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Week 8

"Fanng." Lightning groaned, rolling over on the bed to face Fang, where she gently tapped her girlfriend's shoulder her. Fang fidgeted at the touch and curled closer to Lightning, arms already around her, she unconsciously pulled the soldier against her tighter. Lightning's front smushed against Fang's as the warrior curved a hand around neck and tugged Lightning's head down-right into a generously plump and rounded chest. Fang proceeded to wrap both arms around Lightning's neck and squeeze Lightning's head down, trapping her face in Fang's tempting breasts.


Lightning, however, was not in the mood for Fang's shenanagins. "Fang!" Lightning voice was muffled by the top Fang's scrumptious chest pressing against her mouth. At the sound of Lightning's voice, Fang pulled her in tighter yet and laced a leg possessively over Lightning's while nuzzling her other between Lightning's legs warmly. She made another sigh of contentment as Lightning grunted within Fang's strong grip.

Knowing from previous experience that it was useless to struggle in Fang's arms, for the warrior was strong as she was unconscious as her waking hours, Lightning flexed her fingers and clawed into Fang's back to wake the woman from her cuddly sleep. Fang groaned as Lightning's nails dug into her bare back and unexpectedly arched against Lightning, shoving her hips against Light's suggestively. Lightning felt Fang slide her body across hers and oomph'd at the actions as Fang unconsciously grinded her sex against Light.

Lightning gave Fang a peeved look as the sexual rubbing continued. If she hadn't been face up pressed against Fang's body as she was, she would have crossed her arms over her chest and glared. As it was, she leaned her head back and shot Fang a dark look. "Fang, I'm gunna tie you to the bed if you don't stop."

Fang peeked an eye open down at her, smiling mischievously with laughter in those beautiful emeralds. "Promise?"

Lightning glowered and gave a pointed look down at their still-rubbing bodies. "Do you mind?"

"Aww, Light." Fang stopped sliding against her and instead reached up to touch Lightning's jaw, where she stroked gently up her cheek tenderly. "I'm just kidding, luv. You okay? You look upset."

"I'm hungry." Lightning admitted, eyes flicking back up to Fang's face. "And you won't stop arousing me-but I'm so hungry."

Fang chuckled, eyes glittering. "Well, you're so easy to arouse of late, even moreso than before."

Lightning frowned, pouting. "You haven't been complaining."

"No," Fang laughed. "I certainly haven't." Dipping her head down, she kissed the top of Lightning's gently. "So, what're you in the mood for today, my little sex-fiend?"

"Who was humping who?" Lightning reminded her.

Fang smiled amusedly and brushed a few of Lightning's straight-slanting strands out of her eyes. "Did you like it?"

Lightning paused. "...that's beside the point."

Fang's eyes filled with delight at the response. She antagonizingly scraped her bare body against Lightning's once more, matching them at the hip before dragging against Lightning's smooth skin.

Lightning groaned as Fang's mouth went to her neck, still sliding that glorious lower body against hers. "Faang."

"Hmm?" Fang licked Lightning's luscious skin and nibbled affectionately, still moving against Light. She purred. "Claire..."

Lightning moaned again, her body so easily turning on instantly at Fang's touch. "Fang, noo." Her stomach grumbled, demanding to be taken care of. "I'm so hungry, Fang, I'll pass out right in the midst. Please."

"Alright, alright." Fang slowed her methodic thrusting against Light to a stop before pulling back from her neck. She smiled faintly. "Just 'cuz you said please. Whatt'ya want me to get you?"

"I want...oretoise meat." Lightning admitted, considering. "Fresh oretoise meat-in a soup. Non-flan gellitanized."

Fang knew, unfortunately, they didn't have any of that just lying around the house. "You want me to go to the store?"

Lightning lowered her eyes. "If you wanted to... I'm just having a craving, is all. You know. From being pregnant. With your child."

Fang chuckled. "Okay, okay, Claire, I'm going. I'll go get your bloody soup. You better not be having a mood-swing when I come back though."

"Right," Lightning was smiling softly too. "I'll try to control the hormones you shot me up with when you vexed me with the little spawn."

