by Gunman

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Summary: When the Avengers teams rebuild themselves, Spider Man suggests Shinji 'Dark Spider' Ikari for Luke Cage's team of heroes, which puts the ebon arachnid on a new path and future.


Chapter 1
Forming The Team

"Give. Me. A. Dollar." Tony Stark said.

Those four words were the beginning of a new life for the Avengers team.

With those four words, and the bare minimum of cash transfers, Luke Cage inherited the newly renovated Avengers Mansion from Tony Stark, as well as leadership of his own Avengers team.

While Steve Rogers, who was no longer Captain America, was set to lead his own special team of Avengers, he told Luke that he could pick and lead his own team (with the exception of Thor and Iron Man)

Cage actually had a few special picks in mind. One of them was Spider Man.

However, the webslinger had already been offered a place on the primary Avengers team, which consisted of Captain America II, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Woman, Wolverine, Hawkeye and a recently 'recruited' Captain Marvel.

So, as not to offend Luke Cage with a refusal, he decided to offer a substitute.


While Luke Cage and Iron Fist were giving Ben Grimm, the mighty rock-like Thing of the Fantastic Four, and the lovely and lethal Mockingbird a tour of their rather elegant yet modernly refurbished mansion, three of the New Avengers were standing by the window as if waiting for something.

"So... what are we waiting for?" Ms Marvel asked.

"My replacement." Spider Man said as he noticed a dark-garbed figure swung into view.

"Your what?" Wolverine asked.

"Yeah unlike you, Logan, I can't be in two places at once. So I needed a designated surrogate." the webslinger said.

"Huh?" the cigar-chomping mutant asked.

"A substitute." Ms Marvel translated.

"And here he comes now!" Spider Man said.

Spider Man and Ms Marvel moved away from the window as the black suited webslinger flew through the window and landed with perfect grace, almost hitting Logan.

"Dark Spider?" Ms Marvel gasped as the figure stood up.

He was as tall as Spider Man, same athleticism, but his costume was as dark as Ms Marvel's with a large white spider symbol on it.

Logan sniffed him and nodded. Having met Shinji before, he knew his scent, so he was more at ease with his presence here.

"I got your message and came as soon as I could. What's going on?" Dark Spider asked, as Spider Man put his arm around his 'little brother'.

"Well, DS, ole buddy ole clone ole brother of mine, here's the thing. I have been asked to join The Avengers team. Two Avengers teams, actually. Problem is, I can't be in two places at once. So... I need a representative on one of them." Spider Man said.

"You want me on one of the teams you can't be a part of?" Dark Spider asked.


"And who exactly are on these teams?"

"Well, Steve Rogers put his own team together, which consists of himself, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Nova, Beast, Moon Knight, and War Machine. He wanted Captain America Jr., Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Spider Woman and myself on the 'primary' Avengers team, based at the Tower. But he gave Luke Cage free reign to pick his own team of Avengers who will base themselves here at the mansion. So far we've got myself and Wolvie, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Iron Fist and Luke's trying to get Ben Grimm on the team as well."

Dark Spider cocked his head to the side.

"Interesting roster." he said.

"Really." Spider Man agreed.

"But... you, Wolverine and Hawkeye are on two teams?" Dark Spider asked.

"It's complicated." Spider Man stated.

"I'm sure." Dark Spider quipped. "There aren't enough heroes to put on two teams?"

"It's a matter of some debate." Wolverine said.

"Do I get a choice in this, or are you going to pick for me?" Dark Spider asked Spider Man.

At hearing that, Spider Man was mixed. While he had originally intended for Shinji to be on Luke Cage's team, he realized that Shinji's experience as a robot pilot, fighting against giant monsters for the sake of an entire planet, would have made him a better choice for Captain America's team. Now that he realized this, he felt a little guilty for trying to pawn Shinji off on a 'lesser' team.

"Uh... match you for it?" Spider Man asked as he raised his closed fist to his alternate clone.

Dark Spider looked at Spider Man's raised fist.

"You want to play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to decide who gets which team?" Dark Spider asked.

