I ran down the familiar streets, which I never thought I would see again. It was beautiful. And even though I knew Clary had now became apart of my old world, I was glad that she had got to see this place.

Once I got to Amatis front door, I was out of breath. Obviously I was not as fit as I once was. My black gear was as helpful as it had once been, attached to my skin, I felt like it might just slide off my body with the amount of perspiration I was giving off.

Knocking on her door, I decided a calm and controlled exterior was needed in order to get my daughter. Amatis answered the door; she gave a little gasp when she saw me. As she lead me though the house, silently knowing what I was looking for, her facial expression was one of seeing a ghost.

As we past a mirror I noticed my hair was out of place, the way I liked it nowadays, but I swept it back neatly. That was something I hadn't done in years.

Amatis went into the kitchen first and I heard my daughter's voice break off mid-sentence.

"-When we went to find the book of white-"

There was a short silence afterwards, which Amatis broke.

"Clary," she said slowly. "There's someone here to see you-". But before she could finish, my impatience ran out and I pushed past her.

At first look I only saw three young strangles. There was a young teenage vampire, who vaguely looked like someone I once knew. The second looked like Maryse, which then must have been her daughter. The last time I had seen the lightwoods Maryse was pregnant.

And the third was a small, slender girl, dressed in black. When my eyes meet hers I nearly stepped back in shock. After all this time I had spent driving us both away from this world, making sure she didn't have my problems, didn't wear those clothes.

Clary. If I hadn't felt so upset I would have been proud. She looked beautiful, and looked so much older. She had embraced her inner shadowhunter, and clearly made friends with that world. I felt my eyes widening with horror at my daughters new look, and it looked too late for her to turn back. Like I had planned.

"Clary," I breathed out, barely. "Your clothes."

I saw her look down in confusion, then realisation, as if she hadn't thought she had put those clothes on, but it was just a normal routine. I saw her clutch the table with her hands as if forcing her self not to act.

I stepped towards her, my arms reaching out. I noticed they were all looking at me, but I couldn't care. I called out desperately.