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Chapter 15

Clopin's POV

"Mon amour, what's wrong? This is your first time out of the Court in a month! You should be happy!" I said, cupping Arabella's cheek in my hand. We were laying down in the meadow that is no more than a mile away from the Court of Miracles. I had laid out a blanket, and brought some grapes and wine as a treat. However, as of late, my love hadn't been herself, always moping and waking up at night screaming.

Arabella smiled a little, and allowed herself to look into my eyes, "I am happy Clopin, really. I'm just...tired."

"Esmeralda said you should be having more energy by now." I kissed her on the forehead, and then my lips travelled further down to hers. I deepened the kiss, and Arabella wrapped her arms around my body to pull me on top of her. "You shouldn't do that, ma cherie," I whispered, "You aren't fully recovered, and- oh, you've never touched me there before!"

We continued kissing, when all of a sudden, Arabella whimpered. "Stop, stop! Clopin, we should stop! Esmeralda said not to, well, you know."

I groaned, remembering Esme's warning. Arabella wan't fully recovered, therefore, we should wait until her say-so. "When did La Esmeralda say that we could start making love?"

"Clopin! Not out loud!"

"What? It's a natural, completely human function. Everyone does it! You've done it, I've done it, Esmeralda and Pheobus, well, look at their kid, Madeline and Quasi have done it. Oh, and-"

"Clopin." Her cheeks were redening, "I-I don't want to make love...right now. Or anytime soon. Let's just...wait awhile, and when we are ready, we can make it happen."

I couldn't help but notice that my love seemed like she was...hiding something from me. "Arabella is there something you wish to tell me?"

"No, Clopin, nothing important."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, mon amour, I am sure."

"Are you absolutely, positively-"

Arabella flicked a grape at my face, "Yes, Clopin, I am sure!"

I laughed, and chucked a grape playfully back at Arabella. "Just making sure that nothing hurts my girl again." I pulled her into my arms, and we laid there, listening to each other breathing. "I love you, Arabella. More than you could ever imagine."

"I love you too, Clopin. I love you more than anything." She snuggled into my chest, and soon I could hear her snoring softly.

We stayed there a little longer, but eventually the cold night air became to frigid for anyone to stay. I packed up the food and wine, and wrapped the blanket around Arabella. Then I picked her up, and escorted her back home. Once we were inside my-our-caravan, I undressed Arabella. I couldn't help but stare at her body for a quick second. Though covered with horrendous scars, I couldn't help but sigh a little at how beautiful she was. However, I quickly got her into her nightclothes, and tucked her in.

I kicked off my boots, and climbed in next to her. I cradled Arabella in my arms, and pressed my lips to her temple again. Even though I knew she was asleep, I couldn't help but whisper to her quickly, "Arabella, Je taime. You are beautiful, intelligent, caring, kind, and wonderful in every possible way. There is no possible way that I could ever stop loving you."

I felt Arabella sigh softly, and I squeezed her tightly. "One day, mon amour, you will be Queen of the Gypsies."

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