down at her body in wonder with wild, raging fear in her eyes. She didn't quite know what was happening or what was wrong, but something was indeed wrong. She looked up from her body to see a confused and pained face looking back at her, staring through the reflective glass. Lightning braced her hands on the counter and stared hard back at her reflection in the clear mirror, as if challenging herself to a staring contest. What's wrong with me? Lightning honestly didn't know. This had never happened to her before and frankly, it was freaking the shit out of her. She was very regular; nothing had ever disturbed this before. She'd been regular since she was fourteen years old. She just didn't understand what was going on now, what would be the reason for that.

Her cycle was off.

It'd been a week already, a whole week! Lightning had frowned at the calendar and the little red X in the corner when she first found her period to be even a day delayed. She was never late, never early. It was one thing Lightning appreciated. She was always able to tell what time she could be expecting and warn her lover, Fang, about when to be cautious around her. It was something that hadn't been off the mark ever. Lightning was an on-time-to-the-schedule person with this and something so odd had never happened to her.

It was enough to send the soldier into hysterics. She'd been iffy the first day her period hadn't arrived on time—it was something to think about at the back of her mind, but not entirely necessary to dwell just yet. On day two, that little worry crept back at her and Lightning wondered at the curious delay, but there was still not too much to worry about. Sure, her period had never been off before, but maybe she'd marked down the wrong day on the chart? A couple days leeway was fine. By the end of day three, that nagging little worry had started to blossom into a little annoying voice at the back of her head. Lightning wondered briefly if something could be off—but what could be off? She didn't know of anything that delayed this. So she told herself quietly that she'd give it one more day and, if nothing happened on the next marrow's eve, there was something to wonder about.

Day four came and went and there was still no sign of her period. Lightning woke up day five to immediately check herself and found, much to her dismay, that nothing had changed. Something started twisting and pulling at her gut with this. Day one and two, she could toss off. Heck, she'd even reasoned herself out of days three and four. But now, this was day five and something was extremely wrong. Lightning had set to googling reasons that a period could be delayed, but none of the results matched her case. She physically felt fine and as sharp as ever before. There was nothing different about her. Lightning swallowed back thickly and fretted throughout the day, silently searching for an answer that wouldn't come.

When day six came around and no change had occurred, not even a little bloodspot, Lightning had truly started to psyche herself out and that nagging impossibility at the back of her mind had reached the forefront. But Lightning was still in denial about it and refused to dwell upon the possibility. It was impossible, so why wonder? She'd spent the day arguing with herself over how impossible it was and how something like so could never even be—she refused to even acknowledge what she was thinking about in her mind.

But now, now day six had come and gone and it was the seventh day of her missed period. Lightning was beside herself in fear, wonder, denial, worry—and the question that'd been at the back of her mind all week was coming to the forefront again, now with less resistance. But no—It's not—it physically can't be! Lightning's white knuckled grip on the counter helped still the tremors shaking up her arms. She was pale and frightened. Three positive little plus marks on innocent little sticks glowered at her from their spot on the counter. Lightning felt lightheaded. This wasn't real. She wanted to wake up any moment now in a cold sweat and realize that this was a dream, but no previous attempt to wake herself had yielded results. Nothing was making sense. I've never been with a man. No, she hadn't. The only person Lightning had ever fallen in love with was Fang.

But how do you explain this then? Her own mind played devil's advocate with her. You've only loved Fang, but what're the chances of three pregnancy tests being wrong? They weren't even the same brand! And you haven't menstruated in a week! That's why you went to take the test in the first place! You thought it impossible, wanted reassurance that you were just overthrowing the bar, but now… Lightning was petrified.

This is impossible. It was like a bad dream, a horrific waking nightmare. No matter what ways Lightning tried to think about it, the many methods her boggled, twisted thoughts traversed, nothing was making sense.

Lightning knew she had never slept with anyone but Fang. She knew that. And Fang bloody well couldn't get her pregnant—Lightning winced at the very thought of the word, sure there was some other explanation for this, dying for that other explanation to present itself—and if she consciously known she hadn't slept with anybody and she was indeed pregnant—which was severely denied at this time—and that left Lightning explanation-less.