Fang kissed her head again softly, smiling. "I appreciate that." Fang made an exaggerated show of grumbling as she slid away from Lightning on the bed and started to dress. When she was fully clothed again, Fang bent over the bed and gave Lightning a lingering, delayed-exit kiss on her way out.

Lightning huddled under the covers contentedly when Fang finally pulled away. "Thanks, Fang."

"Yeah, yeah," Fang waved her off. "Be prepared to thank me later."

"After I eat, you can count on it." Lightning promised.

A Half-Hour Later

"Bloody hell." Fang groaned, coming up upon the very last shop down the row with the darkened, obviously closed-off interior with a turned-card 'Exit' placard over the doorway. Jeans soaked through, the wet cloth stuck to her body like a cold second skin and Fang's shoes were sopping. Having stepped in a fair share of puddles along the way, water leaked through the material with every step and had chilled her socks to freezing. Hair saturated, her small girl's bedshirt white T was drenched and clung to her body, chilling her.

"Dammit." Fang cursed, shivering as she debated what to do. It was still pouring and it wasn't the friendly kind of downpour either. Droplets near-freezing in temperature, Fang had long since started wishing she'd brought some kind of rain-jacket with her on this little excursion. The wind was no friend of hers either. Devastatingly lashing, it whipped at her already-icy body unkindly and added a particularly nasty sting to the cold that was trying to numb her.

I should be at home, snuggling and possibly writhing with my girlfriend, not freezing my ass off out here for oretoise meat from closed store venders. But alas, Fang recognized the irony in that, too. Definitely going to give it a second thought when I find another Pulse relic instructing me how to knock up Lightning.

Fang sighed. She had two choices here: A: She could brave the elements a little longer and head out to the nearby plains to kill an oretoise and cut away some meat to take home to Lightning. Or B: she could return home to Lightning empty handed with her apologies that the stores were closed.

Freeze my ass off out here trying to catch some bloody giant, building-towering turtle in the middle of the night while being assaulted by the elements Or get couched-possibly for the rest of the week-by angry, unpredictable preggo woman with a gunblade and an attitude.

Fang sighed. Hello, giant turtles...

45 Minutes Later

Fang grunted, pushing the shopping cart she'd borrowed from one of the lots outside Unicorn Mart, which was currently full of freshly cut off hunks of Oretoise meat-she'd made sure to take extra for the next four weeks or so, in case Lightning got another craving. Fang glanced around her as she pushed the cart over the open fields and headed home. At least no one's around to see this.

Fang grumbled under her breath and pushed along, her sweat melting in with the rain and stinging her numb, freezing appendages. She was a little breathless from the fight with the turtle and overall exhausted with her battle against the weather. When I get home, after I make the soup and shower, I'll just slide in nice and warmly under the covers, cuddled next to Lightning and fall asleep in her arms... Fang daydreamed.

60 Minutes After That

Fang opened the door to their bedroom quietly and immediately found Lightning lying there, eyes closed, resting. Fang moved into the room silently and placed the bowl of Oretoise soup on the nightstand. Fang dried what was left of the droplets upon her body from her recent shower and squeezed the towel over her hair to get most of the moisture out. Glancing towards the bed greedily, Fang quietly made her way to the mattress and sat down softly on it, cautiously.

Wanting nothing more than to melt into the sweet confines of sleep with her girlfriend, Fang lifted half the covers gently and slid into bed smoothly, moving up behind Lightning silently. However, the very moment Fang's bare body touched Lightning's bare back under the covers, Lightning shivered. Before Fang could even register the girl waking up, she had rolled backwards over Fang and was bracing herself above the warrior seductively. Lips pressed against Fang's mouth as Lightning slowly lowered herself onto her girlfriend's body, Lightning shivered as her body touched against cold flesh, but didn't hesitate to fully lower herself onto Fang, still hungrily playing with the woman's mouth.

Fang groaned as Lightning kissed her-and not for the usual reason. She was dead tired, cold, slightly aggravated from her night out and wanted nothing more than to press up to Lightning's warmth and fall asleep. When Lightning pulled away from her mouth, she looked down at Fang fondly and smiled, voice husky in a way that Fang recognized all too easily. "I missed you, tiger." Lightning bit affectionately at her lower lip and suckled affectionately.

