Hello Everyone.

I apologize for not writing earlier. I had an massive writers block for weeks.

Today I told myself to just update it, just write something.

So I sat down with my Harry Potter score soundtrack on, starring at the blank screen.

So I tried to come up with an interesting twist, that could be short enough to be wrapped up in a few chapters, but there is none.

I really wanted to continue with the story but there is nothing I can add. The story that I wanted to tell is finished. Of course I could add that Lily comes to live aswell but I couldńt do that the same way as James came back and I cańt think of another way that would make it short.

I also dońt want to finish it with Harry killing Voldemort since it is pretty much the same story just with James and Sirius in it.

I hope you see my point, that there is nothing left to tell.

I know that some of you are going to be angry with me or leave hateful reviews but I at least wanted to inform you that the story wońt be updated.

But I will continue writing one-shots about Harry Potter. Right now I have an (also unfinished) story about the next generation called "Taken By Surprise" I may pick it up again and add another chapter (also correct mistakes) and Íve got two one-shots, one about James and Lily "When will I realize"and one about Sirius & Marlene McKinnon called "Just tonight"

I hope you forgive me