Hello :) It´s me ;) I got a new idea that needed to be written. Since no one reads my other one I thought why not begin with this one... So, this is pretty much inspired by a few fanfictions. I love all storys that have this kind of storyline. as for myself I wanted to write my own and add something, for me, extremly important thing.

and I also wanted to mention again that english is not my motherlanguage. I´m german.

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You Are Not Alone

Harry lied awake in his bed, starring at the ceiling. In only a few minutes he would be 16 years old.

But he couldn´t find one single thought to be happy about it. This past year had been terrible. Not only a full regenerated Voldemort, but also the dead of his godfather Sirius Black, wich has been his own fault, if he had only listened to Snape and learned Occlumency Harry and his friends wouldn´t have been trapped into Voldemorts plan in the Department of Mysteries.

Thinking of Sirius made Harry´s heart heavy, he had no one he could talk to about his fears. No one who could advise him how to handle the pressure of being "the chosen one".

Of course there was Dumbledore but as highly Harry thought of him, he wasn´t a person Harry wanted to share all his secret fears with. Sirius wasn´t only his friend but also the person he would consider as second father. In this short time Harry knew him he felt so much love that only a parent could give.

His godfather did more for him then every other adult person has ever done for Harry. The only exception were his real parents James and Lily Potter who gave their lives to protect their only son, but in the end, hadn´t Sirius done the same?

No one had forced Sirius to go to the Ministry to save them, it was his own choice. He came even if he was wanted for murder and escaping from Azkaban.

He came to protect Harry because he loved him and didn´t want him to get hurt even if that´s meant to die.

Harry got up and went to the window to snap some fresh air. Eyes closed he inhaled the chilly night air. Thinking about his dead Godfather and father gave him an headache.

He wished he could have them back to survive this war, to destroy Voldemort.

The clock begun to beep, Harry opened his eyes just fast enough to see a shooting star landing somewhere in the night. He smiled, he never believed wishing upon a star, too many times he had wished to awake out this nightmare, but he was never sick or tired of dreaming of a better life.

Harry crawled back under his blanket. The owls sent by his friends would start arriving in a few hours. With the picture of his friends Harry fell asleep.

Godrics Hallow

The porch light of the house across the street was the only light that he could see around him. His hands searched his pockets to get his wand.

"Lumos" he whispered.

He looked around, there were only a few houses in this street one of them was half destroyed. He could feel that it was magic what destroyed this once so beautiful home.

He went closer, next to that house was a statue. It was a family. A men and a woman who held a little baby in her arms. In the stone were messages scratched.

He couldn´t read them, something was wrong with his eyes. Did he need glasses? He didn´t know. Something warm floated around his heart has he took a closer look at the woman.

Who was she?

He looked back to the street, it didn´t matter who she was now, he didn´t even know where he was, or who he was...he knew nothing.

Confused he walked along the street the location felt familiar and strange the same time. Was he drunk, that he didn´t remember anything? No he couldn´t recall drinking.

But not only that, he couldn´t recall anything, it was that he never existed before. The only think he found out was that he´s a wizard. He tried to think of somewhere where he could get help.

With an blop. He was in a new location. He apparated, he knew this feeling. He landed in a warm lighted room. Looking to his right stormed a few people forwards him.

They asked him who he was and what he had. He realized he must have apparated in an hospital.

He said he didn´t know, that he remembers nothing. He told them that he woke up lying on a street.

A woman guided him to a bed where he should get some sleep, they assumed that he was drunk, he couldn´t blame them, he wouldn´t believe himself either.

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