The Return of the Riders

To my readers: If you have not read all the Inheritance books (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr; the movie doesn't count) I encourage you to read my prologue or else you will not understand half the things in my book and plus I wrote the prologue to inform you on the time before the Eragon book (I made this prologue from things they tell you in the books about before Eragon so that part may or may not be accurate) And one more thing, if you find a word in the ancient language look in the back of the book for the definitions. I hope you enjoy my book. Be careful, spoilers are at hand proceed with caution!
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Prologue: The History of the Riders

In a once beautiful land named Alagaësia there lived two races elves-who were magic users from across the sea and dragons. There was a war between these races. Until one elf, an elf named Eragon found an abandoned dragon egg, he raised the dragon and named him Bid'Daum. When his dragon was big enough Eragon showed the elves and dragons that they could work in peace together. The war stopped as the races both realized they could be friends. They made a pact to never fight each other again and thus formed the Dragon Riders. The dragons would give them some of their eggs so they could hatch for their Riders. The Riders would ride the dragons that chose them and make sure there was peace. Then the elves later found out if a dragon dies the Rider would live on, but if the Rider died so did the dragon.
The humans were already in this land and quickly befriended the two races. As a sign of their friendship the Elves and Dragons put the humans in their Dragon and Rider pact. Then the human Riders learned they could use magic due to their connection with the Elves. So the Elves taught them their language they called the ancient language. The ancient language consisted of spells and the rest of their language-but they still spoke the same language as the humans. Soon the elves found that the Urgals had followed them to the land, but they caused no trouble, they were left alone.
Then other races found their way into this land but weren't included in the pact. These races were dwarves and Ra'zac. Then the elves and dragons decided that the Ra'zac were evil and unruly so they banished them to parts unknown. The Urgals lived west close to the sea; the dwarves found a mountain range to the south and named them the Beor Mountains. The elves went northeastern to a forest and magically sang to it, and it became great. They named it Du Weldenvarden in the ancient language meant The Guarding Forest. Lastly, the humans made many cities throughout the land.
For thousands of years the races prospered.
Then a young Rider named Galbatorix who was mad at the leader of the Riders, Vrail and an elf Rider Oromis, for his dragon was killed by mistake by a stray arrow from an Urgal battle. They told him they would not replace it and took an opportunity. He and his apprentice, Morzan, fled to the city now known as Urû'baen. Galbatorix had stolen a black, dragon hatchling, Shruikan, the dragon was raised with Galbatorix, and once he was of age Galbatorix took a chance. He slaughtered one of the elder Dragon Riders and then moved on to killing most Riders. His only complication was Vrail, the leader. He fought Vrail, but Vrail was strong. Still Galbatorix overpowered Vrail and morally wounded him, Vrail fled Galbatorix, but Galbatorix caught him and slew the leader.
Without their leader the Riders fell into chaos and began to fight each other for power. Sensing this weakness Galbatorix betray them and in the single battle known as The Fall of the Riders he believed he killed all the Riders and their dragons. All except the thirteen called the Forsworn- who served Galbatorix for power.
He then forcefully took the throne in the city called Urû'baen north of where the Fall happened, the Burning Plains. One day he found a boy named Durza that was possessed with spirits-what the elves would call a Shade. He made an army and then called the army the Empire. Then he was never seen because he had the Empire to do his work.
After awhile the dwarves got sick of his evil rule, and with a few hundred humans, in one of their cities, Farthen Dûr formed the Varden and rebelled against Galbatorix. Galbatorix was furious and sent the Empire to destroy them. The Empire seriously injured Ajihad, their leader, so they fled back in the mountain to never come out.
Galbatorix was happy, in a sort of evil way, his rebellion was gone and he had the last few dragon eggs.
Then one day, years from his evil happiness, a former Rider named Brom-who's dragon, Saphira, was killed in the Fall- and his friend, Jeod, found a tunnel into Urû'baen's treasury. By the time Galbatorix knew of this it was too late, and they had stolen a sapphire egg. Again, Galbatorix was furious and sent the Shade, Durza, to go capture them but he never did.
For many years the egg was exposed to everyone in the Varden, then they would exchange it with the Elves to expose it to all the people in Ellesméra- the Elven capitol. One day-completely by accident- the princess, Arya, got the egg and was running it to the Varden. Just as she was coming back after her unsuccessful trip the Shade, Durza hunted her down. Just as he was about to get the egg she franticly tried to teleport it to Brom-who was in a human city, Carvahall-, and it worked. She fainted from the magic and the Shade captured her.
