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Footsteps hit the cold concrete in sync as two men walked through the dark, shadowed halls of a secret building deep in the heart of London.

"It's nice to see you E-England. Your visits to headquarters are far too few."

Green eyes flickered over to get a better look at the man addressing him. Who was he again? Arthur simply could not recall. Trying to remember the codenames everyone was given was quite a challenge. He himself had an alias, going by 'England' rather than his birth name.

"Ah yes well, you generally only call me to H. Q. when it's something serious. I take it you have a mission for me?"

The shorter man peeked up at him from behind wired frames. He was rather quiet, and not quite memorable. He had long, flowing caramel hair with one misbehaving strand that enjoyed curling and sprawling out in front of his face. His violet eyes locked with emerald ones before he spoke.

"Indeed we do. You have heard of Zlo industries correct?"

England tapped his chin deep in thought. "Hmm… I believe they are a company famous for their breakthroughs in technology. Is that correct?"

The other man nodded as they continued sauntering down the deserted and lonely hall.

"They've invented some new type of mobile that will be released later this month, about two weeks or so. But there's something strange about the company. They've worked in secret for the past four years only opening up to the public last March. Since then they've released several new inventions and this mobile is the latest."

"Is that right?" England looked up at the violet eyed man. His name was Canada right? Eh, he'd give it a shot. "Would you mind elaborating a bit more Canada?"

"Certainly England sir. Well basically this new phone is a handy gadget. Not only is this piece of technology a phone, it also yields many other uses. It's a fully functional computer as well as music player. Of course it sounds like a lovely accessory but there's something that raises it high above the competition."

England paused in his step and turned to face Canada. He quirked his eyebrows up in curiosity.

"It's completely voice commanded. Say it and it's done. Speak a name and it's ringing. Speak a message and it's sent. It's an astounding advancement."

"That's amazing. But I still don't understand, what does that have to do with me?"

Canada glanced down at the floor and then back up at his comrade. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his trousers and released a short sigh before he spoke.

"Zlo industries… has a strange way of doing things. First off, they're headquartered in Klaoud which is quite a few miles southeast of Moscow. Their factories are bound by heavily guarded men, as if they wish to protect something."

"Do continue," said England as he motioned with a hand gesture.

"Stranger still, after working in secrecy for the past few years, the company has spontaneously decided to do something rather bizarre and peculiar. They've opted to bestow these new mobiles to important heads of business, free of charge. A sponsor of the company stated that 'It will allow quicker, smarter, faster global communications. The world will turn as one.'"

England chanced a glance at the generally quiet man who was suddenly releasing all this valuable information. He chewed the inside of his cheek, mulling over these new findings.

"I'm not astonished that you believe there's something wrong with the company, only that it took you so long to contact me. How do you expect me to gather enough information in a span of only two weeks?" England seemed to look straight through Canada with his intense jade eyes. "Or have you something in mind?"

"Actually we do England…" the Canadian promptly turned his head to the side. He mumbled out the last part of his statement, "but you're not gonna like it…"

The Briton softened his gaze but continued to stare down the other man nonetheless.

"Come now Canada. You know when it comes to espionage there is none better than myself. There's a reason I'm the first one on your list of contacts for something so serious, you know I'm willing to take pain or woe or whatever it may be."

The Canadian stuttered and quickly spit out his response, "E-England it's not that! I know you're the best spy we've got… it's just …just that… this assignment ….you… you'll have too…" the man's words slowly died off.

"Spit it out lad, I said I can take it."

The reply came quickly and quietly, in a string of words England hastily deciphered.


Hush surrounded the two and England stood there, stone cold silent. He was never one for working efficiently with others, for his social skills were not terribly practical, and though they sufficed enough to get by, he preferred to work alone. These reasons justified why he picked a career in intelligence; only having to interact with other others long enough to obtain information. In England's opinion, having to cooperate with another only hindered his effort and added an extra burden.

England rubbed his temples clearly agitated over the current situation. Why was it necessary he work with an associate? Everyone in the building, Canada especially, knew damn well that England preferred work alone. In fact Canada was one of the few he was even able to get along with, thanks to his calm but diligent manner. He was barely able to stand that French frog who supplied him with technology and tools for his missions, for the better part of five minutes. The Briton sighed irritated and looked back up at the other man.

"I suppose if it's absolutely necessary…" his tone was gentle, not wanting to alarm the already anxious Canadian, "but I do insist you inform me as to why this is so crucial to the mission."

The younger man smiled, seeming to be temporarily relieved that the Brit had not outright rejected the assignment.

"S-Sure thing England! B-But it would be a lot easier if I only had to explain it once."

At that the Canadian stopped abruptly and turned to face a large metal door. He slid a key card through a reader to its right and then pushed open the oversized entrance way.

With the barrier between the hallway and room eliminated, England wasted no time peeking over Canada's shoulder to marvel at its contents. A tall, and admirably young, blue-eyed man sat smack in the middle of the room, looking quite comfortable on a sleek black leather sofa. His gaze locked with England's and his smug smile grew about 20 times larger, lighting up the room.

"England, I'd like you to meet agent America."

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