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For Your Entertainment: Theme Set Epsilon

Do you know what you got into?
Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do?
'Cause it's about to get rough for you
I'm here for you entertainment.
- For Your Entertainment, by Adam Lambert

01 - Motion

Bryan prided himself on his flawless self-control - and yet, all it took was one smoldering look from those flaming eyes, one lingering stroke on his arm, and he was putty.

02 - Cool

As soon as five-year-old Kai set eyes on those grey ones staring at the wall from across the room, he made it his life's goal to find out why they stared so coldly, and to see if he could ever put even just a tiny bit of warmth into those orbs.

03 - Young

'You're only young and free for so long, Kai,' Rei says when he sees him staring lustily at Bryan's backside, 'go after him - before you get caught in the webs of life.'

04 - Last

Bryan only admits his love for the phoenix when he leaves to destroy Biovolt, for the last time - little did he know, the first kiss they shared at the airport would be their last.

05 - Wrong

If kissing Bryan was wrong, then why did it feel so right?

06 - Gentle

Kai finds out, one cold night in Russia, that he could figure out people by their touches - Tala, who usually snuck into his room to either 1) play a prank, or 2) hide something from Bryan, usually touched his skin with trembling fingers, to check if he really was asleep; his mother, when she was still alive, touched him with soft, warm fingers, stroking his forehead, smoothing his bangs away from his face; and the latest person who would even dare to touch him when he was asleep, Bryan - his touch was gentle, as if Kai was a fragile porcelain doll that should be kept in a glass cupboard.

07 - One

In the split second after Bryan kisses him, Kai's wits and remaining, still-sober brain neurons gather about him and screams at him 'Don't let him go!'

08 - Thousand

A thousand nights have passed, but it doesn't seem as if the pain has healed any.

09 - King

'Rei, shut it,' Kai says, punching the neko-jin lightly on the arm with a light tint of pink along the bridge of his nose; Rei only laughs and retorts, 'Of course, your majesty...or should I say, Bryan's queen.'

10 - Learn

Tala sees them holding hands, exchanging quiet words in Russian, and his heart breaks, piece by tiny piece, and another fake smile is formed in front of the one he loves and everyone else to hide the pain; but Rei sees this, and takes his mind completely off Bryan and Kai, teaching him to slowly glue his heart back together again.

11 - Blur

The battle, the various moves used by the opposing blader - they all flashed by, paling in comparison to the stormy grey eyes of his opponent.

12 - Wait

The Drigger wielder could only watch by the sidelines as they found each other, and wonders how long he has to wait for someone of his own to hold.

13 - Change

The third world tournament brought not only changes in rules or team members - Kai's feelings for a certain falcon began changing as well, at an alarming rate that actually succeeded at frightening Kai.

14 - Command

'As captain of this Beyblading team, I order you to kiss me,' Kai breathed into Bryan's ear during one of his more playful mood swings.

15 - Hold

'No, don't talk,' he murmurs, placing his lips over the others...'Just hold me, just for tonight - it's all we can do, until the Abbey is shut down.'

16 - Need

'Happy birthday!' comes the coordinated shout, and Kai blinks and snarls when he feels someone's hand on his shoulder, pushing him towards the staircase; 'I know you'll say you don't need anything for your birthday, but I know what you need and he's upstairs...with a bowl of cherries and melted chocolate,' Tala's voice whispers in his ear.

17 - Vision

Boris was demented - that much was apparent, but what wasn't so obvious was his twisted vision of how the world should be, without 'freaks of nature', as he calls them, like Bryan and Kai alive.

18 - Attention

'Attention!' Rei calls at the meeting during an interlude (Dickenson and all the other stuffy adults were away on what they said was a break to discuss, but he knew that their bladders were screaming, hence the break), standing on top of the table, 'I would like to announce something so important, everyone should know about it - today, as of...almost five minutes ago, my friend and fellow blader Kai and his boyfriend, Bryan, have been together for exactly one year!'

19 - Soul

He was doomed, his soul destined to burn in the fiery pits of Hades; 'Then isn't that more reason for us to make the best of right now?' the other murmurs in his ear, hands sneaking up his shirt to rest on his chest.

20 - Picture

They always said a picture was worth a thousand words, but whenever Rei looked at a Polaroid of Bryan and Kai just leaning against each other during a rainy day, staring out the window and sharing a secret smile with each other (he took it in secret...shh, don't tell!), he only thought of three words: 'pure, untainted love.'

21 - Fool

'Better be a fool and happy than a genius and living the rest of my life bitter and alone,' he snarls at Tala when the wolf tries to warn (more like split them up) his about the other.

22 - Mad

Kai thinks that he's going mad, just staying in this pitch-black room - one of Voltaire's more...creative punishments - but he has to admit, it does allow him plenty time to think about his life; however, what's the point of thinking over something I know already? he asks himself, there won't be any future if Bryan isn't by my side.