Lightning whimpered. Her chest ached, adding to the feeling of dread pooling in her stomach. She didn't know what to think and she didn't know what was wrong. Fang. Lightning felt a spike of pain through her chest. Find Fang. It's time to tell her. Tell her what's wrong, that you're worried.

But… Lightning knew Fang loved her and trusted her in every which way. Both of them knew one would never ever cheat on the other—they'd never need to, the two were so happy—but… Lightning was at a loss to explain this herself. What would Fang think, if Lightning came to her with this conundrum? She couldn't love Fang any more than she did, but Lightning was no idiot and she knew exactly what it looked like, to know that she'd been missing her period for so long when they both knew how consistent she was and three bloody plus signs glaring at her? It hurt. She didn't want to hurt Fang with even the remote random thought passing through her mind, but she was so scared…

It took a lot to shake Lightning Farron up. Lightning didn't scare from practically anything, but mere contemplation on this issue made her want to hide away in fright. Bringing it up to Fang was even worse, but Lightning loved the woman with her whole heart, mind, and body. Fang knew that, she knew she did. But telling her…Lightning swallowed thickly, feeling sickened. What would I even say?

Lightning's feet were already padding out of her bathroom, though her mind still hadn't processed what she would say. She wanted to talk to her lover, to confide in her, to have Fang tell her she was being silly and ridiculous, that she'd obviously fucked something up to make those little sticks have plus marks, but she didn't want to see pain or doubt flash through her girlfriend's eyes at this horrendous impossibility. Lightning braced herself along the wall as she went, fighting for stability as she made her way to Serah's old bedroom door, where she heard Fang and her sister speaking.

Lightning made it to the door and halted in the open doorway. Fang and Serah both glanced her way and Fang did a double take at how unusually pale and sickly Lightning appeared. Serah opened her mouth to ask, but Lightning beat her to the punch, not really in the mood to answer a bunch of questions right now. "Fang." Lightning's voice was unusually heavy with emotion and strain. "I need to talk to you." Lightning's words were half choked. She wanted to cry. Her mind was running with dizzying and frightening images of Fang getting angry at her and leaving her. Though Lightning's conscious mind knew that scenario was ridiculous, that Fang would always stay with her through thick and thin, she couldn't help the thoughts from running rampant through her mind.

Fang was at her side in a millisecond, cradling Lightning's face in her hand. "Lightning?" She rubbed her fingers up Lightning's cheek and the movement had a soothing, calming effect on Lightning's racing heart. "What's wrong? You look pale. Are you okay?"

Lightning lifted her own hand and cupped it over Fang's on her cheek. She still looked distressed and it spiked Fang's worries for her girlfriend as Lightning pulled them away from a now also-worried looking Serah. Lightning dropped their hands and entwined their fingers as she led Fang down the hallway to their shared room. Fang squeezed her hand as Lightning shut the door behind her and leaned up against it, tugging Fang over her way. Fang came willingly and her warm fingers gently brushed against Lightning's chin again, prodding the soldier to look up at her instead of at the floor.

"Lightning." Fang caressed her cheek and Lightning leaned into her hand, still looking a little worse for the wear. "What is this about? What's wrong?"

Lightning looked into the kind, loving, compassionate eyes of her girlfriend and faltered. She shrunk back against the door, trying to be as small as possible. Fang was worried. Lightning hadn't been this shy with her since their relationship had just begun! The woman was acting uncharacteristicly fragile, which alone was something Lightning hated showing. This was serious.

When Lightning hesitated, Fang stroked her finger down Lightning's cheek carefully, trying to show her girlfriend that, whatever was on her mind, it was okay to talk about. They weren't shy or secretive about anything and Lightning's erratic behavior was really starting to scare her. The girl seemed spooked and Lightning just didn't spook at anything.