Instead of Brom finding the egg, a boy named Eragon -who lived three miles away from Carvahall with his uncle, Garrow and his cousin, Roran -found it while he was hunting in a magical forest, the Spine. At first he thought it was a valuable stone, then after about month a sapphire dragon hatched from the egg. She quickly grew with magic and told him her name was Saphira. Eragon was in town one day and saw two hooded strangers- the Ra'zac, who now were on the king's side. They were ordered to capture Eragon so the king could use him and Saphira for his own good. They ran to Eragon's home to capture him. Little did they know he wasn't there. Eragon franticly runs after them to save his uncle, for he knew they would probably kill him if they didn't find Eragon. When he is running Saphira swoops down and grabs him taking him out of danger, while also taking him on a wild ride. He pleads to her numerous times to take him down, but she knows that he will be in danger and refused his cries. They camp away in the Spine forest, a forest that all people of Carvahall fear, but Eragon hunts in. The next day Saphira flies Eragon to his house. When she landed he ran as fast as he could into his house. Only to find that the Ra'zac had almost killed his uncle, but in a few days Garrow dies.
Brom- who was now the town's storyteller, though most of the times they are about the Riders- later meets up with him, and tells Eragon he is the first Rider in thousands of years. He then persuades Eragon to follow him to the Varden so that they-the Varden and themselves-could defeat Durza then the king. They leave Eragon's farm, and head toward the Varden. Along the way Brom teaches Eragon the ancient language and teaches him how to use it properly. He also tells Eragon he is named after the first Rider.

Meanwhile the Shade, Durza, is torturing the elf princess, Arya. Then he finally got sick of sending his Urgals, creatures that had rough skin and horns that stood at least five feet taller than humans, -who he forced to obey him by his evil magic-to try to capture Eragon. So he used his evil magic on the princess to lure Eragon to him. When Eragon gets the vision, he wants to save her, for Durza said-through her- that he intended her death. Brom refuses to let him go, telling him that she would happily die for the first Rider in thousands of years. Even after Brom tells him this, he still goes to save her. He finds her, then Durza appears, and they get into a battle. Eragon does fine until he uses magic and it weakens him. Durza takes this disadvantage and hurls a spear at Eragon. Right before the spear hits Eragon, Brom jumps in front of him letting it hit him instead. Then Eragon shoots Durza in the head killing him, and they escape with the help of a boy named Murtagh -who was a little older than Eragon. Later, back at their camp Brom gives Eragon his Rider's sword Zar'roc and tells him how he received it. He tells Eragon with his dying breath that he was a Rider. Then Brom dies from the wound from the spear hitting him. When Eragon makes a tomb of stone for Brom, but Saphira won't leave it and uses a different magic and turns the stone to diamond. After Brom dies, Arya gets poisoned by the Shade and Murtagh returns leading him and Saphira to the Varden.
When they arrive at the Varden they meet Ajihad who is still Leader of the Varden and Hrothgar the dwarf king. Then Ajihad tells Eragon that Murtagh is the son of Morzan the traitor, also one of Galbotorix's thirteen Forsworn, and the one that Brom killed with his own sword, Zar'roc. They take Murtagh and lock him up in a cell telling Eragon they cannot take any risks, for they are about to go to war against Durza and the king's men. Eragon tells Ajihad that he killed Durza by shooting him in the head. Ajihad shakes his head and tells Eragon that he did not kill Durza because the only way to kill a Shade is to pierce him through the heart. Eragon is devastated even more as Ajihad tells him he is the one who has to go to battle against Durza in two-on-two combat with Saphira.
Days pass, and then finally the war begins Eragon and Saphira fly above Farthen Dur to fight Durza and his evil, haze-covered, flying creature called a sundablaka. After a very long battle Eragon succeeds in killing Durza. Then the war ends as the Urgals are driven back after being possessed by Durza.
Three days after the war against Durza, for some odd reason Urgals come rampaging right before Eragon leaves for the Elven capitol Ellesméra. They captured- and most likely killed -Murtagh and then killed Ajihad. Eragon is sad but does what Ajihad told him to and travels with Saphira to Ellesméra accompanied by Arya the elf princess.
They arrive in Ellesméra and meet Arya's mother, Queen Islanzadí. Then she tells Eragon that he came here to train as a Dragon Rider and to learn about the elven ways. She then shows him a secret place where they meet the actual last dragon and Rider, Oromis and his golden dragon Glaedr. They have managed to keep their existence unknown to Galbatorix since the Fall of the Riders. Glaedr teaches Saphira -since they are both dragons- all the tricks he knows and Oromis teaches Eragon more words in the ancient language and gives him more sword training.
