It's Friday night and the group is heading to the Bloodbath Party, being that their parents were unable to convince them not to go. While the witnesses are worried, all their kids can think about is having a good time.

Although it wasn't long after nine by the time the group got there, DiBiase Hall was nearly packed wall to wall, the music was blaring, and kegs were tapped left and right.

His arm around his girlfriend, Melina, Randy gave an approving nod. "Now this is what I'm talkin' about!"

"Seriously!" seconded Randy's brother Ted, "I can't believe Dad was trying to convince us not to come."

Ted's girlfriend, Maryse, rolled her eyes. "Your Dad was doing that too? Jeez, what's with our parents? Is partying illegal now?"

John shrugged. "Who knows. In the immortal words of Will Smith, parents just don't understand! Anyway, Mike and I are going to get the drinks. What do you guys want?"

"Mike's Hard Lemonade," said Mickie and Melina.

"Jack and Coke," Adam, Randy, and Ted piped up.

"Cuervo on the rocks," Layla added.

"Green Apple Smirnoff," said Maria.

"Corona," Brandon and Eve said.

Mike laughed. "We're gonna try to remember all that."

"Not to mention carry it," said John as the two of them left, in search of liquor.

Layla turned to Brandon. "I suddenly really, really have to pee."

"It's so crowded in here, Lays," Brandon replied, "if you go to the bathroom, how are you gonna find me?"

"I'll go with her," said Eve, "we'll be back in no time."

Ted raised an eyebrow. "The buddy system? Really?"

"You know how girls are, man," said Adam.

Rolling her eyes at her boyfriend, Eve followed Layla upstairs to the second floor communal bathroom.

There was no one else upstairs once Eve and Layla made their way to the second floor.

"Good thing the bathroom is the first door you run into," said Eve, pushing open the bathroom door, "it's pitch black up here!"

"Ugh, tell me about it," Layla replied, following closely behind Eve, "Hey, have you found a light switch?"

"I'm looking," said Eve, running her hands up and down the walls in search of one. "Feel around the walls. Hopefully that'll speed up our search."

"Alright," said Layla, doing the same. For about a minute or so, it was the same feeling over and over: the cold, flat, barren bathroom wall. Layla stopped dead in her tracks when her hands felt something different, drastically different. Whatever it was, it damn sure wasn't a wall; it was warm, it had shape to it, and it was...moving. And was that breathing?

"What the...?" Layla began to say, but before "hell", she felt a knife plunge into he stomach. She screamed and doubled over in pain before collapsing to the floor.

Eve whirled around in the still-dark bathroom. "Lays?" she called, waiting for a response. She got irritated. "Damnit, Layla, this isn't funny!"

Eve was ready to tell Layla off once the lights flickered on. The only problem was, Layla wasn't the one who turned the lights was a man. A man with a knife, and unfortunately for Eve, he was blocking the door.

Eve's heart sank and she was frozen in fear. There was nowhere to go. A sinister smile on his face, the killer stepped closer to Eve. She tried to juke him out and run past him, but he caught her by the waist and drug her back toward him. Eve was clawing at the tiled bathroom floor, fighting not to be brought back toward the killer. After a few minutes of struggling, the killer flipped Eve onto her back. He leaned forward and grabbed Eve by the throat. He lifted her up into the air until her feet weren't even touching the ground anymore. Eve clawed at his hands and tried to scream, but the more time that passed, the tighter his grip got and the harder it was to scream. She could feel her vision tunneling in and less and less air was hitting her lungs.

And then she stopped struggling.

The killer dropped Eve's limp body and stepped over Layla as he exited the bathroom. He smiled. Two down he thought.

Trust me, it breaks my heart that I had to kill Eve and Layla. I really do like them. Well there you have it, the first two victims. Who dies next? Keep reading to find out;D R&R!