Lightning swallowed the growing lump in her throat and squeezed Fang's hand tightly, seeking reassurance. "Well…" Lightning lost her courage and closed her eyes, unable to look into those beautiful, understanding emeralds that glittered at her from Fang's eyes. She didn't want to see them cloud over with doubt or worry—or even worse, hurt. Lightning would never intentionally hurt hurt Fang, not on the emotional level. "You know I love you, right?"

"Of course I do, Lightning." Confusion and a little worry seeped into Fang's voice. "Why would you even need to ask that?"

Lightning ignored the question. "And that I'd never hurt you—that I'll always love you, no matter what and that I never have nor ever will cheat on you?"

"Lightning, you're scaring me." Fang gripped Lightning's hand tightly. "I know all these things—of course I know them, Lightning, tell me what's wrong."

Lightning's heart thumped heavily at the heartfelt warmth and concern she heard in her girlfriend's voice. Look at her. Lightning forced her eyes open and they watered almost instantly as her gaze fell upon those liquidy emeralds again, glimmering at her in worry… "Fang," Lightning took a deep breath. "This is going to sound crazy," she preambled, delaying. "I don't understand it either, I've never…I've only loved you. You were my first, my only and I…" Lightning breathed unevenly. "I love you, Fang. Only you."

"Lightning." Fang's voice was strained. Where was Lightning going with this? She knew all these things. It sounded like Lightning was trying to reassure her—but why would she need to do that? Fang would never doubt Lightning. The woman was her life as she was hers. There was no need to reassure her of it. Why was Lightning speaking this way?

"Fang…" Lightning looked so tortured, so pained and pale, as if she were going to pass out at any second. Their grips simultaneously tightened in each other's hands. Lightning breathed deeply. Tell her. She silently urged herself. Fang needs to know. To hear it. But, oh how it'd hurt her—how it hurt Lightning! She hadn't even done the act with another and her heart felt incredibly guilty without even knowing how to explain her current condition. She was sick to her stomach and wanted to melt into the floor, to wake up from this nightmare, to be anywhere but here, about to hurt her beautiful girlfriend. Lightning's knuckles were white. Though her eyes watered, no tears fell. She opened her mouth and her voice came out as a squeaked, breathless gasp, unable to even believe herself that she was saying the words. "I'm pregnant, Fang."

Fang blanched and recoiled back at the words, blinking at Lightning rapidly with disbelief registering clearly in her confused, crystal jade eyes. "You're what?" Lightning's words took her a further double take to register as her mind started to spin. Pregnant? Maker!

Lightning deflated in front of her, looking extremely miserable and dejected, like she expected Fang to get angry, lash out at her, strike her, leave her. "I've never been with anyone else, Fang, I swear it." Her eyes sought out Fang's, pleading. "I would never seek out another—you're all I need, all I've ever needed. I don't—I don't even know how—I mean, was I drugged? Drugged and raped?" None of this even registered on Lightning's plain. Her sole concern was for Fang. "I can't even—I mean—you have to know I would never—"

"I know you've never cheated on me." Fang put in quickly, trying to calm the utter despair in Lightning's eyes. "I know you'd never hurt me like that." Fang went on, her mind racing. This can't be real. I thought—I was only—I never thought it would actually work! Fang pressed her lips to touch Lightning's and kissed the soldier. She was quite aware of her impending death sentence when…the explanation for this got out. For she quite knew Lightning hadn't cheated on her and, though her mind was racing and spinning with the impossibility of it all, Fang knew exactly what was going on here.

Fang drew out the kiss for as long as possible, tasting and delighting in Lightning's mouth as Lightning tentatively, still frightened, kissed back to her warrior's hungry lips. The kiss ended much too soon for both of them, though they had been glued together for quite a few minutes as they held each other. Lightning's still-worried, hesitant, fearful eyes were trained on her and full of questions. Questions, unfortunately, that Fang had the answers to. "Lightning, I love you." Fang assured her, clearing up some of the fear from Lightning's eyes. It was added right back away, however, with Fang's next words. "…but you might kill me."