Fang moaned, feeling Lightning shift her body against her as Lightning's knee delved between her legs and pushed them apart anxiously. "Claire-" she was silenced again as Lightning glued their mouths together, basking in Fang's unique, delicious taste.

"You're cold." Lightning purred. "Let me warm you up." Fang felt Lightning's knee shift upwards between her legs and let out a choked whimper as Lightning rubbed against her, already feeling her body start to flush with heat against her mind's will.

"Claire," Fang gasped, feeling Lightning's mouth on her neck now. "Claire, you're...excited tonight." Fang struggled to catch her breath, trying not to come off so whimperly.

"You excite me." Lightning whispered, abstracting from her throat just long enough to mumble it.

Fang started to panic-she was so tired, her eyes were already fluttering. Lightning probably wouldn't look kindly to being left unsated if they started something and Fang passed out-and there'd be hormones to deal with the day after. "Is this my thanks? Because you know, Light, if you're too tired, we can sleep and do this tom-"

"Screw sleep. I want you, Fang." Lightning purred, licking down her body. Fang squeezed her eyes shut as Lightning very successfully started to manipulate her exhausted body.

"Light, I just showered and-"

"Taste scrumptious." Lightning finished, biting the tender skin of her stomach as she made her way down further.

"Lightning, don't you want-urrgh!" Fang's words were cut off as her hips bucked when Lightning's head disappeared completely under the covers. Gripping the sheets tightly in a white-knuckled grip, Fang prepared herself for a long night ahead of them.


Hours Later: When Daybreak Hits

Lightning doodled her fingers affectionately across Fang's bare stomach as she gazed up at the face of her sleeping angel, eyes tracing every exquisite curve she had memorized so long ago. A teeth-marked, purple-red bruise mottled the underside of Fang's jaw and another colored her shoulder just where it met the neck. Lightning had a few bruises herself left over from their night of glory and she adored Fang for the creative, wonderful things they did to each other in the late night hours.

Fang was sleeping now; serene, breathing steadily, she looked completely at peace and so breathtaking. Lightning could never get over how beautiful Fang was to her and never wanted to. Even though every trace of smooth skin was memorized, every scar, every texture, Fang still captivated her in every way and Lightning knew she would never tire of her.

Lightning stroked Fang's smooth, flat stomach and ran her fingers along the very slight creases that made up the very contours of Fang's gently-defined abs. As Lightning's fingers idly played with the flawless skin there, her other hand subconsciously moved to her own stomach. She glanced down from Fang's beautiful abdomen down to her own and scrunched her eyes slightly.

Of late, Lightning's jeans had been fitting a little more snug around the top. It was nothing overly noticeable, but Lightning had taken note of the small extra space that no longer was present around the waist. She studied her stomach carefully, running a hand down along the smooth pale skin there. Glancing back over to Fang, Lightning refocused on herself and tried to see if she could note a difference.

After a few moments of studying between the two, Lightning had to admit to herself that she noticed a slight, very slight difference. I should start measuring my waist. Where her stomach had once been a flat plane under her chest, it had gained a sort of...rounded edge to it? Like she'd put on just a little weight that'd taken off the defining edge of her athleticism. Lightning winced. I'm starting to show already? My God. Lightning glanced back over to the flat, attractive planes of Fang's stomach before looking back down at herself. Did Fang notice? Lightning wondered, feeling unexplainably nervous. Could she feel it?

Bothered by the notion already, Lightning settled her head back softly on Fang's finely-crafted stomach and tried to relax down. The feel of Fang underneath her was comforting and, unconsciously, Fang moved her hand around to rest down Lightning's shoulder. Lightning curled into Fang warmly and let her eyes flutter shut. Her last thought, before sleep claimed her, was wondering how exactly Fang would respond to her physically growing and growing pregnancy. Then, Lightning curled tight against Fang and restful sleep claimed her.


Lightning woke several hours later to find that her sleeping beauty was still fast asleep above her and showed no signs of a desire or will to wake up. Lifting her head gently from the firm, but soft comfort of Fang's stomach, Lightning felt Fang's hand slide off her shoulder limply as she continued to sleep. Smiling at her companion warmly, Lightning climbed up out of bed and headed to the shower, needing to wash and refresh herself after last night's flood of activity. When she got back into their room, she pulled on a black bra and a pair of matching black lacy panties-Fang had bought her a whole array of sexy-attractive lingerie garments for her birthday one year when they'd started out dating-and went downstairs into her kitchen to go fix up a hot pot of coffee.

