– Dream On –

E/O Drabble Challenge. Challenge Word: Blue.

Set: Way back into their childhood – but far from peaceful.

Summary: Once again John left little Sammy in the custody of his 11 year old brother to chase the evil – and something just waited for this opportunity...

A/N: Only the sweetest dreams for you crazy bunch of SPN girls, especially my musketeer sisters Shan and Barbara :-)

He awoke with the distinct feeling that something was wrong.

A car rushed by, its headlights casting twitching patterns on the wall.

He heard the goddamn tap, dripping its maddening melody.

And voices whispering.


"Sammy?" In one fluent motion he grabbed the silver knife from under his pillow and tumbled up.

A shadow left his brothers bed, two dots of piercing blue flashing in his direction before dissolving in the dark.

"Dean, did you see him?" Definitely excited.

He tried to breath around the icy lump in his guts.

"Who… him?"

"Guess t'was the sandman."

Sure, Sammy. Dream on…

A/N 2: I don't know if people in the USA are familiar with the Sandman. It's an old European lore, with its origins in the Greek myth of Morpheus, the bringer of sleep and dreams. In Western Europe there existed two versions of the Sandman: the evil one was supposed to frighten children who didn't want to go to bed, and he would throw sand into their eyes to blind them. The good one would dust their eyes to make them sleepy, and every grain of sand would bring a nice dream. This is the version that is very popular today, and the "Sandman" visits children in the german TV every evening to tell them a little bedtime story. Anyway - I think Sammy was wrong...