Lightning blinked, not comprehending for a few seconds before her eyes hardened will realization of what Fang was saying. "Fang, if you paid off the drug-counter guy to give me fake pregnancy test sticks—" she's taken pregnancy tests? Like it's totally, completely confirmed? Oh my God… Fang's heart fluttered inappropriately. "I will kill you." If only I'd just done that…

No, Fang was responsible for a whole lot more than that, she was afraid. Lightning was going to shoot through the roof when she heard… "Well, no," Fang shook her head. "I didn't do that, but…I'm kindof sortof maybe just a little bit tiny intsee wintsy uberly small minisculely—

"Fang!" Lightning cut off her girlfriend's petty delay tactics. "What did you do?"

Fang gave her a nervous, frightened smile. "I…got you pregnant, Light!"

Lightning's eyes narrowed dangerously. "What the fuck do you mean, 'I got you pregnant!' You're a girl, Fang! We're lesbians! You can't get me pregnant!"

"Well, actually…

Lightning's throat tightened. "Fang, if you magically grew or animated a dick somehow and shoved it into me while I was sleeping—"

"Lightning, no!" Fang protested. "Even if that was possible, I would never do that to you! That's—extremely disturbing! Why would you even think of that? Like—ew! Gross! I would never touch you with a—dick-thing."

"Then what did you do?" Lightning's tone was dangerous. The woman had moved on from her shy, scared first reaction to anger now—which is better than seeing her upset. At least she's sexy when she's angry, even if I'm in immediate danger of having my arms chopped off. At least she's not hurt anymore… Fang didn't like to see her girlfriend hurt. No, not at all. So anger, though it put her into the firezone, was much more preferred to trembling, almost weeping Lightning. "Whose child is inside of me?" Lightning's grip on Fang's hand was painful, but Fang didn't say anything about it or complain. She probably deserved this. Lightning should rightfully kill her after this.

"It's mine, Light." Fang told her sincerely, wincing at Lightning's heated look. "The pregnancy, the kid…it's mine."

Lightning looked so extremely frustrated and utterly confused. Her grip on Fang's hand was loosening, though, but Fang didn't know exactly if that was a good thing or not. "…What do you mean, it's yours?"

Fang bit her lower lip. "I…uhh, stumbled across an old book the other day when we were clearing out the lowlands in Yasif Mastif. And it was a dialogue I recognized and…it looked too special just to be thrown in with all the other rubbish we sometimes excavate while on duty, so—so I sorta took it home with us. And it had some pretty interesting and far-fetched stuff inside, right? Interesting stuff. A lot of old-forgotten concoctions and cures and stuff about the fal'Cie and Cocoon and Gran Pulse's history and—even I appeared in the book! Vanille and I, back when Anima changed us… but anyway! The book had their sex section and rituals with love and sex and increased desire and a buncha weird stuff—"

"Fang." Lightning's warning voice would only come once. Fang knew she should prep herself to take some hits.

"Sooooo, I found this one that looked so funny… and it was this spell and mixture thing that detailed how to…meld likenesses and fertilize without needing a dick!" Lightning was looking paler again. "And I was just thinking along the lines of 'wouldn't it be funny if Lightning and I produced a child?' But I wasn't really taking it seriously or anything. I didn't think it'd…work or anything and I was going to tell you—like a joke about you having my children when I went in just to try it—spook you…" Fang shriveled under Lightning's dark glare, but kept explaining. "So I did what it directed just as a joke…but nothing really happened, so there wasn't anything to joke about to scare you. Well—besides the light-thingy during your orgasm, but you didn't even notice it, your eyes were closed, so there was nothing to joke about, I just sorta forgot…"

"What light-thingy?" Lightning truly was looking sickly. Fang flinched.

"That time…when you were…in the midst of orgasming, you closed your eyes and didn't see it, but this sort of…radiance? thing—it like, seeped out of me and dove into you. It drained me a little, but you gasped when it touched you and arched a little…but I thought that was probably just you getting high off of me, as I was still inside you and all, so…"

Lightning's breath had gone a little shallow. "You—you stirred up some ancient magic thing that you had no idea where it came from and cast it at me and when a strange glow hit me and I reacted—you didn't think you could have done something to me?"