A few months later a messenger comes from the Varden to tell Eragon that Nasuada, Ajihad's daughter, has taken her father's place as the Leader of the Varden, and a war is about to break out with the Empire. Eragon and Saphira are excused from their training as soon as Oromis saw the letter. Saphira flew as fast as she could to the Burning Plains where the war would take place-also where the Fall took place.
They arrived only minutes before the war was to begin; important minutes that Nasuada took to tell Eragon what he was to do. Then their plans changed as a blood-red dragon flew into the battle, and again Eragon was sent into two-on-two combat with Saphira. Then the war starts as Eragon and Saphira fly to a pavilion where they fight the dragon and Rider.
After long fighting- fighting that proved both Eragon and the mysterious Rider were almost equal fighters. Eragon succeeds in ripping off the Rider's helmet. Only to reveal the Rider is Murtagh. Eragon is shocked that his friend is fighting him, but Murtagh says that Galbatorix forced him to swear oaths in the ancient language, which can never be broken. He tells him that Thorn- his dragon- hatched for him not long ago and as a warning they fly off taking Zar'roc which Murtagh says is rightfully his and that Eragon is his brother, that they are both sons of Morzan. The Varden win this war too when Murtagh leaves with Thorn. Eragon can't believe that his closest friend would turn on him, and then turn around telling him they are brothers to make matters worse. Eragon was surprised when he found Roran had evacuated most of Carvahall, and had tried to take them to Surda. They ended up fighting in the war and that Roran's love, Katrina, had been kidnapped by the Ra'zac. Eragon tells him he will try and save Katrina as soon as he can.
Three months later Eragon accompanies Roran to Helgrind to fight for Katrina back. They succeed in killing the Ra'zac, and Roran and Katrina are happy once more. At least six months later the Varden are about to go to war, again. Eragon leaves for Ellesméra to complete his training. Meanwhile, there is some good, Roran and Katrina are getting married. The wedding goes well and Roran and Katrina are their happiest yet.
Eragon arrives to find that Islanzadí and some of her spellcasters are going to capture Gil'ead. When he meets his teachers he finds that they too are going to help the elves capture Gil'ead, and that hey have hidden from Galbatorix for far too long. They tell Eragon that if they are to die in combat he should know that he and Murtagh are only half brothers. That they share the same mother, but instead of Morzan being his father Brom is his father. They say that there is no time for talk. They then tell Eragon to go get Rhunön, the Riders swords' make, to make him a Rider's sword.
He goes to her and she has to make a decision. After Morzan used Zar'roc, a sword she had made, for evil she vowed never to make another sword as powerful as the Riders'. She decides to make him a sword if he finds a magical metal used to make the blades, which he does, then Rhunön makes him the sword. He then names the sapphire sword Brisingr after the ancient language word for fire, and at the sound of its name it bursts into flames, making Eragon discover its special power.
He then bids his teachers farewell and they fly together until they reach the end of Du Weldenvarden and then go their separate ways. Eragon flies into the city that the Varden are going up against, Feinster. Eragon and Saphira team up with Arya and go to the palace to help the Queen Lorana of Feinster. They encounter a person who is crazy enough to turn himself into a Shade and this time it is Arya who goes into single combat while Eragon is immobilized by visions of Oromis and Glaedr fighting Murtagh and Thorn.
The last vision of his teachers is one of Galbatorix taking control of Murtagh's body, somehow, Galbatorix still being in Urû'baen, and made Murtagh slash Oromis across from shoulder to hip with Zar'roc. This morally wounds Oromis and Glaedr pushes off of Thorn diving toward the ground with all his speed. Knowing that when he lands Islanzadí's spellcasters will heal Oromis. But time is the victor in this battle and Oromis dies on the way down- implying the rule if a Rider dies so dos his dragon-and this sends Glaedr hurdling to the ground and crashing into it with full force of speed screaming "ALONE!"
Seeing no more Eragon sees what is happening around him, Arya killing the Shade and Saphira screaming to him and Arya "GONE, GONE, they are gone FOREVER!" Then he tells Arya what she means and they safely escort Lady Lorana outside where the Varden have won yet another battle. Eragon tells all the Varden what had happened and then sadly returns to Ellesméra to spread the bad news.