by Gunman

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Summery: The new Avengers go to stop Iron Maniac from conquering all reality, and are joined by two new allies: the beautiful Jhen the Gammazon and the size-shifting Black Goliath.


Chapter 3
Avengers Vs Avengers

(Nowhere Space Station)

The quartet of superheroes looked at the rather odd-looking space ship. To them, it looked like the Ajax rocket ship from the old Flash Gordon movie. (The one where Sam Jones played Flash) It was cigar-shaped with wings on the side, a tail-fin that stood up on the back of the ship, three engine exhaust ports in the back of it, and a pointed nose in the front.

"What do you think?" Jack Flag asked.

"It looks like a lawn dart." Thunderstrike stated.

"I admit, it's a little retro, but she's the only functioning ship we've got right now. It'll get us to Iron Maniac's base." Jack said.

"Considering we're stuck in a giant floating head on the other side of the galaxy." Thunderstrike mumbled.

Yes, Jack had told them exactly where they were, and needless to say, the quartet was a little shocked at finding out that they were inside the head of a creature that was once alive. However, that didn't seem to phase them that much as their resident wall-crawler brought them back to the matter at hand.

"Wait! Us? You're coming with us?" Dark Spider asked the patriotic strongman.

"Sure. I'm the only one who knows how to pilot this thing." Jack stated.

"Right." the ebon arachnid said with a sigh.

The quintet quickly boarded the ship and within a few minutes they were off, heading back towards their enemy using the only method available to them.

While it was true they could have used Thunderstrike's mace to get them back to Iron Maniac's base, there was the small problem of actually knowing just where they would be going. The substitute god of thunder had only guessed where he was sending them when he had saved their lives beforehand. He hadn't actually had any time to try and consciously know where he was traveling.

The group was lucky they hadn't actually ended up inside a small star or something.


However, unknownst to them, Iron Maniac had been aware of their survival, and their intention to try and come back to stop him.

"Such pedestrian methods!" the silver and purple armored dictator said aloud. "Still, I will need to be prepared for their arrival. A good host must make his guests feel welcome, after all."

Rising up from his seat in front of the large monitor that was displaying the five heroes traveling towards him, he turned around and grinned at the group of Avengers he had already 'contracted' for such an endeavor.

"Yes. You will do nicely." Iron Maniac grinned beneath his mask.

Standing before him were five unique individuals.

Four of them were from Earth-90110, and consisted of Commander America, Irondroid, Jhen the Gammazon and the Tachyon Torch. They were the Cosmic Avengers of the 22nd Century.

Commander America was dressed much the same as Captain America had been, except he had two white shoulder pads that had black circles with white stars in the middle of them.

Irondroid was dressed in a much more mechanical version of Iron Man's classical red and gold armor. His helmet looking more menacing than the original.

Tachyon Torch was not too different from the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) except he wore a mostly red bodysuit with yellow boots, gloves and belt around his waist. He had reddish hair and blue eyes, unlike his ancestor in the original Fantastic Four.

Jhen the Gammazon appeared to be the same as She-Hulk herself, (green-skin, green-hair and green-eyes), seeing as she was a clone of Jennifer Walters from the 20th Century, dressed in a somewhat skimpy blue leotard with no gloves or boots.

Rounding off this group was Dr. William Barrett 'Bill' Foster, also known as Black Goliath, who was not from the 22nd Century. He had been plucked from Earth-8321 after he had helped save the Thing's life from a deadly mutation which would have claimed his life.

"The five of you are going to ensure that I am not disturbed while I perform my final experiments!" Iron Maniac said to the assembled group. "You will greet our guests when they arrive, and if you must, kill them all!"

"YES, SIR!" the quintet shouted in mind-controlled unison.


(Rocket Ship)

"And after Osborn and his bunch were locked up, Steve Rogers actually put together several teams in order to combat various threats to the planet." Dark Spider explained from the back seat of the rocket ship.

Jack Flag was sitting in the front pilot's seat. Rescue was sitting in the co-pilot's seat next to him. Dark Spider was sitting right behind Jack, X-23 was sitting right behind Rescue, and Thunderstrike was sitting behind Dark Spider.

"And you're part of this... third... Avengers team?" Jack asked as he piloted the ship.

"Yes." X-23 said. "Dark Spider and I were asked to be members of this new Avengers team, by our 'family members', led by Luke Cage."

"Cage? I've heard of him. He's good guy." Jack said. "So what happened after that?"