"And there was the flower," Fang added, remembering some of the other steps. "It had me mix up something beforehand and I served it to both of us with dinner." Lightning looked dizzy. "That was a little weird—it was asking from stuff like my blood, spit, and arousal…but it morphed into this pretty edible flower thing, so…" she trailed off, thinking as Lightning's jaw dropped in morbid horror. "And the honey I rubbed on your body!" Fang added, chancing a guilty look at Lightning. "It wasn't exactly honey..." she turned her eyes down and away from Lightning's face, unable to take the girl's expression of confusion, abhorrence and shock. "I thought the light thing was a little funny, but nothing else happened, so…"

Thump! Fang glanced over Lightning's way in surprise to see that her lover had collapsed to the floor in an unconscious heap. Fang winced and bent over to scoop up her girlfriend into her arms. Kissing Lightning's forehead softly, Fang carried the unconscious girl over to the bed and laid her down gently, taking time to tuck Lightning in cozily. She bit her bottom lip as she looked down upon the cocoon-wrapped Lightning, guilt stabbing at her breast. "If it helps…I'm sorry, Light." Fang sat down on the back edge of the bed and started toying with Lightning's hair gently. Might as well get ready to take some hits, Fang thought quietly, flicking her stature over to Sentinel stance. Cuz when Lightning wakes up…it's gunna hurt.

Lightning woke up to find herself comfortably snuggled under blankets on her wide, queen-sized bed. There was no familiar warm body behind her, however, and that was disturbing enough on its own. Instead, Fang sat on the edge of the bed by her head and was fondly rubbing her fingers through Lightning's long tresses as she waited for her woman to wake up. Lightning shifted in the bed until Fang came into view.

The memories of a recent confession poured into Lightning all at once. Fang paused as Lightning's gaze hardened in her direction. "Ut oh…"

"You!" Lightning leapt at her.

Fang was tackled to the floor within seconds, barely given enough time to even blink before Lightning was straddling her and hauled back an angry fist. "How could you?" Lightning howled, striking down hard and fast and sending stars into Fang's vision, even protected and walled up as she was. Her body started to refresh Medicare upon itself of its own volition.


"How could you do that to me and not tell me?" Kkrrcrk! Fang let out a groan as Lightning's second fist landed solidly against her jaw. "I wanted it to be a surprise?" Fang tried meekly. Krrcghrkk! Fang was starting to feel dizzy as the stars shot across her eyes, turning into shooting stars now instead of still ones.

"How could you?" Fang was disturbed to see tears gathering in Lightning's eyes. "How could you not tell me and perform some creepy-ass ritual on me and—and impregnate me?" Another solid thwap! struck down on Fang's cheekbone. Her eyes were clouding over, but she refused to pass out under her girlfriend's tirade. Lightning deserved this anger, to harness it against her. The tears were gathered in Lightning's eyes and starting to spill over. "Like I wouldn't have agreed to have your child in the first place if you came to me!"

Wait—what? Lightning went to slug her again, but it was weak and without the pack of her first few punches. Lightning didn't draw back again; rather she collapsed, crying into Fang's shoulder as she tumbled down across the other woman and clutched Fang's shoulders tightly, her body shaking. Fang wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and held her, rubbing one arm up and down Lightning's back in an attempt to soothe the anguished woman. "Lightning, shhhhh." Fang tried to calm her, very rare and uncharacteristic sobs wracking Lightning's body.

"Do not shhh me!" Lightning growled through her tears, fighting to control this overwhelming crying urge. "I should kill you!" Lightning cursed, her body still trembling despite her will. "I should utterly kill you for doing this to me!" She clutched Fang's shoulder's tightly, digging her nails into Fang's soft flesh. "You didn't even warn me! Not before or after!" Lightning managed to control her shaking to some extent and buried her face in Fang's soft shoulder, her teeth opening and clicking down over Fang's flesh as her eyes closed. "That hurts, Fang." Lightning mumbled, her voice muffled through Fang's skin. "Why wouldn't you tell me?"

