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After then end of training that day, the training master said "Keladry of Mindlean. Go to my office."

At the office

"I am going to speak to you as I would to own my daughters. Women aren't supposed to fight. They are weak and fickle. The Lioness is an exception to that rule. She was chosen by the gods. You aren't chosen by them. Tomorrow you will leave and go home. The next time I see you will be when you are walking down the stairs to be presented to the court as a lady. By then you will see that I was right and that girls can't fight." said the training master, Wyldon of Cavall.

"So I can't come back, even if I worked harder you had already decided that I couldn't return. My lord, I am sorry to say that you will regret not letting me stay, one day. Goodbye." said Kel. The bell rang for dinner as soon as she stood.

"Also you may take the horse you were riding. Somebody has bought him for you. Now let's go to dinner."

Mess Hall

As they entered, Kel went to the line to get dinner. She sat with her friends among the pages. Some of those friends were Neal, Merric, Falaron, and Roald.

After Wyldon said the prayer, a carrier came in

"My lord, there is a messenger for a Keladry of Mindlean."

"Send him in."

"Yes, my lord."

As the messenger came in, Kel noticed that he was an imperial messenger, from the Yamani Isles.

"Thank you, my lord. Can I give this to Lady Kel? I know you would like to see it first, but I'm not aloud to give this to anyone except the person it is meant for." the messenger said.

"Fine, If you must." was the answer the he gave,

As he came towards Kel, everybody was staring at her due to the messenger calling her a Lady.

As Kel, opened it she smiled. It said "Hello, Lady Kel. We heard about your rejection in Tortall. Even though it just happened, the Yamani gods told us what happened. We wish for you to return to the Yamani Isles to become a Yamani Warrior to accept our offer bite your thumb and wipe the blood across the bottom of this letter. That will let us know if you accept it. If you do there is a ship to take you to the Isles.


The Emperor

After reading the letter, she bit down on her thumb and wiped the blood along the bottom of the page.

"Thank you, my lady. We leave tomorrow for home" the messenger said.

Kel's room

"Kel, why are you packing?" asked Neal.

He along with Cleon, Merric, and the others were in her room. They had followed her there after dinner.

"The Stump decided that I'm not good enough to be a knight. I'm going back to the Yamani Islands to be a warrior. Tomorrow, I'm leaving. You will get to see me in a kimono and be a Yamani lady. Please can you leave, I need to sleep." Answered Kel.

"Sure. Just be sure to write when you get to the Isles."

"I will. Good Night."

In the morning

In the courtyard all the pages where about to go to on their way to their respective fiefs, when a carriage came up with the crest of the Yamani Islands, behind the carriage was Peachblossom.

An aisle appeared between the pages. At the end stood a figure clothed in beautiful fabric. As the person started walking up the aisle, the pages noticed there were two people in front and behind somebody.

The warriors were wearing fighting kimonos. Each of the warriors kimonos were in different colors. The colors were blue, brown, red, and white, each color representing an element. The person in the center wore a mixture of all the colors. Her under kimono was a mixture of brown and white, while her over kimono was a mixture of red and blue. Her obi was the mixture of Light and Dark. On her forehead was the symbol of the combined elements.

As she walked by the pages, they noticed that she had a fan and a short knife in her obi. Along with this, they noticed that her hair was down to her waist. Her eyes were a dreamy hazel. This is when everybody recognized the lady as Kel.

As she passed her friends among the pages, something was thrust towards her. It was a beautifully made sword. It had the symbol of Raven Armory on the hilt. It was made from the finest Tortallian steel. When she took it in her hands, the sword changed from the plain black sheath to the multi-color sheath of one who uses all the elements.

"Thank you. I will treasure it. Hope to see you in the future. My friends, good luck on your journeys."

She than boarded her carriage to take her to the port and then to her home for the next several years. No one got the chance to ask her if her long hair was hidden under a spell or it was a spell. As the carriage left they saw Kel gave a wave to them and then they saw no more of her.

Port Caynn

When she came out of the carriage everyone turned and looked. This was the first time many of them have seen someone from the Yamani Islands. There was ship in the docks that on the side read Elements. As she stepped onto the deck of the ship, with the warriors behind her, the ship started moving out to sea and towards Kel's new home till she becomes a Yamani Warrior.

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