"Well, we were just getting settled in, when Rescue and Thunderstrike here crashed into our mansion fighting a robotic Frost Giant created by Iron Maniac." Dark Spider said.

"He was trying to keep us busy so that we couldn't stop his plans." Rescue stated.

"And then he goes even further by teleporting us across the galaxy to that... station, where we met you, Jack." Thunderstrike said.

"So the whole... Civil War thing, the Superhuman Registration Act... it's all done?" Jack asked, wondering if it would be a good idea now for him to return home.

"Yeah." Dark Spider said, taking a closer look at the dark-suited, red-metal mask wearing patriotic strongman. "All warrants for super-powered heroes who didn't register have been withdrawn and erased. Why?"

"Oh, just... wanted to know if I was still a fugitive or not." Jack said, actually feeling relief over this latest news.

"Actually... we don't know." Dark Spider said.

"Huh? Really?" Jack asked.

"Truth is... we haven't really heard of you." Rescue said.

The patriotic enforcer looked to the thunder god.

"Don't ask me. I'm from a different universe all together." Thunderstrike said.

"Great!" Jack huffed as the sensors on the rocket suddenly beeped. "Hey! Iron Maniac's base at 12 o'clock!"

The four heroes quickly got up from their seats and stared out the window. Gasping as they did.

Floating before them was a massive red and gold rectangular space station with a large dome in the middle of the station, a large hanger bay open in the middle of the rectangle that seemed to be inviting them in.

"This is too easy." Jack said as he continued to pilot the ship towards the station.

"It is. My spider-sense is tingling!" Dark Spider gasped as the ship was suddenly pulled towards the open hanger bay.

"Well, at least we know it's a trap." Thunderstrike said as he headed for the back of the ship where the exit was.

However, when the ship finally landed, and the five heroes disembarked, they found no one waiting for them.

"Huh. No one to meet us?" Jack asked.

Just then, the large doors on the far side of the hanger started to open.

"Spoke too soon." the patriotic enforcer said.

"Looks like the welcome wagon's here." Thunderstrike said as he gripped his mace tightly.

Once the doors were open, the group of makeshift Avengers looked on and gasped when they saw who had come to greet them.

"Is that who I think it is?" Thunderstrike asked as five figures entered the hanger.

Five figures who looked like alternate versions of the Avengers, and one Fantastic Four member.

"I don't know. Who do you think it is?" Dark Spider asked.

"The Cosmic Avengers from the 22nd Century!" the substitute Thor said.

"Then I'd say yes." the ebon arachnid said. Like I have any idea!

"Commander America. Irondroid. The Tachyon Torch. And Jhen the Gammazon." Thunderstrike introduced.

"So who's the other guy?" X-23 asked, her claws out as she pointed to the dark-skinned guy in the black and white costume standing off to the side of the group.

"Bill Foster?" Rescue gasped when she saw him. "He... he used to go by the name Black Goliath... up until he was killed by Tony and Reed's cybernetic Thor clone."

"So who's this guy? A clone? Someone else from another universe?" Dark Spider asked, trying to figure just what these guys were capable of.

"Don't know. But if he's anything like our Bill Foster..." Rescue started to say, as the man in question started growing until he was 50-feet tall. (Just under the max height of the hanger bay)

"Great! Now we've got a full dance card!" Jack Flag grumbled.

"We've got no choice!" Rescue said. "If Iron Maniac's true to form, he's kidnapped these guys and brainwashed them into serving him. Talking will be a waste of time."

"Right. So... who wants who?" Thunderstrike asked.

"Jack, you take Commander America." Dark Spider said to Jack Flag.

"Right." the patriotic strongman replied.

"X, you take the Gammazon." Dark Spider said to X-23.

"Okay." the former female assassin said.

"Rescue, you take Irondroid!" Dark Spider said to the female Iron Man.

"Appropriate, I guess." the female armored avenger said.

"Thunderstrike, you take Mr Foster." Dark Spider said to the mace-wielder.

"Cool." the substitute god of thunder said with a nod.

"And I'll deal with the Human Torch look-a-like." Dark Spider said as their opponents quickly charged towards them.

"So... who's going to say it?" Rescue asked.

"Say what?" Dark Spider asked.

"You know. 'Avengers Assemble'!" She said.

The group seemed to be looking at Dark Spider for some reason.

"Oh, alright. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" Dark Spider shouted as the two teams literally lunged towards each other.

