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Going South


Ryan Wolfe held his head straight as he climbed out of his Hummer, ignoring the wave of questions from the numerous reporters impatiently standing in front of the luxurious home. He acknowledged one of the officers guarding the house and walked under the yellow tape that surrounded the crime scene. He followed the path up to the front door and walked in, flinching slightly at the smell that hit his nose instantly.


"In here!" his partner's soft voice reached his ears, coming from the next room.

"Yeah… I guess I just have to follow the smell." He muttered, preparing himself for what he'd find in the next room.

He walked in the very spacious living room and joined Calleigh, who was standing over two very poor looking bodies. The couple was lying on the floor, large puddles of now dried blood staining the expansive white carpet. "So, who do I have the pleasure to meet?"

Calleigh gave him a disapproving look. "This is Clark Wilson and his wife, Belinda Wilson. Tom still hasn't had a look at them, but I assume they've been in this position for more than 48 hours."

"Who found them?"

"Mr. Wilson's partner showed up at the house after trying to call his cell numerous times. He said he found them in this position and dialled 911 as soon as he'd realized what had happened to them."

Ryan nodded his head and crouched down, wanting to get a closer look at the two victims. Mrs. Wilson was lying on her back. Her head was tilted back, her empty eyes staring at the ceiling. She had taken a bullet right in the middle of the forehead. Her husband, on the other hand, was lying sideways, giving Ryan a perfect view of his bloody temple. A gun, which appeared to be the murder weapon, was still in his right hand. "Murder-suicide?"

Calleigh let her eyes travel from the first victim to the second for a few more seconds before answering his question. "I think this is a set up."

Ryan nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah. The gun might be in his hand, but there aren't any burn marks around the wound. I'm going to wait for Tom's professional analysis, but there's no way this man shot himself." He straightened himself up and walked over to his kit to retrieve a pair of gloves and his camera.

Calleigh gave him a small smile and went to get her own kit, following his lead.

"Is anyone else coming to this smelly party?" Ryan asked her, snapping his gloves on.

"Nathalia and Walter are on their way. Eric's already working on a case with Horatio." She informed him.

"Let's get started, then! I have a feeling we could be here a while."


"Are you telling me we've got nothing?"

Calleigh shook her head slowly. "Nada. No prints, no evidence, not a single hair that's doesn't belong."

Ryan sighed and frowned at the several pictures laid out on the glass table. He'd been hoping the bodies could've given them something to work with, since they'd been unable to find anything on the crime scene.

Tom had confirmed his hypotheses the moment he'd taken his first look at the victims. Mrs. Wilson had been shot first, probably right in front of her husband's horrified eyes. Mr. Wilson had been shot to the head and placed so that it would look like he'd shot himself after murdering his wife.

Calleigh, Ryan, Nathalia and Walter had spent hours searching and dusting the whole house. They'd been more than disappointed to realize they were unable to find anything that'd help them solve the case.

"Hey, guys." Walter joined them into the room, but from the look on his face, he wasn't about to give them any good news. "I just interrogated the partner. Everything he said checks out, and he has a pretty good alibi. His wife gave birth three days ago and he only left the house once, when he paid the short visit to Mr. Wilson's place and discovered the victims."

"Great." Ryan deadpanned. He was really starting to feel discouraged about this case. He usually wasn't the one to abandon easily, but he'd been working non-stop on this case, and coffee didn't seem to have anymore effect on his exhausted body. "Let's just hope Delko and Natalia find something for us to work with."

Apparently, Eric's case had been an easy one and Horatio had asked him to help the rest of the team on their murder case. He'd volunteered to help Natalia go through the vic's office to check for clues.

"Was that my name I heard?" Delko nearly shouted as he joined them, a proud grin on his face. Natalia was close behind, rolling her eyes at her Cuban partner.

"AT LAST, captain CSI has arrived to save the day!" Ryan shouted back, raising his hands up.

"Funny, Wolfe."

"I know. So? From that look on your face, I'd think you made interesting discoveries."

"We might just have found something really good." Natalia announced, waving a folder proudly.

Ryan, Calleigh and Walter all straightened up in curiosity, liking the smile on their partner's face. "Do tell!"

"We went through the victims' phone records, which gave us nothing…" She started. "However, their bank account had a lot to tell us."

Delko raised his hand up, interrupting her. "Well, actually, not that much." He reminded her.

NataIia nodded her head, agreeing with him. "Exactly. It is completely empty."

"Empty?" Calleigh asked, frowning.

"Yep, Mr. Wilson made a transaction two days ago, and emptied his complete life savings. Close to a million dollars were transferred to another account in the morning of the murder."

"Do we have a name?" Ryan asked, finally feeling some hope.

Natalia was already nodding her head at his question. "Yes, we have a name." She paused and checked in the file. "Michel Rancourt." She read, having a little difficulty pronouncing the name.

"What is that? French?" Walter asked, frowning.

"French Canadian, actually. The bank account is in Montreal." Delko announced.

Ryan nodded his head in appreciation. "We need to check that out." He cocked his head, giving Natalia one of his innocent smiles. "How's your French, Nat?"

She rolled her eyes at him. "Let's just hope they're really, REALLY patient."

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