Kitty: Hi people! This is my first fan-fic WHOOPIE!

Gus: Someone's going crazy...

Kitty: Hey you're so mean :(

Lync: I agree with Gus ya know.

Kitty: Okay ignoring, it's just a story about Lync and Gus.

Gus and Lync: WHAT?

Kitty: Shut up. Now get ready for the story!

Gus and Lync was in a room, Gus was about to call Lync for dinner.

"Hey! Get ready for dinner!" Gus said as he opened the door to Lync's room.

"Hey! Can't you see I'm doin' something here?" he replied as he pause the game from his computer.

"Yeah I don't care. Come to dinner or I'll give your dinner to Shadow." Gus smirked, seeing Lync jump up.

"Hey you better not give my dinner to that freak!"

"Then HURRY!"


"Why is your room a mess?" Gus said, wondering why he didn't notice before.

"I've been in here for almost the whole day, I eat junk food and throw the wraping paper on the floor."

"You didn't bother walking 5 feet to the garbage can?"

"Ok, ok, next time I will, mother."

"WHAT?" Lync laughed at his reaction.

Gus looked around his room as he wait for Lync to turn off his computer.

-At the dinner table-

"Ugh what's taking them so long?" Mylene said, annoyed

"Who knows? Maybe they're doing private business." Spectra said jokingly.

"You're sick..."

"AHHHHHH! I'm hungry!" Shadow complained.

"I'm gonna go check on them." Mylene said as she stood up.

-Back to Lync's room-

"Ok I'm ready!" Lync said.

"Took you a long time..." Gus mumbled

Lync ran towards the door but sliped on an oreo wrapper.

"ACK!" Lync grabbed Gus by the arm before he fell down.


"Hey what's taking so...long..." Mylene opened the door and saw Gus on top of Lync.

Mylene closed the door slowly and said " Guess Spectra was right about them..."

Kitty: So how was it?

Gus: Bad.

Lync: Terrible.

Kitty: Awwww you know you LOVED it!

Gus: *whisper* maybe...