(Jack Flag vs Commander America)

"So you're the descendant of Captain America, huh?" Jack asked as he pulled the gun from out of his holster.

"That's right. So admit you have no chance against me!" the star-spangled scion said as he brought his shield up.

"That'll happen when I see it!" Jack said as he charged towards the super soldier, gun up and firing as his opponent blocked the blasts with his shield.

The energy blasts ricocheted off of Commander's shield as the pair charged towards each other. Com knocked the gun out of Jack's hand with his shield and brought his arm back to punch the patriotic enforcer to the ground.

"You'll have to do better than that, son!" Com said as he leapt into the air and flew towards the young hero.

"If you're from the 22nd Century, then you could be my great-great-great-grandson." Jack replied as he rose himself up and leapt into the air directly at the super soldier.

Commander America's descending shield collided with Jack Flag's face as Jack's body twisted about and came up to Com's face, kicking him in the jaw, and ultimately knocking them both out.

(X-23 vs Jhen the Gammazon)

"Gammazon Smash Little Girl!" Gammazon snarled as she towered above X-23, raising her fists up to bring them down upon the young woman.

X-23 dove forward, avoiding her fists and jumped forward to slash at the green-skinned heroine.

"I can see this is definitely going to be the female versions of Wolverine and Hulk fighting against each other!" X-23 replied.

X slashed at Jhen as the emerald giantess tried to pound the girl into the ground. Her skin healed up, but she was continually slashed again and again. Her arms, her legs, her back, her cheek and neck, her feet and hands.

Then Jhen managed to grab X by one of her legs and started spinning her around and around, then slamming her into the metal floor over and over.

"Little girl give up?" Jhen asked the razor-clawed young woman.

"Not yet, green girl." X said as she forced herself to move past the pain, and quickly stabbed at Jhen's arm and thigh, nailing her in two pressure points that knocked her out. Were it not for her gamma-powers she could very well have died.

"Argh!" the gammazon groaned as she fell backwards onto the ground.

She'll be back up in about an hour, which gives me enough time to heal up. X thought as she rested on the ground. Course, she'll be healed too.

(Rescue vs Irondroid)

"My weapons against your defenses... this is pointless!" Irondroid snapped as he fired another blast of energy at the iron woman.

"Maybe we should stop fighting then!" Rescue shouted as she deflected his repulsor blasts.

"Then you accept my offer of surrender!" Irondroid said as he flew towards her.

"You wish to surrender? Okay, I accept." she joked.

Irondroid flew in and fired several repulsor blasts at the female hero in rapid succession, until he was able to get close enough to tackle her to the ground.

"OMPH!" Rescue shouted as Irondroid was upon her.

"I offered you the chance to surrender! Now you will simply DIE!" he shouted as he tried to crush her helmet with her inside it.

Rescue gripped at his hands, trying to push him away. But his armor was superior in terms of strength and weapons.

However, Rescue had one advantage over him.

"I didn't want to have to do this, but... you're not leaving me any other choice." she said as she brought up a special non-lethal device that Tony had installed into her armor. Hidden inside the waist of her own armor, a small tuning fork-like device popped out, and Rescue grabbed it with her free hand, before lifting it up and jabbing it into Irondroid's stomach. "SONIC PITCH!"

The device quickly activated, sending a powerful sonic pulse directly into Irondroid's armor, which reverberated through his entire armor and affected everything from his brain to his stomach to his toes.

"AAAAHHHH!" he shouted as he stumbled back, landing on his back and was rendered unconscious.

Rescue stood up and walked over to him, retrieving the tuning fork and putting it back into the compartment on her waist.

"Bet that rattled your teeth a bit." Rescue said with a smirk.

(Thunderstrike vs Black Goliath)

The ebon giant threw his fist down and slammed the substitute god of thunder into the floor of the hanger again and again.

"Ouch." Thunderstrike groaned as the giant advanced and continued to pound on his body. "I don't get paid enough for this." he groaned through each punch before he swatted the massive fist away with his mace and quickly threw the Asgardian weapon into the giant's forehead.


"Oomph!" Black Goliath moaned as he stumbled backwards from the impact.

Getting out of his human-shaped hole, Thunderstrike gripped his mace and hurled it directly at the stunned giant, striking him in the face and knocking him backwards. However, when he stumbled backwards, he struck the hangers rear wall, and knocked himself cold.

"The bigger they are, the harder they crash." Thunderstrike groaned.