When Lightning came back, she placed both cups on the nightstand and smiled down at her lover again kindly. Reaching out gently, she combed her fingers through Fang's wild hair lovingly, the same hair she'd been gripping tightly and screaming in the throes of ecstasy with last night.

Fang shifted at her touch, turning on the bed so Lightning's palm scraped her cheek with the movement. She mumbled sleepily. "Five more minutes..." Cuddling her face against Lightning's hand, Fang settled back into a sleepy-relaxed state and continued sleeping on the bed.

Lightning stroked her cheek caringly with the soft side of her palm while Fang purred into oblivion. When Lightning moved her hand to take it away, Fang caught her wrist softly and blinked open tired eyes to look up at Lightning.

"Hey, you." Lightning greeted softly, giving Fang a soft smile.

"Hey," Fang greeted back, sounding just as tired as she looked. Hair in disarray, eyes heavy and a little distant, her voice came out a little husky, throat raw from the groaning pleasures Lightning had afflicted her with last night. Fang tugged on Lightning's wrist, attempting to pull her down. "Don't go. Stay with me. Sleep with me."

"Sex?" Lightning only just suppressed a chuckle when Fang's tired eyes widened in horror and pleaded with her. Lightning brushed her fingers against Fang's wrist tenderly. "Just kidding, Fang-just kidding. Settle down."

Fang breathed a short sigh of relief and relaxed back down on the bed. She tugged Lightning's wrist again gently. "Sleep with me," Fang insisted, already nuzzling back onto the bed herself.

"It's three in the afternoon, Fang."

Fang pouted adorably. "That doesn't mean nothin' when you kept me up till half past one in the afternoon all last night."

Lightning squeezed Fang's wrist fondly. "I wasn't expecting to feel quite so..."

"Ravenous?" Fang filled in. "Horny? Animalistic?"

"Funny," Lightning chuckled. "Sounds like you on most days." Fang snorted indignantly. Lightning smiled again affectionately. "Thank you for putting up with me." Lightning thanked, feeling extremely grateful in that moment. "I appreciate it."

"Yeah, yeah," Fang grumbled good-naturedly. "You're lucky I'm not Vanille or Serah or Lebreau or anybody."

Lightning quirked an eyebrow at the curious statement. "Excuse me?"

"Would have had a heart-attack the fourth time through-let alone all the others after that." Fang mumbled tiredly, her eyes already drifting closed again. She peeked from one eye to scowl. "And that double orgasm you gave me as a finale was just cruel."

Lightning blatantly ignored the disturbing fact that Serah bad been in that list. "At least it put you out quickly after that." Lightning pointed out.

Fang's eyes were closed again and she was drifting. "Sadist."

"Hey, I'm allowed to be." Lightning pointed out. "My new sexual appetite isn't my fault, you know."

"I know, I know," Fang mumbled softly, already half-asleep.

"So anyway," Lightning continued. "Time to get up, Fang!"

"Nuuuuh." Fang protested.

"Come on, Fang." Lightning encouraged. "We have things to do today! We can't sleep them off 'till tomorrow."

"Nughh." Fang mumbled and Lightning was unsure if she was even still conscious.

"Faang. Come on, I made you coffee. And I slipped some stimpack-sprints and stamina-replenisher in there for you; so you should feel fine after you drink it." Fang didn't move or make any effort to get up. "Fangg, honey, the day is calling us."

"Yeah, well, this phone's out of order." Fang brushed off the attempt to get her to move. "Try again later."

Lightning eyed the stubborn woman with a considering frown. They really had things to do today and they couldn't wait- their refrigerator was nearly empty (which was a huge issue for Lightning, currently, and had to be remedied immediately), there was a leaky pipe under the sink that'd been dripping all last night, and Lightning had promised to go see Serah today, all of which she intended to get to before day broke again. Scowling at her sleeping girlfriend now without any trace of the patience she'd shown moments ago, Lightning reached a hand down under the covers and ran her fingers over a sensitive spot below Fang's abdomen.

