The Spicer Monologues

By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown or any of its characters, nor do I make any money off the writing of this.

Warnings: Language, sexual situations/implication, etc.

Notes: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT- this story is part of a collab with Silvarbelle, in which she wrote as Chase Young and I wrote as Jack Spicer for an entire year of 'diary' entries. This project is already entirely finished on both of our ends. However, both on my deviantART account and my Fanfiction account, I am only posting this half of the story to roughly the midway point. This is because, for various reasons, Silvarbelle and I have decided to showcase the Diary Project exclusively on LiveJournal, at least in its completely finished form. See the A/N for more information.



Alright, so this is kinda weird, but guess what? These two chicks, CrystallicSky and Silvarbelle are having a fanart/fanfiction contest: on my life!

Well, not just my life. Chase's life, too. But only from the time I started writing in my journal. Which is kinda weird, I think, but whatever floats their boat, right?

Anyway, CrystallicSky would've just posted a contest announcement on here, but she said something about Fanfiction guidelines being against posts that aren't a story, so y'know... She had to get creative, I guess.

Rules and FAQ are below. Since I've got better things (and people, wink) to do with my time than stick around here all day, Jack out.




1) All work submitted must be somehow related to the Diary project, coauthored by Silvarbelle and I.

2) All work submitted must be your own, no plagiarism or copying from other artists.

3) Work must be submitted on or before the due date of January 7th, 2011

Pretty simple rules, I think, but I know there'll be questions, so here's a predictive FAQ to answer as many as I can right off the bat! :)


What should I do for this contest?

Whatever you want, so long as it relates to one or both halves of the Diary Project (The Spicer Monologues and Chase Young's Diary).

The Diary Project isn't posted on Fanfiction in its entirety. How can I enter this contest if the full work isn't available?

Well, I've already said this a whole bunch of times to a whole bunch of people, but it is available: on LiveJournal. You do have to make an account and friend the tech-lord and dragon-lordcy journals to access them, but LiveJournal accounts are free to make and fairly easy. (Also, since people have been having this problem, the journals are marked for mature audiences only, which means for people who make an account with their birthdate set in a way that makes them under 18, access will be denied. I'm not endorsing or discouraging anything, but if you really want to read...Well, when you make an account, I won't tell if you don't.)

In any case, yes, making an account and friending the journals is the only way to read the story, but from the feedback Silv and I have been getting on it, it's apparently worth it to do so. :)

Does my entry have to be something that happened in the story?

Not necessarily. Your work can be about an actual scene, an implied scene, or even something you think should have (or could have) happened in the Diary continuity.

I can't draw, can I write something instead?

Go for it. Silv and I are writers, too, so we understand that drawing and painting and such aren't the only forms of art out there.

I'm concerned about the due date. What do I do if I can't make something in time?

Well, I feel I'm being fairly generous here with time. You have about eight weeks from today to make time for an entry, but I'm not going to be a Nazi about the due date if you're a day or two late. If you still think you might have a problem, let me know somehow and I'll see if anything can be worked out. :)

What do I need to do in order to submit my work to the contest?

After you've finished something you want to be judged in the contest, post it somewhere. Here, deviantART, LiveJournal, y!Gallery, Photobucket; anywhere that people besides yourself will be able to access it. Send me a note or a PM with a link to its location so I'll be able to see it and judge it, and your entry is in the runnings.

What happens if my entry wins?

Like all contests, this one has a prize system. All entries will be separated into three categories: Writing, Art, and Other (which will be used for anything that doesn't fit into the first two categories, if anything doesn't fit into the first two categories). In each of these, there will be three winners, first place, second place, and third place. If one of your entries places, you will be entitled to claim a reward from Silv and I. Third place winners will get a drabble of anywhere from 100-200 words. Second place will get a ficlet, roughly 500-600 words. First place gets a short story of about 1000-1100 words.

In terms of story content, you can give us a prompt to work with or just let us write something, but neither of us are all that big on being told precisely what to write, so unfortunately, we will not be accepting full story outlines.

Also, just to be clear, if one of your entries places, you will be receiving one prize from both of us, not one from each of us. ;P

You said 'entries,' as in plural. Does that mean I can submit more than one entry?

Yes, it does mean that! There is no limit to the number of entries a singular entrant can submit. However, while it does increase your chances of winning something, entries will be judged on quality, not quantity. Even for those people who choose to submit only one entry, if your work is good, you still have as much chance to place as those who submit multiple entries.

For fanart, does it need to be colored? Traditional or CGed? Or can I submit sketches/pencil works, too?

Art is art, and I'm not about to discriminate on what form that art should take. Colored works, sketches, anything you have and want to submit will be accepted.

What about literary submissions? Does it have to be a full-length story, or can it be one-shot or a poem, too?

Again, same deal. Literary submissions will be accepted in whatever form you choose to submit them in. So long as it's not a single sentence, or just two or three of them strung together haphazardly, there's no real word limit or goal you need to reach.

When I submit an entry to you, what happens to it?

Well, aside from being judged in the contest, it will be posted in my journal on deviantART as a link with your name next to it. This is so I (and others) can see the work you submitted and know that it belongs to you. Since there's already been an entry, here's an example.

A picture titled, 'Finnian's Comfy Bed' submitted to the contest by the user, freak-by-conviction would show up in my journal like this: Finnian's Comfy Bed by freak-by-conviction. The actual title of the submission, however, would be a link to it.

Where is your deviantART journal so I can scope out my competition and/or look at the other art?

My journal on deviantART can be found here: http: / / crystallicsky. deviantart. com / journal / 36224424 / Just remove the spaces.

Anyway, hopefully, that's answered many of your questions, but if I missed something, feel free to ask me. I don't bite. :D

As for the rest of it...

Happy Creating! :D