(Dark Spider vs Tachyon Torch)

"I'll burn you alive!" Tachyon Torch shouted as he hurled another fireball at the ebon arachnid.

"Of course you would! I can't imagine you trying to freeze me!" Dark Spider shouted as he jumped out of the way.

"You will not stop the Master's plan!" Torch shouted as he hurled another series of fireballs at the webslinger.

"And what is the Master's plan?" Dark Spider shouted as he dodged the attack.

"The Conquest Of Reality!" Torch shouted as he switched to fire-beam attacks at the webslinger.

"Ask a silly question..." Spider said as he quickly moved along the far wall until he came to a series of coolant pipes. Thinking quickly, he paused for a moment, before stepping aside, and letting Torch's fire-beam strike the coolant pipes, cutting them open and firing a blast of super cold air directly at the Human Torch descendant. "Well, that was easy." he said as the Torch dropped to the ground.

The battle won in favor of the modern-day Avengers, the heroes gathered up their defeated foes and then tried to figure out what to do with them.

"So what now?" X-23 asked, limping lightly towards the group.

"We have to neutralize their mind-control." Dark Spider said.

"That's obvious, but how?" Thunderstrike asked.

"I think I know a way." Rescue said as she pulled out her tuning fork and tapped it hard against her armored wrist.

One-by-one she placed the tuning fork by the heads of each of the Cosmic Avengers and Black Goliath.

"If I'm right, the sonic pitch from my tuning fork will neutralize the mental brainwashing that Iron Maniac placed upon them." Rescue said.

"How do you know this will work?" Thunderstrike asked.

"If you've got a better idea, I'd like to hear it." Rescue replied.

"And what do you think?" the substitute god of thunder asked the other two Avengers.

"I don't have any better ideas." X-23 stated.

"And I agree with that statement." Dark Spider said. "I guess we'll have to wait and see."


About half-an-hour later, Rescue had freed the Cosmic Avengers of their mind-control, and they were talking to the New Avengers. Jack Flag and Black Goliath still unconscious from the fight.

"And that's the truth." Commander America said.

"Iron Maniac's been capturing people from other dimensions and mind-controlling them... why?" Dark Spider asked.

"He wants to create an army of superhumans to do his bidding." Irondroid said.

"Specifically superheroes!" Jhen the gammazon said.

"Uh... we figured that out. But why superheroes?" Dark Spider asked.

"Because they are the best of the best. Their victories compounded over their defeats. That's why he didn't try kidnapping villains." Commander America said.

"And while that makes sense, it doesn't explain why he's doing this." Rescue said.

"Agreed. There has to be a greater reason behind his motives." X-23 said.

"Conquest isn't a good enough reason for a tyrant?" Tachyon Torch asked.

"That's too obvious. What's behind it?" X-23 asked.

"He wants to create his own army of superhumans as an assault force to storm the alternate dimensions and conquer them so that he can save them." Jhen said.

"Save them?" Rescue asked, confused.

"How do you know that?" Torch asked.

"Some of us pay more attention than others, even while brainwashed." Jhen said.

"Iron Maniac has seen how the other dimensions are on the verge of self-destruction, and wants to conquer them in order to ensure their survival." Commander America said.

"Salvation... by conquest?" Thunderstrike asked in shock.

"Yes." the super soldier said.

"Seems rather contradictory." the substitute god of thunder said.

"Tyrants are like that." Dark Spider said. "He'll save them from their own destructive natures, and in return, he'll be made their new emperor. A plan worthy of a genius."

"And it makes sense that he would try to recruit from alternate dimensions. The best ones to handle the heroes of one world, are the heroes of another world." Rescue said.

"But who are we up against?" Thunderstrike asked.

"A whole bunch of doppelgangers from a dozen different universes." Commander America said.

"Now when you say 'whole bunch'..." the substitute thunder god started to say.

"I mean exactly that." the shield-slinger said.

"That's not comforting." the mace-wielder replied.

Suddenly, Jack Flag and Black Goliath suddenly glowed and vanished.

"What the..." X-23 gasped.

"Where did..." Jhen gasped.

"It's him! Iron Maniac!" Dark Spider stated.

"We'll have to split up if we're going to take this maniac down!" Commander America said.

"Hit him from two sides. I like that!" Jhen grinned, slamming her fists together.

"This is a plan?" X-23 asked. "Sounds too simple."

"Which is why it'll work." Dark Spider said.

"How do you figure?" the razor-clawed heroine asked.