Fang sprang to life like a rocket and backpedaled on the bed rapidly, horrified. "Okay! I'm up! I'm up!"

Lightning pulled her hand away and looking pleased. "Good girl. Now go shower and drink your coffee-we've gotta get ready, eat, and go. I'll heat up some of the Oretoise soup you made me yesterday."

Fang cowered against the wall, holding the blanket up to her chin to cover herself, lest Lightning get any ideas or start to feel in the mood again... "Okay." Fang waited for Lightning to head for the door, still in her lingerie, before she got up and followed the girl out to the bathroom to clean herself.

By the time she got back, refreshed, but still sleepy, Lightning was back in their room and standing in front of the closet, where she grabbed two pairs of jeans and two shirts before tossing half the lot to Fang.

Lightning started tugging on her fitted jeans, but stopped and frowned when she'd pulled them up to her lower waist. Moving around a little, her frown only deepened as she stared down at her stomach, a questioning, troubled look crossing her expression. "Fang?"

Fang froze mid-pantie tug and looked up at Light, grateful that she'd managed to successfully pull on her bra all the way before she'd addressed her. Fang hurriedly pulled up her panties the rest of the way. "...Light?"

"Do I look...I mean, have you noticed...do I seem bigger to you?"

Fang proceeded with caution, wary. "...Why?"

"My jeans," Lightning explained. "They're a little more snug around my waist. I can feel it. I've been feeling it." Lightning's frown deepened as she patted her stomach and twisted experimentally on the spot. "It's...kinda tight." Lightning finally looked up at Fang and Fang could see her eyes were pleading. "Am I showing already?"

"Well, Light..." Fang started cautiously. "It's normal to be feeling a little...bigger around the waist. You shouldn't worry. And-we can go jean shopping if your pants are starting to feel a little too snug."

"But does it look bad?" Lightning asked, unusually self-conscious as glanced over at Fang's bare stomach before looking back over to hers. "I feel fat."

Ut oh. Fang stiffened on Lightning's behalf. If she feels fat now when there's barely anything even there... "Lightning, you're beautiful." Fang told her earnestly. "And being pregnant won't change that. You look amazing, Light-Bug, there's nothing to be fretting about."

Lightning's dissatisfied frown grew as she studied herself. "...you sure?"

"Absolutely." Fang agreed quickly. "And that's never going to change. You'll always be gorgeous to me."

Lightning gave her a little haphazard thank-you smile before grabbing up her shirt quickly. Lightning pulled on a beige, sleeveless, fitted blouse and buttoned up the front up to a single button below her neck before fixing the collar appropriately. Fang climbed out of bed sneakily and doned her own clothes-tight jeans and plain black, sleeveless tank top with a small circluar neck that rounded out a few inches under her throat-while Lightning was otherwise busy with this task.

Unusually quiet for a moment too long, Fang glanced over at Lightning to see that her girlfriend had lifted the bottom of her blouse and was staring down at her stomach again, fingering her stomach or something, from what Fang could tell. Feeling a well of sympathy and guilt spike through her, Fang crossed the room over to Lightning and gently put a hand on her shoulder. "Claire."

Able to see her front now, Fang could see that Lightning was playing with her belly button ring, fiddling to remove it. Fang placed a hand over Lightning's and ceased the other girl's movement. "Don't."Lightning looked up as Fang moved around her front and guided her hand away.

"But I'm already starting to show and it looks bad when-"

Fang shook her head gently and cut Lightning off. "It looks great, Claire, you look great."


"Shh," Fang silence her. "There'll be time to take it out later. It's still early, Claire. I like it."

Lightning downcasted her eyes, staring down again for another moment before she looked back up to Fang, uncertainty and a little sadness reflecting in her bright blues. "You sure it looks okay?"

"Positively foxy," Fang assured her. "Just like my little sex-kitten. No amount of stomach or anything else will change that, either." Fang bent her head down and kissed Lightning's surprised lips softly before hugging her around the middle and holding her close to her chest. Her arm wound around the back of Lightning's head and stroked through her soft hair once as Fang squeezed her to her body. Fang leaned her head down and whispered to Lightning. "I'm sorry in advance, for when you do take it out."

