Warning: Mild swearing.

Tenth Anniversary – Oneshots that will tell how Danny spent his anniversary's of the second he pressed the button in the portal.

Ten seconds

An oneshot by: NeverEnough15

Uploaded at: 10:10 10-10-10 (Hey, it's this time in The Netherlands. ;)


Desperately gasping for air I felt my lungs burning, stinging, pleading for oxygen. Oxygen that isn't here.

Shitshitshit, I'mdyingI'mdyingI'mdying.

Warm, cold, warm again. Confusing. Deceiving.

Unbearable pain. Screaming. Mine? I don't know, too much pain, can't think. Still can't breathe. Bright light everywhere, shining through my eyelids.

Please, pleasepleaseplease, stop! I don't want this, oh God please let this stop! Please!

Flesh burning, melting, getting back together.

More pain. Still screaming. More flesh burning. Still can't breathe. More light.

Gasping, my mind tells me, demanding me, to get air, there's no air here, oh God help.


Then it stops.

Everything just stops. The burning, the screaming, everything.

Cold, warm, cold again. More cold than warm. Ice everywhere.

And I fall to the warm floor.


I hear faint movements. Soft crying, soft sobbing, yet too loud. It rings through my head, echoing.


Look at his hair! Oh my-

Cold, warm, cold again.

Is he old?

More cold than warm.

Get him out of there!

Soft tingling everywhere. Reaching up and falling down.

More warm than cold. Comforting. Reassuring. Like a blanket thrown over me.

What just happened? His hair is black again! Tucker, do something! Danny...

More soft sobbing.

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The next parts won't be as angst-y and confusing as this one. Promise. :)

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Ps, I'll try to explain the 'warm, cold, warm again' parts. First, he's human, thus warm. Then, he flickers to ghost form, thus cold. But then he flickers back to being human, to being warm again.

Hope you understood it. ;)