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Chapter 1

As the boat docked in the capital city of the Yamani Isles (AN: anybody knows the name of the city) harbor, there was great fanfare. After a long month at sea, everybody on the boat was glad to see land. When the elemental warriors started to escort the beloved Elemental Mistress of the Isles from the boat Elements to the land, everybody started to shout and yell. The Elemental Mistress was believed to have the power to raise tsunamis and able to calm them down. Not much is known about her or her powers.

At the end of the dock was an imperial messenger, when the warriors, with the Mistress, stepped onto steady ground the messenger told them his message. As soon as the messenger opened his mouth to speak the crowd grew silent. He said "His Most Imperial Highness request that you come to the palace. He said that he has something to tell the Mistress and come at all haste." After he said the Warriors and the Elemental Mistress went on to the palace of the Rising Suns.

At the Palace

As she entered the palace did the warriors guarding her disappear. She walked towards the place that the emperor and the empress were at. When she entered everybody in the room stopped what they were doing and parted to let her pass. As she neared the thrones, the warriors that were with her when they got off the boat and on the journey to the palace reappeared.

His most Imperial Highness said "Welcome back, Mistress of the Elements. Thank you for coming as quickly as you could. I know that you just landed today from a month at sea. But I fear that something of grave concern has occurred. The occurrence was that you were denied going for knighthood in Tortall. Due to this I have the chance to offer you the chance that no other … foreigner has ever been given. That offer is to make you a Yamani warrior, not just one versed in how to fight with the elements but with how a knight would fight. Don't give me your answer just yet; you have till dinner tonight to make your decision."

The Mistress answered "There is no need for me to think on this or for you to wait for my answer. The answer is yes. But is the treaty with Tortall going to be kept?" "Yes, it is." answered the Empress. "Good. I was hoping to be part of the chosen princess entourage when she travels to Tortall. I know the land and the language." Said the Mistress.

"Most people don't know your true name, just that you are the Mistress. By the end of your training I hope that most know your name and not your title." Said the Emperor.

First day of training

"Everybody, welcome to the first day of your training to become a Yamani knight. By the end of training, you will be masters of one element and have an immortal guardian. Most guardians are the ones that love peace. But once and awhile there will be somebody with a guardian that loves to fight. It is said that one with such a guardian is said to bring nation together and lead us to new way of life. The last brought the power of the elements to this nation. There hasn't been one since then. May the gods and goddesses be with you."

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