Pairing: James and Carlos/ minor Kogan

Summary: James and Carlos are in college, they share a house. Things get difficult as James starts to feel differently about Carlos. After the pair spends the night together, they start to question their feelings towards each other.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys or the show even I would love to own them especially Logan and Kendall. I also don't own anything you may recognise just my own idea.

This is dedicated to Criminal-MindsFreak15

The four boys of Big Time Rush had been in college for a month now and they were still getting used to the living arrangements. James and Carlos lived in one house, while Logan and Kendall lived in another. It felt weird being separated from their best friends, but James and Carlos had decided it was only fair considering Logan and Kendall were together. It also meant that they wouldn't have to listen to the pair moaning and groaning all night, stopping the pretty boy from getting his beauty sleep.

However there was a slight problem for James living with Carlos. James Diamond was gay. He may have been known as the ladies man of Big Time Rush but this was only to stop the others getting suspicious. Throughout the college, the pretty boy was known as a player, as he had been known to date several different girls in one week, maybe even more.

Living with Carlos made it hard to keep the fact that he was gay a secret. See the Latino had a habit, a very bad habit. He liked to walk around in either his boxers or nothing at all. What made it worse was, Carlos was all caramel skin and muscles which made James want to lick him from head to toe. However he knew this could never happen, as Carlos wasn't gay and spent more time watching girls than James did doing his hair.

It was Thursday night and Kendall and Logan had just left Carlos and James' after having their weekly movie night. The pair were sat on the sofa, debating over which movie to watch next. James was stood in front of their extensive DVD collection, when Carlos turned to him and said "Why don't we have a friendly bet." Turning to look at his smaller friend, James replied, "Alright... let's hear it." "Whoever gets drunk first has to give the other a hundred dollars." Carlos replied smirking at his taller friend. "You'll lose that one." The pretty boy shot back, smirking as well. "Okay. Let's see who wins." Carlos said jumping up and holding his hand out for James to shake. Shaking Carlos' hand, James replied "I'd love to see you drunk, Carlitos."

An hour later and James knew he had won the bet. Staggering out of the kitchen, Carlos made his way over to James who was sat on the sofa, with a bottle of beer. Slumping down on the sofa, Carlos leant his head on James' shoulder causing the taller boy to blush. When he had regained his composure, the brunette looked down at the Latino, "I guess, I won that bet." He said. The only reply he got from the caramel boy was a high pitched giggle. This turned James on, so he decided to take action.

Placing a finger over the Latino's chin, James tilted it up and placed his lips against Carlos'. Waiting a few seconds to allow Carlos to jump ship if he wanted to, James smiled when the Latino began to move his lips against his. Gripping the hairs at the nape of Carlos' neck, James deepened the kiss, running his tongue along the Latino's bottom lip. When he felt James' tongue slide against his lip, Carlos opened his mouth, flicking the tip of the pretty boys' tongue with his own. The pretty boy ran his tongue over all of Carlos' sensitive spots, hardening when he heard a moan leave the Latino's throat.

Pushing the smaller boy down onto the sofa, James ground his crotch down as he settled himself between Carlos' legs. The friction created as their clothed erections rubbed against each other caused the Latino to gasp. James smirked and repeated his actions, the smaller boy bucking his hips upwards to get more friction. Breaking the kiss, James moved to suck on the caramel neck beneath him, licking a line up the Latino's neck, James felt his cock twitch as the smaller boy writhed underneath him. Biting down, James pulled back to see a purplish mark on the caramel boy's neck.

"Bedroom now." Carlos panted sitting up and attaching his lips to the brunettes' again. Leading Carlos by the hand, James headed towards his bedroom. Once they entered the bedroom, James pushed Carlos down onto his bed before straddling him. Running his hands under Carlos' shirt, the pretty boy tugged it until it was over the Latino's head. James could of cum right there and then when he caught sight of Carlos' muscles.

Obviously the smaller boy had been going to the gym, because his abdominal muscles were more pronounced than before and James couldn't help but run his hands down them. When his finger tips grazed them, they tensed sending a shiver down the brunette's spine. Grinding his hips down again, James reached down and began playing with the button of the caramel boys' jeans. Looking into Carlos' brown eyes, James could see that the Latino wanted it just as much as he did. Tugging the button out of the hole, the pretty boy had soon pulled both Carlos' jeans and boxers off and onto the floor.

Stripping himself of his clothes, James leaned down grasping Carlos' member, licking the pre cum from the tip. Hearing a gasp leave the smaller boys' mouth, James smirked before leaning down and sucking harshly on the tip. The feeling of the pretty boys' mouth made Carlos buck his hips, only to have them held down by one of James' strong hands. The free hand made its way up to the smaller boys' mouth. "Suck" James commanded the vibrations around Carlos' cock making him crazy.

Sucking James' fingers into his mouth, the smaller boy heard James groan as the heat engulfed his digits. When James' fingers were dripping with saliva, the taller boy pulled them out of Carlos' mouth and trailed them down to the Latino's entrance. Pushing in past the ring of muscle, James heard Carlos gasp from the pain, so he started to suck on the head of his cock again. This caused Carlos to instantly relax, allowing James to thrust his finger in and out, jamming another finger in after a few minutes.

Pulling his fingers out of the caramel boy, James roughly turned him around so that two smooth caramel covered cheeks were raised in the air, begging him to shove his cock into them. And that is exactly what James did. Pressing his dick into the smaller boy, he began to suck on the back of Carlos' neck as the smaller boy got used to the sensation. When all eight inches of him was inside his friend, James slowly pulled back before thrusting back in. He kept his slow rhythm until he heard a moan leave Carlos' mouth.

Picking up his pace, James began to pound into the Latino, thrusting harder with every moan that left Carlos' mouth. Reaching round, James grabbed Carlos' neglected cock, pumping him in time with his thrusts. Feeling the familiar heat pool in the bottom of his stomach, James sped up. One final thrust to Carlos' caused the smaller boy to cum all over James' sheets and hand, shouting the taller boys' name seconds after. Feeling Carlos' walls tighten around his length, James pulled out once more before thrusting back into the tight hole and filling it to the brim with cum.

Pulling out, James turned Carlos' around seeing his eyes heavy with sleep. Pulling the covers back James laid the Latino in the bed before climbing himself. Once he was settled underneath, James turned towards the smaller boy who automatically cuddled up next to him. Placing a kiss on the Latino's forehead, the pretty boy smiled to himself before drifting off to sleep.

Author's note: This was meant to be a one shot, but I have decided to make a two chapter story. Hope you enjoy. :P