"Yes." Spider Man said simply.

"No." Dark Spider replied.

"Huh?" the webslinger asked.

"We have the same abilities, but you have experience. On a first-pick team, that could come in handy. So...I choose this one." Dark Spider declared.

"You want to be part of Luke Cage's team?" Spider Man asked.

"Yes. I've worked with Mr Cage before. More than I have either the old and the new Captain America, and more than I've worked with either Iron Man or Thor." he explained.

"Alright, then." Spider Man said. "If you guys want him..." he said to the pair of Avengers.

"Yes. He'll do." Ms Marvel said with a smirk as Wolverine grinned.

"Then it's settled. Welcome to the Avengers, Dark Spider." Spider Man said.

"The New Avengers." Luke Cage said as he appeared in the hallway with his wife and daughter (Jessica Jones and Danielle), Iron Fist, Ben Grimm and Mockingbird. "Welcome to the team." he said, holding out his hand to the black arachnid.

Dark Spider shook the man's hand, as if making it official that he was now part of the team.

"Thank you, sir." Dark Spider said to the former Hero For Hire.

"Hear that? 'Sir'!" Luke Cage grinned.

"Don't go getting a big head, Luke." Jessica said.

Off to the side, Spider Man, Wolverine, and Hawkeye were talking.

"You sure this is a good idea?" Wolverine asked the webslinger.

"He's got a point, Logan." Hawkeye said. "We can't serve two teams at once. Spreading us too thin makes us unable to act at our full potential."

Logan looked back between the webslinger and the archer.

"That's probably the most profound thing I've ever heard out of both you guys." Wolverine said.

"Aw shucks! You're making me blush." Spider Man stated.

"But you got a point. If you're gonna do the substitute thing, then I guess I will too." Wolverine said.

(One hour later)

Wolverine opened the door, allowing a young woman with long black hair, blue eyes, dressed in a black leather jacket, blue jeans, boots, and a black shirt to enter the mansion.

Luke Cage and the rest were there to meet her as Wolverine let her in.

"Hey, Wolvie, who's this?" Luke Cage asked.

"My replacement." Wolverine said.

"Your replacement?" the steel-skinned hero asked.

"Webs was right. Ya can't serve on two teams, in my case three, and actually be any good. So I asked X-23 here to be my replacement on this team."

"X-23?" Iron Fist asked, confused by the name.

"What are her qualifications?" Jessica Jones Cage asked.

Logan looked at the girl and nodded his head.

The girl brought up her hands, turning her hands into fists, which caused two spiked claws to emerge from between her knuckles.

"You want us to replace you with your daughter?" Jessica asked, making a mental note to keep her own daughter away from this girl.

"She's not my daughter. She's my clone!" Wolverine explained.

"Really?" Ms Marvel gasped.

"You've got a clone?" Mockingbird asked.

"Who doesn't these days?" Dark Spider quipped.

"Wow, sounds cool." Iron Fist said. "Best I've got is a doppleganger who wants to take my place."

"Yeah. If she's anything like Wolverine, we're gonna kick some serious butt!" Ms Marvel said. "And I like having some extra female skill around here."

"Actually, Spider Man brings up a good point. Mockingbird and I can't be on two teams at the same time. Especially since we're still in the process of reconciling our relationship." Hawkeye said to Luke Cage.

"So... you want to pick some suitable replacements as well?" Luke Cage asked.

"Well, we'd hate to leave you in the lurch and all." Mockingbird said.

"So we asked an old friend of ours to stop by." the master archer said. "She'll be here shortly."

While this was going on, X-23 approached Dark Spider.

"You are Dark Spider, clone of Spider Man?" she asked the ebon arachnid.

Dark Spider looked at Logan with a bit of perturbness on his face. (If you could see it beneath his mask)

"Well... not really. My body is a clone body of Spider Man's. My mind is that of another person." He explained.

"And who is this other person?" she asked.

"I... don't feel like revealing that just now." he replied.

"Of course. You do not know me, so you do not trust me." she said.

"Something like that." he answered.