Lightning clung to Fang tightly in response and buried her face in Fang's neck. Fang held her.


"Lettuce! Leafy green lettuce! That's good for...for..." Fang realized she didn't exactly know why leafy green lettuce was good for a person, it just was. "it's good for the baby!" Fang finished, grabbing a bag of greenery before hesitating to put it in the cart. "You will eat lettuce, won't you? Not opposed to the taste now or anything?"

Lightning's eyes narrowed at Fang, wondering if her girlfriend were complaining quietly about her changing tastes. Not sensing any sarcasm in Fang's voice, her gaze lightened as she considered the question.

Fang, meanwhile, spotted another healthy item to add to their shopping cart. "Carrots!" Fang picked up a bag of them before she checked the label before bursting out into a fit of giggles. "Claire." Fang held out the bag of carrots in front of her. "Look! They're baby carrots! See-for the baby!" She broke down into another frightening fit of snickering giggles as she put the bag in the cart, claiming they needed it if it was specifically for the baby. Fang wandered off a few steps to check out some other fresh foods and Snow, quirking an eyebrow at Fang's retreating form, glanced over at Lightning worriedly. "Tell me I'm not the only one who thought that was scary."

"You're not the only one who found that frightening."

"Phew." Snow looked back up at Fang, who was fingering through tomatoes now. "What's wrong with her? Or is the stress going to her head now?"

"No, no." Lightning shook her head. "At least, I hope not. That would be...somewhat more than frightening." Lightning was getting all kinds of scary, horrifying pictures of Snow high and giggling. She cleared her throat disturbedly. "Fang's just...I think I slipped too many stimulants into her coffee this morning."

"You drugged her?" Snow asked, both eyebrows lifting.

"She was tired." Lightning explained, as if it were the natural thing to do. "We had stuff to get done today."

"Whoa," Snow blinked. "Remind me to check my drinks for drugs when Serah's pregnant if that seems like the normal thing to do." Lightning gave him a peeved look while Fang stopped by again to discard more food into their cart. "Oh, hey." Snow nodded, quickly abstracting from Lightning's dangerous look. "Talking about things to do- Serah wanted to go jean shopping with you, by the way. She said you'd been filling out and probably wanted some bigger sizes to feel more comfortable."

Lightning crossed her arms around her stomach self consciously, feeling huge and bloated. "She said that? That I'm...filling out?"

"Mhmm. She's looked all this stuff up you know; she said it'd surprise you how fast you're going to progress through the pregnancy and jeans are should be feeling a little tighter-" Lightning paled and hugged herself a little tighter. "Plus, I think she just wants to hang out with you some, looked like she wanted to talk to you a little bit alone."

"Okay..." Lightning glanced down at herself and looked back up to Snow, feeling a little sickly. "Do you think I look any bigger, Snow?"

"Not really," Snow admitted, relieving her for half a second. "But then again, I don't exactly go around studying your stomach, Light. You should ask Fang." Snow smiled kindly. "Why? Getting excited for the kid?"

"Yeah..." Lightning's heart skipped around anxiously. "Excited..."

Snow must have detected something in her voice at that, for his expression softened. "Aww, Light." Dwarfing over her, he put a heavy, trash-can-lid hand on around her shoulder and pulled her under his arm for a small, one armed hug. "You're nervous, aren't you?" Lightning didn't say anything, but Snow took the fact that she wasn't shoving him for touching her to be a good sign that he was right. "It's okay, Light. You'll be fiiine. You've got Fang with you, don'tcha?" Snow glanced up down the aisle to see Fang eying a soup can in her hand before she threw the thing to the floor and giggled again. "Oh dear..."

"Quite reassuring."

"...how many stimpacks did you say you slipped her again, Light?"

"She usually doesn't even drink coffee." Lightning explained.

"Oh..." Snow winced as Fang started back over to them. "Ouch."

"Shameless." An angry, disgusted voice hissed from their right. Lightning and Snow peered over to see what the commotion was about- to find, surprisedly, the short, angered brunette was glaring at them hatefully. "You two are shameless." The woman hissed, chancing a look over at the approaching Fang. "With Fang right there, you two still blatantly couple yourselves together- and in public, no less. You're both dispicable."