Fang felt that incredible cavity of guilt open up in her chest again. "Lightning…" Fang stroked the soldier's back. "I'm sorry," she apologized sincerely, her own voice now tilting with high emotion. I hurt her. I hurt Lightning. "I didn't think it'd ever actually work! I was being stupid and playing around and I didn't—I was just—I—I'm so sorry, Lightning, for not telling you or warning you or doing it without talking to you—God, Claire, I'm sorry."

Lightning was still on top of Fang before Fang felt her teeth leave her shoulder as she instead scooted down to rest her head on Fang's chest. Lightning closed her eyes, her heart erratically beating all over the place. Fang's heart too, had picked up pace and was beating wildly. Fang brushed her fingers lightly through Lightning's soft strands. "…Are you ok, Light? Please talk to me. I'm so, so, so, so sorry, Claire, I—"

"I know." Lightning interrupted. "And I…I forgive you, Fang."

You what? Fang nearly choked. I invasively and trickingly impregnated your body and you—you just forgive me? No! I deserve to be punched again! "Light, you don't have to—"

"I forgive you." Lightning interrupted. "And I love you, Fang."

Fang didn't deserve this woman. She knew she didn't. The guilt of her late deeds welled in her chest and made her want to burst. Lightning was forgiving her. And she still loved her. Even when Fang had unwittingly hurt her like this. Lightning still loved her. Fang's eyes watered a little bit.

"I love you too, Lightning." God, how I love you. I'm so sorry. "I'll always love you."

"Good." Lightning snuggled and curled into her chest further, angling herself. "'Cuz I'm gunna need you."

"I'll be there." Fang promised, stroking Lightning's hair lovingly. Her heart was so full of love for this woman, she felt it was sure to bust at any second now. Lightning. You're too good to me. The girls lapsed into silence for a few minutes. Both still had things to say, but Lightning was content to close her eyes and rest on Fang's chest. She felt emotionally and physically drained.

Fang was the first to break the stillness a couple minutes later, staring at the top of Lightning's head with her heart swelling full of affection as it was. "Would you…really have gone along with it, if I had asked first?"

"I'm all for flooding Gran Pulse with our offspring," Lightning nodded softly. "Sure. But I would have made you be the pregnant one." Lightning added. "You'd have a better…motherly instinct."

"Awww," Fang combed her fingers through those silky strands, a warm grin gracing her features. "You'll make a great mother, Lightning, instinct and all." Lightning snorted. "What? I'm being serious!" Another snort. Fang shook her head. "Well I think you'll be good at it."

"You also thought casting some lesbian-sex-procreation-voodoo on me without saying anything was okay." Lightning pointed out. "Your opinion on such matters is seriously questionable and therefore doesn't count."

Fang's hand moved from the silky tresses of Lightning's hair down to cup the woman's chin in her palm. Fang slowly turned Lightning's chin on her chest so that Lightning was facing her and could see the sincerity and guilt in her eyes. "I really am sorry, Light."

Lightning's hand glided up along her side till she found Fang's fingers. She laced their fingers together again and looked at her girlfriend seriously. "I know you are, Fang."

Fang winced at the unconditional love and warmth that Lightning held for her. Such a love that Lightning would not only do anything for her, she was ready and willing to forgive Fang right at the forefront for something truly invasive and underhanded that Fang had done—never really meaning for anything to happen, just curious and laughing to herself about it. Fang loved Lightning, she was perfect for her in every way, and she was too good for her. Fang squeezed Lightning's hand, suddenly a little afraid. "Light?"

"Hmm?" Lightning had returned to resting her head between Fang's breasts and seemed to be falling asleep.

"I was completely being underhanded and sneaky—I never really thought—I mean I thought, but it was a joke, what it'd be like to see a pregnant Lightning. I never really thought it'd…well, happen, really. But—Light—if you want to, I don't want to make you have my child—if you don't want to…to have her, I—I'll go to the clinic with you and—"

She was cut off again by soft, moist warm lips pressing against her own and Fang was stilled into silence as Lightning poured her love for Fang into the kiss. Fang started seeing stars again behind her closed lids, but different ones from before. Her body tingled as her stomach flipped and she gave in to this gorgeous beauty, submitting herself to Lightning's tender touch.