"Sensible. I look forward to serving with you on this team." she said as she walked away from him.

She's awfully quick to join this team. Then again, Logan told me once how she was conditioned to follow specific orders. She's much more independent than she once was. Maybe it's her way of coping? Shinji thought.

(Ten minutes later)

Hawkeye and Mockingbird opened the door to the mansion to reveal a very unique individual standing outside on the stone steps.

Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones Cage, Ms Marvel, The Thing, Dark Spider and X-23 gasped when they saw who it was.

The person standing before them was a beautiful bald-headed woman dressed in what looked like a high-tech green leather battle armor suit, long black sleeves that left her fingers exposed, green boots that came up mid-calf almost to her knees, black leather 'stockings', and completing the outfit was a black belt that hung very loosely around her hips. Only the barest amount of skin was being shown, which was a far cry from her original green leotard-swimsuit.

"To those of you who haven't met her, this is Heather Douglas, the Moondragon." Mockingbird said.

"My, my. So many handsome men and beautiful women before me. Who to choose?" Moondragon grinned with her ever confident smirk.

"Is she always like this?" Iron Fist asked the master archer.

"Most of the time." Hawkeye said.

"So... what can she do?" Luke Cage asked.

"Aside from being a highly skilled martial artist, geneticist and telepath, she also has some minor telekinetic abilities, and experience in extraterrestrial anomalies." Hawkeye said.

"Now watch as I read your mind!" Moondragon said as she sent out waves of telepathy to each of the Avengers.

"ARGH!" Dark Spider shouted, his body forcefully recoiling.

Moondragon reigned in her telepathic powers as Luke and Ms Marvel went over to him.

"What's wrong?" Ms Marvel asked.

"My mind! It was like I was being attacked." Dark Spider stated.

"Attacked?" Luke asked.

"You attacked him?" Ms Marvel snapped at Moondragon.

"I was trying to read his mind." Moondragon explained. "Along with everyone else's."

"'s okay." Dark Spider said. "This happened when Professor X tried to read my mind without my permission."

"Without permission?" Luke asked.

"Hmm. Sounds like a good warning device if we're ever mentally compromised." Ms Marvel said.

"You are interesting." she smiled.

"And you're dangerous." Dark Spider said, backing away from the woman.

"Oh dear. I think I scared the poor boy." Moondragon said.

"You caused him pain is what you did." Ms Marvel said.

"I didn't do it on purpose." she defended herself.

"That wasn't a great first impression." Mockingbird said.

"True. But I've heard of this woman. She's pretty powerful, and we could use her on our team." Iron Fist said.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird said their goodbyes to the team, satisfied that leaving Moondragon as their replacement was a good idea. Despite her earlier audition. Spider Man and Wolverine had left earlier before Moondragon arrived.

"So... what do you think?" Iron Fist asked.

"Well... if Ben's agreed to work with us... I think we finally got our team." Luke Cage said.

"Slowly but surely." Jessica Jones Cage said while still holding her baby.

From the main security room within the mansion, Victoria Hand watched as the odd group of new heroes was effectively formed.

Luke Cage. Iron Fist. Ms Marvel. Dark Spider. X-23. The Thing. And now Moondragon. Victoria thought as she updated the New Avengers roster. Brains. Brawn. Battle skills. All kinds of experience to speak of. This is definitely going to be an interesting ride.


Authors Notes:

Sue me if I thought that adding this to my already huge pallet was a good idea.

I wanted to add as much to my profiles as possible, and on this date.

I have no idea what to do with this story. Any suggestions are welcome. But I mostly wrote up this story because I wanted to create an Avengers team that actually made a bit of sense.

I mean... Spider Man, Wolverine and Hawkeye are already on the primary Avengers team. They can't serve on two teams! (Especially Wolverine who is an X-Man) So I thought to replace them on this new team. And for the sheer convenience of it, I've added Shinji 'Dark Spider' Ikari to their ranks. That was mainly my idea.

Let me know what you think! Please! Though, I'm not gonna update this for a while. I've got so many other stories to update and such.