Snow blinked, eyebrows knitting together confusedly. "Huh...?"

The woman spat at their feet in revulsion and glowered at Lightning. "Skank." Her glare migrated from Lightning to Snow's offending arm on Lightning's shoulder before roaming to his face. "And you too, you dirty man-whore. You're married for God's sakes!"

Snow's arm slipped off Lightning as he started to hold his hands out in front of him peaceably. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Miss, let's not jump to conclusions here. Lightning and I have never- "

"Beth, what's going on here?" A taller man, black hair, dull gray eyes appeared beside the woman and took her elbow. He started apologizing to Lightning and Snow without looking at them. "I'm sorry, my wife, she- " the guy looked up from where he was frowning at Beth and took a double-take, perhaps alarmed by Snow's giant girth before recognition settled in. "Hey, you're the guy that knocked up Lightning!"

"What?" Snow stepped back, startled. "No, that's not- "

"Yeah!" The guy's voice was raising and unwanted attention was being drawn to them by the second. "I remember your face from the papers! You're the one they said cheated on your own wife with her sister and went and got her pregnant! I remember you!" The man's face was quickly morphing into the scowl of disgust that his wife's held.

"And they were just cuddling!" His wife added, appalled. "With Fang right there!"

"That's vile." The man judged, glaring at both of them with Beth now.

Fang had pulled up to the lot of them now and was looking confusedly between everyone, having only caught the tail end of the conversation.

"What a hussy." A new voice joined the confrontation and Fang looked over to Lightning's right to see a small group gathering. Another few patrons were showing up behind her, blocking them in from all sides. Fang took no heed, for a brave, stupid fool had started to reach out a hand for Lightning and the face behind it didn't look flowery.

Fang sobered in an instant and rushed in front of Lightning, grabbing hold of the offending wrist angrily. "Hey!" Glaring at the shopper, Fang shoved the person back roughly from their wrist, where he collided into a few eager eyes behind him. "Back off, mate. That's my woman."

"Guh," a blond girl in the crowd recoiled in horror. "and she's defending her!"

"You deserve better, Fang!" Someone shouted from the middle of the crowd.

Snow's side was gathering followers too. "Someone to treat you right!"

"We all read the papers," another man agreed from the side that Fang had just run from, which was already crowding with anxious peepers too. "We read about what this jackass and your hoe did, you shouldn't be defending her."

"Hey!" Fang roared, turning her head back to freeze him on the spot with sheer intensity of her rage. "Call her that again and you'll know what it feels like to have your nuts shoved down your throat!" Fang turned her blazing, feral eyes on everyone. "All of you- get the fuck away from my woman!"

"Fang." A soft, gentler voice broke away from the crowd in the form of a small, pretty girl who approached cautiously and dared to reach out slowly to take Fang's hand. "I'll take care of you. Come home with me."

Fang blanched at the petite woman and slid her hand out from the girl's grasp- more cautiously than she would have with the rest of this rabble. "Lightning takes care of me. I don't know what tabloid crap you all are reading- "

A hand flew up from the middle of the crowd with a copy of Gossip Girl clenched in her hand. "It's all in here! We know Snow's the father."

"Yeah, Fang, you don't deserve this." The crowd was starting to get rowdy again.

"We love you, Fang! We don't want to see you hurt by them any more!"

"I'm not- "

"You don't need to stay when it's not yours!"

"It is- "

"Let Snow handle his duties! He deserves the mess he's put himself in!"

"Snow's not responsible- "

Glancing over at Snow, Fang could see that the sturdy man had paradigm shifted to Sentinel mode and currently had his arms crossed protectively in front of his face as he tried to war back the surge of confidence-growing pedestrians. Fang could hear the poor guy chanting, "Steelguard, steelguard, steelguard," under his breath as the masses grew braver in their numbers.

"Let the daddy take care of it himself!"


An instant hush fell over the rabbling masses, who instantly stopped pushing forward. Snow glanced up in confusion at the sudden lack of resistance and saw, one by one, every single head dropped down to stare at Fang's crotch. Fang looked between the dropped gazes, suddenly unnerved before a familiar voice within the crowd. "I told you's!" Lebreau's voice was distinguishable among the masses of the suddenly whispering gathering. "I told you Fang was the daddy, but noo, let's listen to Gossip Girl." Lebreau addressed Fang directly. "Be prepared to give me a sperm sample next checkup, Fang! We have to make sure you're right and healthy!"