23 - Child

The first time life-wary Bryan sees the five-year-old Kai, he is jealous of the pure white innocence the phoenix has; ten years later, every vestige of the child's innocence before has been torn away by Voltaire's ruthless hands, and in the child's place is this...veritable freezing-hell sex god - not that this new Kai isn't great and all, but he does miss the naive innocence he has never experienced.

24 - Now

'Shh...don't talk, Bryan, just focus on the here and now,' Kai breathes against his lips, hands ghosting over his skin.

25 - Shadow

Rei smiles as he sees a small link between the shadows of Bryan and Kai - their index fingers crook and entwine together, the farthest they will go as for the public thing...for now.

26 - Goodbye

It was painful to say goodbye, but it had to be done - and besides, who said it would be forever?

27 - Hide

Bryan, being Bryan, is almost impossible to hide things from - but, Kai thinks, he's done a pretty job of hiding these...new-found, pretty awkward feelings...little did he know, that's about to get blown away by someone known as...well, let's just say he's a round-the-clock, white-wearing devil.

28 - Fortune

Kai didn't believe in any of those fortune-tellers - but when one told him, 'Within the next year, you will be the subject of loving affections from someone very close to you', and he just couldn't help but hope that it was the falcon.

29 - Safe

There really wasn't anything different about the arms that have held him over the years - it was just the feeling connected to them: Tala's promised quiet days and wild nights, an almost gentle understanding; Rei's promised stability, warmth, and comfort; and Bryan's...promised everything he could ever want - but most importantly, safety from the demons that haunted him, because he was the only who has been through everything he has.

30 - Ghost

At night, Kai hears whispers, words that probably meant nothing, but they provided fuel for the desperate hope that the phoenix could feel growing within his heart with each and every day.

31 - Book

'If I wrote out everything that happened in my life, I'm willing to bet that no one will ever believe it, much less read it,' he says one day, his head pillowed on a hard chest; his pillow responds with, 'I'll be the first one to read it, then - and believe it.'

32 - Eye

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, as the saying went...so it was only natural that when Bryan assaulted his lips, he do the same, wasn't it?

33 - Never

The snow falls gently, for once, upon his form as he sits on a park bench, musing over what has happened in his life these past years - 'Never again,' he murmurs to himself when he remembers his first and only love, 'never again will someone get that close.'

34 - Sing

Bryan could hear Kai singing in the shower, belting out his own version of Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment (a so much more sultry and sensual version, complete with the husky growl Lambert could never achieve), and he's having a very hard time not taking Kai up on 'being there for his entertainment'.

35 - Sudden

These feelings, for Bryan, at least, weren't overnight - they were nurtured throughout his lifetime, growing and growing until he had to let it free before it consumed his mind.

36 - Stop

That very talented mouth on his, that tongue warring with his own, if they are only dreams, then he wishes that he would never ever wake up.

37 - Time

When Bryan abruptly presses his lips onto Kai's, Kai wishes that he could stop time, right then and there.

38 - Wash

He yearned to cleanse away the sins, take the punishment for any wrong-doings - so the other can stay the perfect, innocent angel that he was before he was tainted and corrupted.

39 - Torn

When Kai finds a small tear down the middle of a picture of Bryan and him (taken when Bryan was actually smiling, for once, so it had extra value to it), he frowns and goes in search of transparent tape - they would never be torn apart, a photograph can't decide what'll happen.

40 - History

He should've learned from past mistakes, that there's absolutely no way he's letting someone get that close, ever.

41 - Power

He never did like being submissive, but there are rare moments when he feels like giving up all his power.

42 - Bother

'Tala, don't you think you should stop bothering those two and let them work out their own problems?' Rei asks, and the wolf only snorts and says, 'It's not bothering, Rei, it's called matchmaking - what, is it only me that can see that those two are made for each other?'

43 - God

'Oh, God, could you just shut it?' Kai snaps, 'yes, Bryan and I are going out, is it such a surprise?'

44 - Wall

When he feels the sharp corners of the bookshelf dig into his back, he thinks that he should have it moved away - if only to clear the wall so he wouldn't have to wake up with odd indents along his spine.

45 - Naked

There was nothing Bryan liked more than seeing Kai lying naked on top of his bed, a coy smile on his lips and his fingers toying with a pair of handcuffs.

46 - Drive

'I don't care what you're saying, you're not touching my baby!' Rei shouts, almost hysterical, 'last time I let you borrow my car to take Kai out, you freaking wrapped it around a telephone pole!'

47 - Harm

It was obvious that Bryan was the type to do more harm than good, to say things bluntly even if it would cause the other to break into tears - but for some reason, he has never been on the receiving end of one of the falcon's many insults.

48 - Precious

'You can try,' he snaps - Bryan just smashes his lips against the other's, and he suddenly realizes that the most precious thing in the whole universe was standing in front of him.

49 - Hunger

He's perfected the art of staring and not letting people know he's staring over the years; but, the one time he wasn't careful and got caught was the one time he saw the reciprocating hunger in the phoenix's eyes.

50 - Believe

'I believe I can fly, I believe I can - ' Kai shuts off the radio with a small glare, muttering, 'Yeah right, the day you fly on your own is the day Bryan admits his undying love for me.'