When Lightning pulled away, she shhhh'd Fang and shook her head at her. "I would never kill any part of you," Lightning told her genuinely. "Not ever, Fang." The fact that Fang suggested it at all, clearly hesitant to do so, already showed Lightning enough and the deep extent of guilt Fang felt for her somewhat questionable judgment. Lightning held no true malice or grudge to this woman. Yes, she was a little hurt that Fang hadn't told her—but it was Fang. She'd probably half cooked up the potion and magic from some stupid myth and had just been thinking about how cute it'd be to see Lightning flustered—never really considering the option that it'd work—and who would, really? Lightning didn't blame her lover. It was in Fang's nature to be playful and mischievous—and Fang was clearly sorry. So why would she be mad? Out of stubbornness? Lightning liked to think their relationship transcended such pettiness. When it came to real matters, at least.

Lightning's eyes lowered back down to her stomach, her very flat and unbloated stomach. There's…there's a baby cooking inside of there. Lightning didn't know what to think. She hadn't ever really thought of children. Not for herself, at least. Lightning would admit to having a stray thought catch her every now and again about Serah having kids, kids that would look to her and call her Auntie and secretly, it warmed Lightning's heart to think about, even though she scoffed every time at the thought of Snow in her sis—no, don't go there. Lightning winced, the horrible mental image of Snow crushing poor little Serah during sex being far too much for her to think about.

But me? Lightning had never thought of being pregnant or of having her own kids. The thought—it scared her quite a bit. What kind of mom would I be? She was only 22, for heaven's sakes! It felt much too early for Lightning to be having a child. Though Fang was always there to help her with it, Lightning still had the emotional maturity of a child sometimes and this—this was a big pill to swallow! But Fang will be with you. Yes, there was that. And Lightning could do anything with Fang by her side. Even get pregnant, it seems.

Lightning nuzzled her face into the crook of Fang's neck and planted a kiss on Fang's delicious skin before closing her eyes. Fang wrapped both her arms around Lightning, even the one still holding her hand, and warmly comforted her. Lightning sighed in content, settling herself down to rest.

Pregnancy. I don't even know everything that's supposed to happen to me during the process. "Remind me to Wikipedia later." Lightning mumbled, cozy against her girlfriend.

Fang let out a soft chuckle. She bent her head over and kissed the top of Lightning's affectionately before letting her head drop back down so she was staring at the ceiling. "Okay." Fang smiled, her eyes downcast again as she admired how cute Lightning was, curled on her like a little kitten.

Lightning was quiet for a moment before mumbling again. "I want no arguments when I get cravings in the middle of the night."

Cravings, huh? Why would I argue with that? Fang quirked a suggestive eyebrow down at her lover.

"And you better still have sex with me when I'm fat."

Fang laughed and squeezed her arms around Lightning tightly, burying her face in Lightning's hair. "I'll always have sex with you, Light."

"You promise?" Lightning persisted petulantly, coming off as unresistably cute to Fang.

"Yeah," Fang squeezed tighter, overwhelmed by how much love Lightning could instill in her for her. "I promise, Claire." Lightning curled up smaller, tighter, at the use of her real name again and Fang could feel Lightning's toes clench shyly. Holy God, does she even know how freakin' adorable she is? Sometimes Lightning could just be so cute, it was amazing that this endearing, cuddly woman was so outwardly strong and defiant. Inwardly, kitten-like.

Fang combed her fingers through Lightning's hair again until she paused at the end and played with the loose strands, melting at the warmth and glow that Lightning brought to her body when she was simply laying in her arms. Sighing softly to herself, Fang rested her head back against the floor. "Now, aside from your rampant-to-come mood swings, morning sickness, hyped sex drive, growing belly and all the other things that come with pregnancy, all we have to worry about is how to tell the rest of the gang."

Lightning stiffened. "I might still kill you, Fang."

Fang chuckled joyously and squeezed Lightning tight. Oh yeah, this is gunna be fun.