Beside her, little Vanille jabbed Lebreau in the side. Lebreau glanced down at her sassy, reprimanding pose and remembered. "Oh! The foursome offer's still on the table too!"

Vanille facepalmed.

The hush of whispers grew louder around Fang. "So that's how it is!"

"Now I understand- she's a dude!"

Among many others, Fang choked at the 'realizations' as they came out. "Whoa, whoa! It is not like that, I'm not a guy!"

"Oh, right, right." Someone at the front agreed. "It's offensive to call a tranny that when they're all about the rebirth of their sex- she's a woman, guys."

"No!" Fang objected. "I'm not a- I don't have a- "

A hand touched down on Lightning's shoulder and Lightning spun in alarm to face a masculine, long haired, sturdy-built, dress-wearing transvestite, complete with a coach purse and way too many layers of makeup to hide his more masculine features. Lightning startled, but he didn't seem to notice. "Hello, there." The tranny smiled at her pleasantly, waving over to Fang. "Quite a catch you've got there! I wouldn't have even been able to tell!"

Fang turned at the sound of a high-pitch sounding voice next to Lightning and also startled at the sight of the guy's hand on Lightning's shoulder, dwarfing hers almost as much as Snow would have. "Hey-!"

"Hey there, cutie. Lookin' fine." The transvestite squeezed Lightning's shoulder once before taking delicate, high-heeled steps over to Fang and un-hesitatingly reached out to touch her cheekbones. Fang jumped in surprise, but the over-muscled tranny followed her, stroking the underside of her jaw. "You look fabulous enough to be real, darling! Who's your doctor? May I feel?" Without waiting for permission or any kind of comprehension to dawn on Fang, the hand on her chin lowered to her chest and Fang meeped, freezing in horror as disbelief as the very-forward tranny cupped her breast and squeezed.

"Ooh! So soft and malleable, yet supple and firm, you tigress! Now what about down her-"

The tranny didn't get the opportunity to reach down and cup her sex, however, because Lightning was quick flatten him to the floor with a single punch for daring to touch her mate. The tranny thumped heavily to the ground and Snow winced on the poor dude's behalf, knowing exactly what it felt like to be on the receiving end of Lightning's fury.

"Ouch." Someone in the crowd grimaced. "Lightning's pretty protective of Fang's southern equipment."

Fang zapped out of her haze at being assaulted to whirl on the spectator in a rage. "I don't have southern equipment!"

"Poor thing," someone else speculated. "she really wants to be completely female."

"I am completely female!" Fang roared, meeting a crowd of sympathetic, disbelieving gazes. "God-dammit, look!"

Fang started to remove her belt, much to the interest of many perverts in the crowd and curious stares-and an excited Whoopie! cheer that was recognizable as Lebreau- but she didn't get far before a tighter grip landed on her shoulder and yanked her back. "Fang, no!" Lightning grabbed Fang's fiddling hand and stilled her movements and pulled her tightly back against her, bracing an arm across her chest. "No, Fang," Lightning reprimanded. "Bad."

"They think I'm a guy!"

"Shhh, baby," Lightning whispered to her. "I don't care what they think- and neither should you. Settle down, Fang, I know you're more woman than every person here. That's enough, isn't it?"

Fang slumped in Lightning's arms and Lightning took it as her admittance. "Come on, Fang." Lightning walked back with her lover over to Snow, who she motioned to at the crowd. "Clear a way?"

Snow grimaced and grabbed Lightning's arm to make sure she wouldn't fall behind in the masses. "Sorry 'bout this, Light."

"Let's go home, Fang."


A/N: Special thanks to E.G. Szyslak by the way for the idea of Turtle soup and her continuous musing-back-and-forth with me throughout the story! Many of these great ideas are co-developed with her as I write and due-credit goes where it belongs! You's wouldn't even Have this story without that wonderful woman, nor a great portion of these humorous ideas!

So anyways, thanks guys! Hope you liked it!