"Iron Maniac's brilliant and devious. He won't expect a simple plan." Rescue elaborated.

"And besides we don't have time to come up with a better one." Dark Spider said.

"Why not?" X-23 asked.

As if in answer to her question, the hanger bay doors opened up and a group of gray-armored Iron Man-like robots started marching towards them.

"That's why!" Dark Spider said.

"You Avengers go ahead! We'll deal with these tin men and catch up!" Commander America said as Jhen, Tachyon and Irondroid rushed towards the robots.

"You're sure?" Rescue asked.

"Yes! Now Go!" the Commander shouted as he hurled his shield at the bots.

"Aye-aye, sir!" Thunderstrike said as the quartet of present-day Avengers raced out of the hanger through another entrance.


(Earth-616, inside The New Avengers Mansion)

"Gotta say, they're doing better than I expected." Portal said.

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones Cage, Iron Fist, Moondragon, The Thing, Ms Marvel, and the members of ARMOR, all agreed.

Having been watching the progress of Dark Spider's team of heroes, thanks to ARMOR's extra-dimensional monitors, the group of heroes and agents were actually impressed by what had been going on.

"Yeah, they're doing good, but what are we gonna do about getting them back?" Jessica asked.

"Right now, not much." Iron Fist said. "Portal can't open a door to that universe for some reason. So... we need to wait until Shinji and the others figure something out."

"And besides, it's not like we've got any real reason to try and hurry." Luke said simply.

"Hey! Do you hear a helicopter?" The Thing asked.

The group looked out the mansion's windows and saw a small one-person helicopter land on their lawn. The helicopter was followed by a single person swinging in on a webline. A girl in a red outfit with a white spider on her chest and back, large white eye-lenses on her face, and long brown hair flowing down her back. After the single-passenger helicopter landed, the pilot, a female in a green and brown costume with a large bushy tail got out. On her right shoulder was a black-furred squirrel. On her left shoulder was a squirrel-sized human figure that suddenly jumped off her friend's shoulder and grew to normal human size. She had blond hair and was dressed in a red and black bodysuit.

These heroines were Spider Girl, Squirrel Girl (and her squirrel sidekick Monkey Joe) and Stature.

Curious enough, the group of New Avengers quickly marched outside to greet their new guests. However, this proved to be a mistake as the red and white garbed Spider Girl got into Luke Cage's face, practically demanding to know what had happened to her big brother.

"What the... who is this?" Luke asked.

"I'm Spider Girl! That's Squirrel Girl, Monkey Joe, and Stature! And now that introductions are out of the way... Where's My Brother?" Spider Girl shouted, poking Luke in his steel-chest.

"Your what?" Jessica asked.

"Who's your brother?" Moondragon asked.

"Dark Spider!" Spider Girl snapped.

"What?" Iron Fist asked.

"Spider Man didn't mention that Dark Spider had a sister." Luke said.

"Does that mean she's a clone too?" Ms Marvel asked.

"How did you know he was in trouble?" Iron Fist asked.

"Madam Web called me. Said my bro was stuck in another dimension and you guys hadn't done anything to save him." Spider Girl snapped at them.

"Okay, that's just hurtful." The Thing said.

"First of all, we're trying to figure out how to get them back." Luke said.

"Trying is not doing!" Spider Girl shouted.

"Secondly, we've been monitoring him." Luke said.

"Again, it's not doing!" she shouted again.

"Look, we're doing our best, so stop giving us a hard time about this! You have no idea what we've been through and we just got started!" Luke exclaimed. "Besides your brother isn't the only one missing, and it would be easier for us if you just let the pros handle this!"

"That almost sounds like a dismissal." Stature said to the bushy-tailed heroine.

"I think it is." Squirrel Girl replied.

"Well you better do something and do it fast!" Spider Girl snapped at Luke Cage.

"Oh? And just what are you gonna do if I don't?" Luke said to the arachnid girl.

Spider Girl didn't respond verbally, just jumped over Luke, got behind him, grabbed him around his waist, lifted him into the air, and started spinning him around and around like he was pizza dough. She then tossed him up into the air, almost as high as the mansion's roof, and then stepped to the side to watch him fall hard into the ground, leaving a very noticeable 'dent' in the lawn.

Everyone looked at the arachnid girl in shock.

"Next question?" Spider Girl asked.


Authors Notes:

This chapter was shorter than I intended it to be, but hopefully everyone will enjoy it.

I'll try to get more updates moving, but let me know what you want to see.